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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 61: The Mystery Rooms - End

You can see Alfendi visibly flinching slightly.

...So that's what this is all about.

Ee, Potty Prof again!

So I killed them.

So you mean...

...this lass is the snogger that young lad saw at the--

Oh, I'd love to. But it's not time yet.

When I'm ready, I'll let you know. Make sure you show up when I send you an invitation.

What, show up to his own murder? Aye, that's likely.

Oh, I think Layton will come.

What do you know?

That certainly wiped the smile off Alfiendi's face.

Hee hee. We're done here for now.

Diane runs off.


Come on, Prof, after her!

Why bother?


Hilda's people will have the place surrounded.

They will?

If they can't catch her, there's no point in us giving chase.


This little hole's where the winder goes in, isn't it?

More than likely.

If only we had something that would fit nicely in there.

Even if you did, I very much doubt that you'd actually be able to wind up the spring with it.

Well, you won't with an attitude like that!

Just try not to break it, please, Lucy.

Ee, this is a rusty old piece of junk, eh?

Yes. Just the sort of thing I'd expect to find down in the depths of a dusty old hovel like this.

Still, a key's a key. It's got to open summat. I can't wait to find out what!

Just handle it with care, Lucy. You wouldn't want it to snap in half in the lock. That wouldn't be fun.

These sheets seem ever so heavy, don't you think?

They're damp, that's why. And they stink.

I can't believe anybody could sleep on a bed like this.

Do you think Etista's actually been living here?

I imagine there's a proper bedroom upstairs.

I can't be sure, but I don't get the impression that anyone's been living down here.

These are the stairs that lead back up to the ground floor, aren't they?

Yes. And there's been someone posted at the top around the clock since they chased Etista down here.

So somewhere in these cellars, there's another way out.


Let's find it and get out of here ourselves.

Oh, it's the apple diet, is it? Been there, done that.

Really? Was it a success?

I did it for about three days, then I gave up.

Yes, that's what I'd deduced.


What's that supposed to mean?

This book reckons it tells you how to make a good cuppa.

You're a bit of a tea buff, aren't you, Prof?

I do enjoy a good cup, yes.

Yorkshire, I hope.

I'm more of an Earl Grey man myself.

I expect that's my father's influence.

Ee, look at all those cuddly furballs!

I think the fact that this is one of only four protruding books is more relevant than the book's contents.

The books appear to operate like some sort of switch.

I don't think you can ignore the cat element, Prof. I reckon it could be important.

It sticks out like a sore thumb, don't you think, this clock? Nowt else down here's that tacky

Indeed. It's a most unusual design. An apple, a cat, some tea and a car...A curious medley of images by any measure.

Hang on. An apple, a cat, some tea and a car? We've seen all them somewhere else, haven't we?

Now it's unlocked, there's really nowt special about this door, eh?

No, but what an extraordinary lock!

Aye, you wouldn't want to be busting, would you? Talk about inconvenient!

Oh, yuck! That's a right disgusting toilet!

Sorry, Lucy. I can't stay in here.

Hey, wait for me, Prof!

Where's James Sunderland when you need him?

Well and truly jiggered.

I did warn you to be careful with it, Lucy. Many times.

Alright, alright. No sense crying over split milk, eh? I'm sure summat good will come out of it int' end.

Hmm, I'm glad you're sure. I'm certainly not.

Oh, don't be such a misery-guts! Look this stubby little spindle's probably the perfect fit for summat.

It's a lovely little key we got out of that music box, isn't it?

Mm, far too good for a horrible, dusty old hovel like this.

Whatever it opens must have ever such a teeny keyhole.

We've seen a small keyhole around here somewhere, haven't we?

This one's got a rhino image on it, look. Did you know 'rhinoceros' means 'nose horn', Prof?

A wonderful etymology lesson, Lucy.

Other than the engraved images, all the goblets appear to be identical.

Well, we've proved it can hold water. Now what?

Hm, well, what could you use a goblet full of water for? There can't be too many options.

Drinking, I suppose?

Urgh. Have you forgotten where the water came from? That filthy toilet. I wouldn't let it pass my lips.

Well, we've proved it can hold water. Now what?

Hm, well, what could you use a goblet full of water for? There can't be too many options.

Putting out a fire, I suppose?

There's a fire in this very room, isn't there?

If you try using the wrong item to open the cabinet:

No, it doesn't look like that's the right key.

I don't know. I reckon it just needs a bit of encouragement is all.

If you use the wrong item when trying to remove the broken key fragment from the lock:

No, it doesn't look too promising.

Although, if I just force it in a little bit there, then...

If you use the wrong item to open the music box.

Doesn't look like this would work as a winder.

Don't waste time on the music box, Lucy. It really makes no difference whether you hear it play or not.

It does! I want to know what tune it plays.