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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 64: Ham and Cheese - Part 3

No statements?

What we crucially don't know, is what went on inside the room. I could really do with a statement or two from all the suspects to get more of a handle ont' situation.

The crime scene:

The door:

The bookcase in the right-hand corner:

The white table in the centre of the room:

The window:

Hm, locked, eh?

Still, if you broke the glass, you could get outside that--

Speaker comes on.

What are you dreaming about, Ms Baker?

Agh! Diane!

Stop concocting ridiculous schemes in your head, and investigate properly!

Otherwise I might be forced to pump gas into the room.

You never would!

Ha ha ha. Good luck now.

Speaker goes off.

Oh, she's just playing with me, I'm sure...isn't she?

The stand/plant in the left-hand side of the room:

The small desk with the loudspeaker:

Not going to press the button right now.

The body on the couch:

The desk at the bottom left-hand corner of the room:

Eh-up, a little bloodstain, look.

What's that doing here when the victim's body's over there ont' sofa?

At last, statements.

What a funny place to put them.

So, first we've got the victim's wife, Cat...

Really, Lucy? Really?

Then there's a statement from the housekeeper, Hen.

Now then, let's see what Dog's got to say for himself.

Says the woman who threatened to beat up her boss.

That's a bit sus, that is.

Mind you, he were only back int' room for a very short time. Maybe there's nowt more to it than what he says.

Next up's that jeweller, the Donkey.

What were Diane thinking?

Which would make it pretty tricky to get up to any monkey business.

And that's the lot of 'em.


Based on the facts I've ascertained so far, one of these statements is a lie!