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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 65: Ham and Cheese - Part 4

Aye, this statements made by the housekeeper, Hen!

She says she never went in the room where Pig were killed.

But the hidden camera says otherwise!

Aye, she were up to summat in there and no mistake.


Ee, I don't much like this working on your tod lark. There's no one to say if you're ont' right track or not.

But that's not going to stop me. No chance!

Murder weapon:

I'll try to find some evidence that shows what the cause of death were then.

This is the crime scene investigation report from the original case!

Well, I'm sorted now then. This'll tell me exactly how Pig died.

Now I just need to hunt about for the murder weapon.

Oh, aye. This fits nicely into your hand, doesn't it? And it's good and weighty, too.

Not to mention the traces of blood someone's tried to wipe off it. Aye, there's no question.

This ashtray's what did Pig in!

And it's that heavy, you wouldn't need much muscle to do some hefty damage. It could've been a lass.

…the fact she lied in her statement...

...and a murder weapon that could have easily been wielded by a woman.

I think it's fair to say I've cracked it. Pig's killer was...


So come on, Diane! A deal's a deal! Let us out now!


Oh. Looks like just shouting it out's not going to do the trick.

I'll have to get Diane's attention first.

Who's the culprit?

Ee, I've completed my bush tucker trial, but I'm still int' jungle. That's hardly fair.

No, surely there's some way I can get her attention.

I need to have a look around and find some way to get hold of Diane so I can tell her I've solved it.

What's this button here for, eh?


Speaker comes on.

So, you know who killed Pig already?

Er, well, no. Not exactly. I mean, I just pressed the button, that's all.


You're supposed to press this button when you know who did it.

But if you just want to mess around instead, I can always just kill you first.

And then have Lucy tell her who did it?

Speaker goes off.

She wouldn't really kill me, surely?

Ee, I don't want to think about it, actually. Come on, lass, back to the investigation.

So, this button's to call Diane when I've worked out who the culprit is. Right then...

You always get this conversation the first time you press the button, even if, like in this case, Lucy is certain of whom the killer is when the button is first pressed.

Pressing it again...

I pressed the button, didn't I?

Okay then, who?