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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 66: Ham and Cheese - Part 5

Obviously the killer is...

...Hen, the housekeeper!

Oh. Really?

Don't get too excited, will you?

I know, I'll be Hen for a while and you can try to get the truth out of me.

Eh? You'll be Hen?

Now I've seen everything!

Especially since they're communicating via speaker, rather than video.

I never went into the master's room that day. So how is it I'm supposed to have killed him, eh? Tell me that.

Aye, but that's a lie, isn't it? And I can prove it, because...

Despite Diane's threats to kill Lucy and/or Hilda, and Alfendi not being around to ensure that Lucy “won't put a foot wrong”, there is still no penalty or time limit in this case. The game does get a little more strict here though, giving an incorrect answer will lead to the interrogation being stopped, and you do need to pick up the necessary evidence, as opposed to it magically just appearing when it's needed.

A hidden camera?

That's right. Everyone coming and going through that doorway's been snapped.

Nor would you have. Pig and Cat were the only two who know anything about it.

The evidence is undeniable. Admit it.

Poppycock! I did'nae lay a feather on him.

The animal's expressions never change. Which makes sense, given that they are masks.

How would I have any reason to murder the master?

If it's a motive you're after, I'll give you one...

Your fingerprints have been found all over your employer's wallet.


Aye. Cluck.

Och, you've got me. Ay, I did stick my beak into the master's wallet and should'nae have.

You're not still going to deny it, surely?

You've got to believe me, lassie!

Now be fair, Diane! I've done what you asked, and I've figured out who did it.

I am being fair. Hen is telling the truth.

Give over! You're saying she's not the culprit? Really?

Ha ha ha. I wonder...

Perhaps you'd better investigate a bit more thoroughly and see if it's even possible that Hen did it, no?

Hey, wait a minute!

Hmph, it sounds like she's saying Hen couldn't have done it. Have I missed summat somewhere?

Is Hen innocent?

Perhaps Hen isn't the culprit after all.

She even implied that somewhere here there's actual evidence that proves Hen can't be the killer.

I think I'd better investigate a bit more.

Eh-up, the killer used the ashtray to do Pig in.

But there's a cigarette butt still in it.

Surely that pins down the timing of when Pig was killed, doesn't it?

Aye, that means Pig were done in...

Pig must've already been hit with the ashtray by the time Donkey left the room, sometime before 12:42.

It were the end of Donkey's cigarette.

So when he were smoking it, the ashtray must've had the blood and fingerprints wiped off it already.

By 'eck, that very ashtray had been used as a murder weapon before Donkey plonked his ash in it.

And that puts Hen int' clear, because she weren't anywhere near the room before 12:42.

Still, proving Hen didn't do it has proved someone else did.

Aye, there's no one else it could've been now I've ruled out the housekeeper.

This time I've nailed it, I'm sure. I'm getting out of this room, one way or t'other!

Who's the culprit?

Press the button, Diane comes onto the speaker.

So, you think you know who the killer is, do you?

Aye, I'm bang on this time.

Alright then, let's have some fun.

First question: