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Part 68: Ham and Cheese - End

Aye, whatever. Just let me out now!

But first, I have a present for you.


I don't mind the puzzle piece, but I'd rather not have Keelan Makepeace.

Give over! The dog's actually your dad? Keelan Makepeace, the Jigsaw Puzzle killer?

Correct. The case you just solved was one of the Jigsaw Puzzle killings.

It's a very special one. Papa always chose victims he didn't know. But in this case, he bent the rules.

However fascinating you might find it, we're still talking about innocent people's lives being taken here.

Poor Papa owed that fat pig so much money.

Suddenly he flipped, and decided to kill him instead of pay him back.

But don't you think it's strange?


You solved the case. In other words, you would have caught my father.

Assuming that someone put a stop to Lucy's idea that Hen did it at some point.

Ee, I caught the Jigsaw Puzzle Killer, eh? Not bad going, even if I say so myself.

Yet at the time, they didn't manage to catch Papa.

And they didn't manage to catch him after that, either. He went on killing.

Well, obviously whoever were assigned the case back then didn't know what they were doing.

Lucy doesn't seem to have a very good memory.

Really? I wonder...

Oh? I solved it now with no complaints, didn't I?

That's not what I meant. Here, look at this.

Oh, this is the actual case report, eh? Let's have a look then...

Yes. But look more closely.

Notice any evidence that's missing?

Aye, you're right.

Well no wonder then. Without them, you can't possibly figure out who did it.

That's not the only thing about the case file that's strange. DCI stands for Detective Chief Inspector, and is a senior rank to Inspector, yet Alfendi is always referred to as Inspector (or DI), which implies that he may have been demoted at some point.

I remember something my poor, drunk father said to me at the time.

'I can get away with anything' he said, 'because I've got friends in the force.'

What are you trying to say?

Isn't it obvious?

That man is...

He killed Papa.

Despite how she may appear most of the time, Diane is really in a lot of pain.

Diane disconnects from the speaker.

Hey, wait!

A passageway? That's a bit unexpected.

The Prof must be just up ahead.


To press it or not to press it, that's the question.

Ee, I really want to press it.

It's definitely a bonus to have all this paperwork ont' case.

But I do hate paperwork.

Maybe joining the police wasn't the greatest idea then.

I can't try to escape this way, it's too risky. There's no telling what Diane might do.

I wonder if Diane baked these? Ee, they don't half smell good.

She hardly seems distraught, does she?

What is it about victims' wives? Since I started work at the Mystery Room, they're all cold fish like this.

Ee, them eyes are dead scary. I hate masks.

I hate to leave any stone unturned. I'd dearly love to break open the other locked drawers, but best not. I don't imagine Diane'd take too kindly to it if I did.

She's killed someone just to set up a reconstruction of some old case...

It must have some special significance or summat.

She's even sorted out this forensics report.

Just what is she playing at?