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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 69: Ham and Cheese - Extra Interrogations

This case is unique in that since Alfendi isn't around to overrule Lucy, we can actually try to accuse Cat and Donkey:

If we try to accuse Hen again:

It were Hen, the housekeeper, that killed Pig!

Are you trying to be funny?

No. Not at all. Why, am I wrong?

Oh, aye, I did, didn't I?

But how do you know what I said before, any road?

I think the Courts may be slightly more concerned with the fact Diane has directly killed at least two people, and orchestrated the murders of four others.

Please do.

Assuming, of course, you can find a way to get out of here.

Oh, don't you worry. I'll find your killer, and I'll be out of here like a shot!

Accusing Cat:

It were the victim's own wife, Cat, that kiiled Pig!

Because you're the only one that could have done it.

A likely tale! When are you proposin' I slinked in and did 'im in?

First time Cat went to the room:

I already know you took in some tea and cakes for your husband.

There's nowt wrong with being a redhead!

Wot about the 'idden camera, eh?

Ee, you know what...

Ya wouldn't expect to see 'im in the shot if 'e were dead, eh? 'E ain't got nine lives, ya know.

That put one among the pigeons, eh? Got nuffin' to say? Somethin' got your tongue?

I, I think maybe I need to think it through again. Just you wait. I'll get right next time.

If we say Cat did it the other time she went into the room:

You were alone when you went int' room and 'discovered' the body, isn't that right?

But the truth is, you only found a body after you'd made him into one.

That's a bit of a stretch. I screamed me 'ead off the minute I stepped through that door, didn't I?

Ow am I s'posed to 'ave 'ad the time to make a killing?

That proves nowt. You could still have done it.

Awright, if that's 'ow ya wanna play it, I can prove it categoric'ly.

Who was it who went into the room before I did, eh? Hen, right? And wot did she say, eh?

Erm, she said that when she went in there, Pig were already dead.


Aye, you're right, of course.

Still wanna pin it on me, do ya?

No, I'm very sorry to have accused you unjustly. I made a mistake.

Right, scat then. Go on, off wiv ya! Come back when you've got a clue.

Ee, I really messed up there. What a catastrophe!

Accusing Donkey:

It were the jeweller, Donkey, that killed Pig!

You think I killed that hog? Don't be an ass! I's no murderer. I's just an ee-ordinary donkey.

I don't think so. There's no two ways about it. You're the culprit.

If you're so sure I's the one what done it then tell when I's s'posed to have done what I did.

You arrived for your meeting with Pig before Dog did, giving you just enough time to make Pig squeal!

I's did get there a tad early, I's did. That's true, that is. But does that make me a killer?

There's no one else who could've done it, so it must've been you.

Just admit it, and save us all some time, eh?

Ee-awright, let's say I's done what you sat I's done.

What's I's s'posed to have done with that big old hog's body, eh?

If Dog had turned up and found Pig murdered, he'd have made ee-awful racket, he would.

I'll tell you what you did with it...

Threw it away:

I's disposed of it? Where?

Well obviously you must've, rid of it out the window!

Oh. No. I suppose that wouldn't have worked, would it?

Not brilliantly, no. So I's in the clear now, I hope?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I's got an ee-awful lot of things to do.

Burnt it:

Burnt it? Of course!

I suppose that is a bit far-fetched, isn't it?

A bit, ah. So I's in the clear now, I hope?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I's got an ee-awful lot of things to do.

Hid it:

What you's sayin' I hid that enormous hog's body in that little room? Where?

Oh, never mind. Let's say I's managed to hide it somewhere where I's hid it.

Aye, there's bound to be somewhere in there where you could've concealed the body.

I's sorry to be stubborn, but I still couldn't have been the one to do what you're sayin' I's done.

Eh? Why not?

I could've killed Pig and hid his body, I s'pose.

But then how could I have moved the hidden body onto the sofa, eh? How's that possible?

You couldn't have moved the body onto the sofa before you both left, else Dog would've seen you.

I could have hid the body, but that's all. So are you still sayin' I's the one that did it?

Looks like I kicked you into touch there, eh?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I's got an ee-awful lot of things to do.

Ate it:

That's an ee-original idea, that is.

Oh. Aye, of course.

So I's in the clear now, I hope?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I's got an ee-awful lot of things to do.

Accusing Donkey of killing Pig when Dog entered the room:

So you're sayin' I killed Pig after Dog came into the room, are you? That's what it is, what you're sayin'?

Precisely. Go on, admit it.

What, I's done it right in full view of that mutt while he was lookin'?


Oh. Aye, I suppose that doesn't make a fat lot of sense, actually.

I's not got time for all this what you're wafflin' on about. I's gonna trot along now.

Incorrectly answering while questioning Dog:

Claiming Dog killed Pig when Donkey was in the room.

You can't collar me like that. Pig wasn't even in the room. Only Donkey was there. How could I have possibly killed Pig if he wasn't there?

You couldn't. But then you haven't told me the whole truth, have you?

Oh? Very well, for the sake of argument, let's assume Pig was there.

I'm not saying that's what actually happened!

What I mean is, no one would willingly commit murder in full view of a witness.

No, I'll give you that.

Good. Well if you accept that, then there's really nothing more to say.

Whoever killed Pig, it wasn't me. End of story.

No, wait a minute. Stay! I, I got summat wrong somewhere, that's all.

Picking the other options when accusing Dog of killing Pig the first time Dog went into the room:

Threw it away:

What? I threw it away? Where?

Oh, you know where. Erm...out the window!

Oh, aye, I, er...

The body couldn't just vanish. Which means I can't have killed Pig. Look, I've had enough of your dogged questioning. I'm off.

Burnt it:

What, was there a barbecue in the room that I missed?

Ee, a bacon butty. I could murder one of them right--

Pedigree Chum is a brand of dog food.

It were you that suggested the barbecue idea, not me!

That was tongue-in-cheek. It's pretty obvious there's no way I could have burnt the body.

Which means I can't have killed Pig. Now stop sniffing around, and clear off!

Hid it (Answering incorrectly when asked where the body was hidden):

I hid him? What, buried him so I could dig him up again later? A bit far-fetched, isn't it?

Maybe. But that's what you did.

We are talking about the same room here, are we?

Oh, but there is somewhere, isn't there?

Somewhere dead cunning where you concealed your victim's body. It were...

If you haven't got any better ideas, then I suggest you back off before I get rough!

Argh! I know he did it.

I'll have to have another look around the scene and figure out where he hid the victim. There's got to be some evidence that'll give him away somewhere.

Presenting the hatstand here "locks" you into the interrogation with Dog; if you answer a question incorrectly after that, you'll just be prompted to try again.

Ate it:

Aye. You've got the chops for it.

I, I suppose it is a bit of an unlikely theory.

Unlikely? It's insane.

In other words, I can't have killed Pig. Now stop sniffing around and clear off!

Accusing Dog of killing Pig when he went to get his bag.

I've already made a statement about this. I only went back into the room for a second.

Maybe not, but-

And that's not all.

Up until that point, Donkey had been with me in the room the entire time, and Pig wasn't there.


I'm not going to stand around and watch you chase your tail. If you've got nothing else, we're done here.

Whoever killed Pig, it wasn't me. End of story.