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Part 72: Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 3

Since you were on the ground floor when the shooting occurred, the culprit must still be in the tower.

Agh! Potty Prof!

And you, Hilda?

Doesn't it take you back to that day four long years ago now?

If you're talking about the time you shot Keelan Makepeace, then yes.

You murdered someone then, and you've murdered someone now.

Not true.

In fact this little incident has proven it.

And that person has conspired to make me look guilty.

Do you really think I'm going to be taken in by such a feeble rebuttal?

You'll have plenty of time to explain things when we're back at the station.

I can't blame Hilda for not untying Alfiendi at this point; he looks like he's ready to punch something.

Lucy, can't you shut this mare up? Come on, get these ropes off me!

Steady on, Prof.

Justin. Not a moment too soon!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long.

Where's the backup?

Still on it's way.

But never mind the back up for now. Let's hear what Al has to say.

Don't be ridiculous! He's killed again, you realise?

Not according to the man himself though, I presume?

There's no other explanation. I don't trust him.

Don't worry. I'll soon put a stop to any shenanigans. My slugs never miss, everyone knows that.

You wouldn't shoot him, surely...

Very well. As long as you're prepared, Justin.

Well, well, Justin. It turns out you can be useful sometimes after all.

Don't get me wrong, Al.

I don't trust you any more, either. Not completely, at least.

I couldn't care less whether you trust me or not.

Fine. I'm going to untie him, then. Stay alert, everyone.

As I just said...

Keelan's killer and Diane's killer are one and the same.

So first of all, let's cast our minds back to the events of four years ago in this very castle.

When Keelan were killed, you mean? When you shot him?

Even Lucy's talking as though Alfendi killed Keelan now, even though Alfiendi just said he didn't do it.

Forbodium Castle. As you will all have observed, there are three towers at it's entrance.

Don't use wordplay to imply your innocence. You were the shooter, Al.

So, what were the events leading up to the shootings?

Let's hear statements from the suspects themselves, shall we, hm?

Suspects? Are you seriously suggesting that--

You, Justin Lawson, and you, Hilda Pertinax.

I beg your pardon!

Justin and Hilda, suspects?

Is it really such a leap?

On the day in question, obviously the victim, Keelan Makepeace and I were present at the scene.