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Part 74: Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 5

Crime Scene:


The green dot allows us to see a plan of the castle, and move between floors.

Third floor:

Second floor:

First floor:

Ground floor:

The grey checked circle is the door Lucy went through at the start of the case.



So this is where you spotted the Prof and Makepeace from, were it, Justin?

Yes. You can see the top of West Tower perfectly from here.

Aye, there's no denying that.

And let's not forget that I saw Justin shouting across to Al as well. There's no room for doubt.

So this is where you were when you heard Justin shouting to the Prof, is it, Hilda?

Yes, that's right. And when I heard him, I looked out onto the roof of the West Tower.

I could see Hilda looking out, too.

Which buttons it up very nicely. I can't see any problems with anyone's statements so far.

Of course you can't.

What could we possibly gain from not telling the truth anyway?

Well, er...there's nowt I can think of off the top of my head, I have to say.

Third floor:

By 'eck, Prof! It's a puzzle piece, look!

Ah, the final piece of the puzzle. Saved for me, it seems. What an honour.

What an irony...

Diane's dead body lying alongside the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle her father failed to complete.

So this is the door that were barred four years ago, is it?

That's right. We had no choice but to break it down with the axe to get up to the roof.

Ee, it must have been a right tough door to stand up to an axe for so long.

But that means...

...the only people who could possibly have been on the roof to fire the shots were Al and Makepeace, yes.

The Prof were tied up good and tight with this rope.

Yes. There's no way he could have got himself free from that.

So he couldn't have shot Diane?

Probably enough to shoot the girl.

Aye, you can't really deny that.

The real question is, how did he get hold of the gun?

Second floor:

First floor:

When you heard the second round of gunshots, you were coming down t'other tower via the external stairs.

Yes, it's the only way. The stairs inside the East Tower are impassible.

That were the case four years ago too, I believe.

And there's nowt else you'd feel the need to mention?

No. Other than that the heavy rain made the external stairs very slippery. It was slow going.

Ground floor:

If for some reason you don't want to use the green dot to move between floors, you can also use the stairs, provided they are in a good enough state of repair.

You said you were at the bottom of the West Tower when you heard the second and third shots, didn't you?

Yes, I was. I'd come down from the top of the Central Tower and walked through to the West Tower. I'd just stepped inside the tower when I heard the two shots.

Was there anyone with you at that time?

No, I was alone. Although I could hear the sound of the Commissioner hacking at the door with an axe above me.

The Commissioner saw you from here, did he, Justin?

That's the spot, yes. He would have seen me leaning over the ramparts to shout over to Al.

Hm, I would like to confirm that with the witness in person, but he's not here yet, is he?

As soon as the Commissioner gets here, this farce is over.

I'll take you straight down to the station and get the truth out of you there. One way or another.

Ee, sounds like the clock's ticking. I'd better get on with the investigation.

That doesn't seem too safe.



Alfendi Layton

Statement 1:

Diane Makepeace blindfolded me, then I felt something cold and hard being pressed against my forehead. Immediately after that, I heard a gunshot.

Statement 2:

I did not kill Diane Makepeace. Somebody else shot her, then placed the gun that they had used in my lap.

Hilda Pertinax

Statement 1:

I heard Justin's shouts when I was at the top of the Central Tower, I ran to the window and saw Makepeace and Al with their guns trained on each other.

Statement 2:

When I saw him on the West Tower roof, Makepeace was clasping his right side as he wielded his gun. It must've been where the first bullet hit.

Statement 3:

The Commissioner was first to reach the top floor of the West Tower, just below the roof. But the final stairway door was shut fast, so he couldn't get up there.

Statement 4:

I was on the ground floor of the West Tower when I heard the second and third shots. The Commissioner was still stuck on the top floor.

Statement 5:

It was after I'd reached him that the Commissioner finally managed to break down the door to the roof.

Justin Lawson

Statement 1:

We decided to stick together at first, the Commissioner, Hilda and myself.

Statement 2:

I reached the rooftop of the East Tower and spotted Al and Makepeace on top of the West Tower in the throes of a shooting match.

Statement 3:

Makepeace was clasping his side. Maybe that's where Al hit him with the first shot. Anyway, I shouted out 'Don't shoot!' at the top of my voice.

Statement 4:

The Commissioner was in the castle grounds when I located Al and Makepeace. I shouted down to him to climb the West Tower at once.

Statement 5:

I was on my way down the staircase on the outside of the East Tower when I heard the second and third gunshots.