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Part 75: Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 6

Correct. Which is why we need to be there now, too.

What's the point? Being at the scene isn't going to teach us anything that isn't already in the file.

Wouldn't the official version of events that Alfendi and Keelan shot each other would mean that the case is solved?


Er...nowt! Forget it. On with the investigation!

I'm not entirely sure what Lucy's getting at here; I suppose she means that she wishes Alfendi was more willing to go and investigate actual crime scenes rather than rely on reconstructions?

The first shot hit him in the side. Then he took a bullet to the head when he and Al shot each other.

And there's no question that the bullets were fired from Al's gun. Forensics confirmed it all.

I saw them waving their guns at each other moments before I heard the shots as well. It's all too clear.

I'm afraid so. The moment I witnessed that scene, any trust I had left in Al went up in smoke.

Oh, the melodrama!

What did you say? dear.

By 'eck, Justin, were these two always like this?

Ee, I had no idea the Prof had it in him.

Let's leave them to it and see if we can identify the weapon used to kill Makepeace, shall we?

Aye, might be best.

And there are two empty cartridges on the floor nearby too.

Yes, there's absolutely no doubt that this is the spot from where Al shot Makepeace.

Two empty cartridges...

Aye, from the shot that hit Makepeace int' side and subsequent shot to his head, eh.



What are you talking about, Al?

You've done all this investigating, and you still haven't noticed?

Steady on, Justin!

Let's see if you can redeem yourselves by identifying the erroneous statement.

Even though Lucy wasn't part of the investigation four years ago, it's still her that has to redeem herself.

If you get this question wrong:

Are you just guessing? Pathetic!
Oh, weren't that the right one?
The statement in question has a mistake so glaringly obvious, it's an embarrassment to have to tell you.

Get on with it then. The erroneous statement is...

Telepathic skills coming through again.

Are you just guessing?

Oh, weren't that the right one?

It's nice to see Lucy has some humility. She's improved a lot, but she still has a long way to go. It's also a nice change from the other three, whom are all (Alfendi and Hilda especially) quite confident in their skills.

Well, think back to what the report said about Makepeace's body.

Rubbish! I know what I saw. He had his gun in his right hand and he was clasping the right side of his midriff with his left hand.

But that just can't be. The original investigation must have been flawed in some--

I really don't know what to think, to be honest.

But does it really matter if the man was shot in his left side or his right?

Of course it matters.


That will come to light in the course of our ongoing investigation.

Ee, you're very sure of yourself, Prof. You don't even know how it matters, but you're sure it will?

Al, you haven't learnt a single thing in the four years since this happened, have you?