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Part 76: Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 7

Who shot Diane?

Her death seems to have upset you very deeply, Lucy.

But isn't this the woman who very nearly killed you?

No? Diane never actually made an attempt on Lucy's life. If anything, Diane needed to keep Lucy alive.

Well, aye, that's true, but...

Having had a bit of a chat with her, I could see she were just a normal lass underneath.

Oh, bravo, Detective Constable Baker. You never fail to see the best in people.

Cold, but true.

No, I weren't trying to excuse--

Never mind.

I think it's fair to say that Diane was a rotten apple. But whoever killed her is no better.

And that's the case we're trying to solve now.

Then hopefully we'll learn something about the true killer's identity.

She probably didn't even have time to realise she'd been shot.

No, there's no signs of a struggle.

Very interesting, wouldn't you say?

In other words, it were fired recently?

No question.

Aye, and from where it's lying ont' floor, it looks like that were Diane's gun, eh?

Well? Have you deduced anything from this pointless exercise?

Oh, I think so.

Oh? What's that then?

The location of the shooter who killed Diane. Can you figure out where the shot was fired from?

Well, judging from how she's fallen, I'd say...

...the killer must've been ont' stairs leading up to the roof when he or she shot her.

Exactly. It could hardly be more obvious when you look at the body.

Clearly you want me to say that you could therefore not have been the one to shoot the victim.

Yes I do.

So it weren't you who did it, Prof!

Of course not.

And that's not all.

Oh? What else is there?

Someone as devious as Diane wouldn't make herself an easy target. We can be fairly sure she had no idea she was under threat.

In other words, Diane didn't think there was anybody on the stairs leading up to the roof.

Hardly earth-shattering news, Al.

Not really. Clearly the culprit had climbed up the tower sometime when Diane weren't around.

Impossible. Diane didn't set a foot outside this room from the moment she captured me until her death.

And there's no way anyone else could have reached the castle before I did.

That only leaves us four, Al. Watch what you're implying.

As I already said...

…today's events are intimately tied to what happened here four years ago. The suspects are the same.

What exactly are you trying to say, Al?

How do you suggest the culprit managed to get up onto the roof, hm?

Oh, it's really very simple.

That's not an answer. That's nonsense.


I beg your pardon!

Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in, Al? You're up to your eyeballs, my friend.

Oh, I'm well aware of my predicament.

A way that bypasses this room. That eliminates the need to open the door on the stairway here.