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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 79: Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 10

West Tower Rooftop:

One mystery holds the key to all three incidents. The secret way to the top of the West Tower.

The killer must have known a way to the rooftop without using the stairs inside the tower.

I'm sorry, Al, but you have to let this go now. There is no such way.

Hilda's right. The original investigation was very thorough. They didn't find anything like that.

Thorough? Don't make me laugh.

The police do seem to have overlooked quite a bit.

Lucy, let's show them what thorough looks like, shall we?

Look for evidence that proves the killer reached the West Tower's room without using the stairs.

We can't do it. We can't prove there's another way to the West Tower.

Any piece of evidence will progress things here.

What's your point, Lucy?

Erm, I thought perhaps this might have summat to do with the secret way up to the roof.

Of course it doesn't. Can't you see that?

Well I just don't know what you're expecting me to find, Prof. There's nowt, honestly.

Don't let him get to you, Lucy.

I'm sorry to disappoint you and Al, but I really don't think there's another way to the roof.

If you haven't done Hilda's untruth yet, you're sent back here to solve that first.

What you do you mean? Give what up?

This 'secret way' up to the roof that Al keeps banging on about. It's fiction.

How can you be so sure, Justin?

I've spent the last four years trying to prove it wasn't Al who shot Makepeace. But it can't be done.

Hmph. It can't be done by someone as untalented as you.

Yes, I'm afraid that's true.

And now I'm tired. Really, really tired.

I know how hard it's been on you, Justin.

I should have accepted the truth straight away like you did, Hilda. I shouldn't have fought it.

It was Al. It's still you, no matter how much you'd like to say it wasn't.