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Part 80: Good Cop, Bad Cop - Part 11


Prof? You're back to normal?

Yes. Sorry, Lucy. I don't mean to worry you.


Alfendi's still completely calm.

Did you really admit to it?

Yes, Lucy, I did.

I remember everything like it was yesterday.

Probably while sulking at being dragged out of the office.

But that's the total opposite of what you've been saying up to now, Prof.

It's all in the past now.

Apparently Alfendi has completely forgotten about Diane. Whom he explicitly stated said he didn't kill.

What are you talking about, Prof?

How can I make it any clearer?

This is no time for silly games, Prof.

I'm quite serious.

The person who shot Keelan Makepeace dead was...


I, I just can't believe that. I won't.

All this we've done today has been a complete waste of time, hasn't it?

Are you alright, Lucy?

Oh, Hilda.

Looks like Diane were right all along, eh?

Oh? About what?

Did she?

Aye. Well, seeing as we've got a full confession, we might as well get back to the station, mightn't we?

Diane's murder, people?

Just before we do, Lucy...

Sorry for the recent short update lengths, the next one is going to be on the short side as well, but the updates should go back to being a little longer after that.