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Part 84: Good Cop, Bad Cop - Incorrect Deductions

Before we go back to the rooftop, there's some dialog if you get the questions incorrect in the Conclusion.

Accusing Barton of the crime:

The mastermind of all this is...

...the commissioner!

Commissioner Barton?

Not likely.

I'm almost certain that the commissioner spent the entire time trying to hack down that door.

Given his diminutive stature, that would seem perfectly plausible. What could he have possibly done?


I suppose you're saying there was some sort of secret knack to the door that only he knew, are you?


Hmph. Spit it out then, Detective Constable. What secret knack would that be?

What evidence do you have to support your theory that the bolted door was not all it seemed?

That makes no sense whatsoever.

Lucy, you don't need to try to protect me.

Someone clearly has to.

Ee, I haven't got much support on this one, eh?

Let me have another think.

Accusing Hilda:

The mastermind of all this is..., Hilda Pertinax!



You are very bold indeed, Lucy Baker.

Ee, I, I don't like it when you look at me like that.

You're either very brave or very stupid to get on the wrong side of Hilda.

I wouldn't like to be in your shoes now, Lucy, I must admit.

Er, well, er, the incident occurred, erm, four years ago now, and--

Tell us how you've managed to implicate me in any of it. Right now!

Erm. Well...


Simon Blackquill would probably get along well with Hilda.

S-sorry. I'll try harder, I promise.

Accusing Alfendi:

The mastermind of all this is..., Prof! DI Alfendi Layton!

That's precisely what I've been telling all of you from the start.

I can read most people like a book. But I have to admit, you always keep me guessing, Baker.

Are you serious, Lucy?

Of course!

So, in actual fact, there was no secret way to the roof of the West Tower that avoided the stairs?

Er...Oh. Is that right?

Come on, Lucy. Pull yourself together!


Are you really saying it was Al? Or was it someone else?


It was me. I've already made that as clear as I possibly ca--

Ah ha hah! Priceless! You tell him, Baker.

I need to have a rethink. Give me a moment.

Claiming that Alfendi fired the first shot:

That's how I understand it, yes. Al shot and hit Makepeace.

Indeed. The first shot. That one hit Makepeace in the side of his midriff.

Er..aye. Aye, that's it.

Hold on a minute. That doesn't sound right.

Don't you remember what the other Al told us, Lucy?

Erm...what was that again?

Problems over there?

Lucy, I think you need to reconsider that last point.

Claiming that Makepeace shot himself:

Makepeace shot himself, you're saying?

That can't be right.

All of the bullets found in Makepeace's body were shown to have been fired from my gun.

Lucy, I'm sure if you just try to keep calm and think it through, you'll find the answer.

Oops, sorry about that.

Showing the wrong evidence to prove Justin killed Makepeace:




How does that prove what you're saying, Lucy?

Oh. I've done summat daft there, haven't I?

Haaah...Why on earth did I left myself believe you, hm? More fool me.

I honestly feel bad for purposely presenting the wrong evidence after that.

Scratch that then.

Let me have another go.