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Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

by HydroSphere

Part 86: Good Cop, Bad Cop - End

No Music.

I wonder if these eleven murders were all committed by different people, or if there's another serial killer around.


Ee, whatever happened?

Never mind. Nothing important.

Ooh, spill the beans! This I've got to hear.


What are you doing with a dodgy-looking book like that?

And none of the hospital staff questioned this?

He never did!

And the result was that pathetic other side of me being born.

That's amazing. I can't believe it were such a success.

That's exactly what Al needs to hear right now.

A success?

Granted, I was very nearly dead. My mental faculties were severely impaired.

He had the perfect conditions to brainwash me.

Aye, it does look pretty naff, doesn't it?

Look at what I'm made of. A trashy schoolboy guide to mind games!

No! It can't be.

The Times is a British newspaper.

No, it can't be. You're right.


Aye, a new mystery. And if there's a mystery to solve...

What are you talking about, Lucy?

We've got to investigate, Prof.

To find the great secret behind Placid Prof.

Don't be so sure.

But I have a mountain of paperwork stacking up. I really can't...

All that can wait.

Come on.

It's a cracking day out there. Perfect weather for solving mysteries!

Music Stops.

I get the impression Hershel and Al aren't on speaking terms.

I can't help but interpret this as Alfriendli running off to leave Lucy with all the paperwork as revenge for making him leave the office.

Bing's faithfully waiting for Potsby-Mahn.

Putting Florence in a lab with steps doesn't seem like a very good idea.

Strapping got demoted to a cleaning role, it looks like. Destiny Knox is still successful though, despite lying to the police.

Either this is a scene in the past, or Careta was allowed to go free after killing O'Logie.

Lucy's enjoying herself singing along to one of Dolly's songs. I hope Lucy is a better singer than Dolly was reported to be, but Al's expression seems to indicate otherwise.

True to his word, Uttar Mistry is ensuring that Barbarossa Sassina's memory lives on.

Dustin's not very subtle about listening into whatever Lucy is talking about.

Barton's still got his appetite. Chan looks happy to be a chef.

Carrière and de Bonair ended up in the same cell, discussing possible ways of escape. While Carrière thinks knocking the guard out or digging a tunnel with a spoon might work, de Bonair prefers to try either bribing the guard, or charming the guard into falling in love with him.

This makes me wonder if Makepeace was already a killer before the Jigsaw Puzzle murders.

The first time I saw this picture, I was thrown off by Dustin's presence, and was trying to work out why Doug would be crying about Justin before I realised it was Sniffer. It's quite sweet the way everyone is trying to cheer Sniffer up. Also, the door to the lab is either lower than usual, or Al is really tall.

All three of them seem pretty happy there.

Thanks to everyone that read the LP, it was a lot of fun to do.