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Part 1: Ethan Explains it all 1 - The New Special Infected

Howdy y'all, here's the scoop on the New Special Infected!

The Charger

He's big, tough and doesn't take no for an answer. He uses that one huge arm you either punch you really hard, or he'll grab you as he charges into you and

slam you into the ground. He is immune to melee shoving and the only way to knock him off your friend is to kill him or stun him with explosive ammo. If he

has grabbed a survivor anyone he hits while he finishes the charge gets knocked flying, giving him some free time to pound his victim. Easy to hear because

of his loud grunts and his tell-tale yodel when he charges.

The Spitter

Don't let her looks fool you, this is one deadly babe! A truly long ranged infected, she spits a projectile which turns into a big puddle of burning goo on

the ground. For the first few seconds you are in the goo you only take a small amount of damage, but the longer you stay the more the damage goes up and a

single spit can do just over 75% of your regular health. She makes weird squealy noises, but the sound of her spitting is unmistakable.

The Jockey

As lovely as the little ginger-haired monkey man is, he is very clingy. He'll hop around like an idiot and when he lands on a survivor he will ride them like

a cowboy at a rodeo. Once he is riding a survivor he has a degree of control over the survivor and can make them stumble around wherever he wants. You can

attempt to resist and slow your wandering down, but ultimately he's in charge. Very weak and easy to kill, but like the Smoker, in the right situations he is

a powerful foe. His tell-tale sound is his constant giggling.

Lastly, we have...

The Lady Boomer

That's right, we now have two playable female infected. She's exactly the same as the regular boomer, just sexier.