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Part 3: Ethan Explains it all 3 - Okay, that's not a happy sound.

Howdy y'all! I did a bacteria post for the last thread, but here's a refresher!


His bacteria is three notes and I like to think of it as a hop, skip and jump. His theme once he has mounted you is called "Exenteration" which is basically a fancier eviscerate which is a fancier disembowel.


His bacteria is 5 low notes (eg: a fat bassy sound). His theme once you are puked upon is "Pukricide" which is obviously supposed to be death by puke.


His bacteria is two notes. For me it mimics the sigh you make when you spawn as a Smoker in versus. His theme once you are snared is called "Tongue Tied" and again obvious. It's also the easiest example to show that the infected's bacteria plays during their attack theme as you can very easily hear the two notes in the background.


His theme is 6 notes with an odd pattern. I think of this one as "the long one that isn't the Jockey" and also sometimes the Charger will smash you into the ceiling or wall during his pounding animations, eg: ups and downs. His theme once he grapples you is called "Contusion and Mortification". A contusion is a bruise (like you'd get from blunt trauma) and Mortification is both shame (at being made helpless by a one armed man) and the process of death and decay. Mortification also has a third meaning that also applies to the Charger in that it is discipline of the body by self-inflicted privation. While it's true the Charger doesn't have many home comforts now, I more apply it to his self inflicted dent on his head and smashed face from charging into things.


The Jockey's bacteria is a long sequence of stabbing notes. I remember this one as the relatively monotone long bacteria that sounds a bit like a laugh sort of. His theme for riding you is called "Vassalation" which is another excellent name! To vacilate is to sway/oscillate or waver in opinion (eg, what direction you should travel in) as well as being a nice variation of "becoming a vassal" where the Jockey is becoming your lord and master. Again his theme is another excellent example of being able to hear the bacteria, with the speedy stabs being easy to pick out.


A straight and simple 4 note bacteria here, which I always link to the Spitter's peculiar ambulation goofy walk. Her theme for when you are in spit is "Enzymicide" which is again obviously death by enzymes. Another good example of the bacteria in the theme, you can pick out her bacteria being played twice for each loop of Enzymicide.

There'll be another music post at the end of this campaign!