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Legacy of the Wizard

by toddy.

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Original Thread: 4 Heroes, 2 Grandparents and Pochi - Legacy of the Wizard [VLP]



Legacy of the Wizard, otherwise known as Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family was released by Falcom on the MSX in Japan in 1987 and later on NES/Famicom around April 1989. It is an action platformer game made as part of the surprisingly expansive Dragon Slayer Series - the series that started Falcom out on the road from an Apple retailer to the game developers they are today. It is one of the earlier examples of open-world action RPGs, similar to Metroid or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in terms of having an open dungeon to explore.

The plot... Well, the game's manual can explain it better than I can:


A long, long time ago a woodcutter's family lived in a small woods. One day, inside their house, the grandmother was talking to her grandchildren. "Long, long ago there was an evil dragon that was terrifying the people. A wizard came from the north country, captured the dragon, and put it deep in the ground. See the picture on the wall? The wizard is your grandfather."
Just as the grandmother pointed at the picture, their pet dog "Pochi" came in with a shiny, pointed object. It was a scale from the dragon! Mother and Father both felt the dragon was about to revive. So they started to get ready to go to the dungeon. Their mission was to destroy it. The kids cried, "There's no way that you can ever beat the dragon!" Father smiled and said, "Don't worry, there is a DragonSlayer."

"DragonSlayer" is a magical sword-the only weapon that can destroy the dragon. However, it is protected by four hidden crowns. The kids said, "We can help you find the crowns if it's OK with you." "Sure, if we can all help each other, we will be able to defeat the dragon," the Father replied.

Where are the four crowns? Can the Drasle family destroy the dragon? Now the adventure begins.

Let's meet the Drasles:

This LP will be a mostly complete playthrough, obtaining all the necessary and secret equipment pieces, showing off a route through the game which can be performed relatively easily, minimizing backtracking and grinding. There's a lot of dick moves this game throws at new players so I hope to either point them out or fall for a bunch of hidden block traps. It's going to be fun, I get to play with my new microphone and I can show off this hidden NES gem. I'll be getting friends to join me in for commentary (mostly people from the Asura's Wrath LP) since I don't want to be overly informative. Just lay back and enjoy this cheesy old NES adventure game with us.

With that done, let's begin our quest to find the DragonSlayer and defeat the mighty Keela!



Armor - Kills enemies just by running into them! Why didn't I use this? Equips to:
Crossbow - Turns blocks into a bouncing projectile. Useful but dangerous. Uses magic. Equips to:
Crown - Key item required to get the Dragon Slayer (need 4). Roas can use the crown to teleport using portraits. Equips to:
Crystal - Single use item. Used to instantly warp back to the surface. Equips to everyone.
Dragon Shield - Blocks boss projectiles, that's all. Equips to everyone.
Dragon Slayer - Key item. Needed to awaken and fight Keela. Equips to:
Elixir - Activates when a character dies. Puts them back on their feet with full health. Equips to everyone.
Glove - Pushes blocks. Leaves no fingerprints. Equips to:
Magic Key - When equipped, doors will be unlocked using magic as a resource instead of keys. Equips to:
Magic Potion - When equipped and your character runs out of magic, the potion will be consumed and restore their magic fully. Equips to everyone.
Magic Rod - Increases the range of your weapon. Attacks consume double the magic. Equips to everyone.
Mattock - Breaks blocks. Consumes one point of magic every time a block is destroyed. Equips to:
Power Knuckle - Your attacks deal four times the amount of damage they normally do. Attacks consume double the magic. Equips to:
Spike Boots - You are now Mario. Equips to:
Spring Boots - Jump height is almost(?) doubled. Equips to:
Magic Wings - Enables flight. Controls like every non-solid tile is a ladder, basically. Equips to:

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