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Part 8: Two Sewers for the Price of One

Chapter 7 - Two Sewers for the Price of One

Where we last left off, we had finally departed from Mt. Gabel, with Lang having awakened his Origin.

Our goal now is to go to Darakin, find out where the Aqualith/Sacred Azure Stone is, and return it to Nohl.

But first! (How many times will I type this in this LP?)

We head back to the Forest Maze. Kazan will bitch at us the entire time we’re here about how we’re supposed to be going to Darakin, but nothing comes of it.

The most common encounters here are with Voorsts and Bean Guns.

Voorsts are pretty standard enemies. They can attack, they can attack the entire group, and they can use a howl that stuns.

Bean Guns act by, you guessed it, shooting beans. But not in the way you’re thinking…

The beans they fire are completely new enemies. They attack regularly, but they cannot be harmed by anything short of Origin attacks at this point. Fortunately, we got exactly that before coming here.

Hilgigas’ represent a trend in enemies who will get stronger after you damage them.

They waste a turn to do this, however, so it only helps if they can act faster than you.

Now, on our own entirely, even with Kazan on board, we would have a little trouble with these enemies, if only because they act rather quickly. With the power of Kazan Curry, however, we not only act faster due to raised agility, but also hit harder.

Also, Kazan’s Origin attack at this point can annihilate groups of enemies easily. When we encounter Bean Guns and Voorsts, one attack from Deva puts them down. Galea can K.O. the Beans due to a type advantage (yes, this game has those too), but struggles with the Voorsts. Two rounds from a Curry boosted Kazan and Lang is enough to defeat Hilgigasi.

The thing is, you’re not meant to be here, as per Kazan’s constant nagging, so all these enemies are tougher than what we would find if we preceded normally. Thus, we can level up a lot faster and trivialise the next few dungeons. We take Lang from level 15 to level 21 just grinding in the Forest Maze.

But eventually, one must get on with the game.

We haven’t taken Kazan to Nohl yet, have we? Let’s take him to Nohl.

“Oh, that’s Kazan. He’s helping me look for the Aqualith.”

“Oh really!? *cough cough!* I am his instructor! He is learning the way of the sword from me.”

“He was searching for the Aqualith, and I decided to help him.”

”I was getting there, man, no need to get all huffy.”

”From now on you will announce my masterhood FIRST AND FOREMOST.”

It’s funny that Kazan is still such a non-believer when not only does he have a super powerful spirit inside him, but he’s standing in a whole village full of people who would tell him the Aqualith was legit.

“Even if you don’t believe that this lake was made by a magic stone…I still have to bring it back.”

“You seem to be telling the truth. I’m sorry. I am with you, especially if it concerns the Infinite Origin!”

(Scary old man? Could she be talking about Kazan?)

Kazan earns the “Boogey Man” title because he’s so ugly he scares small children.

Galvan has surprisingly little to say this time. It’s for the best, of course, considering he’d just say something stupid and/or sexist.

Talking to Maya gives us yet another stark reminder that this town is dying while we piss about on side quests and grinding.

“Lang! When did you get back?”

“Can’t you see I’m busy now?! I have to make everyone’s lunches!!”

We get to offer to help. It would be stupid to refuse, as Nancy’s about to give us a new cooking recipe.

“I’ll help you then. You could use a hand, right?”

“What?! Really? That would be great! It’s rice balls for lunch today, so it should be pretty easy!”

The scene fades to black while they make the balls. Probably because they didn’t want to animate the cooking prep, but I wouldn’t put it past an anime game to make this some kind of sexual euphemism.

“Thanks, Lang! It helped a lot!”

“It’s not like you to thank me without a little sarcasm, Nancy!”

”Last time I even offered to help, you told me I’d just add to your work.”

“How dare you?! At least you can make a decent rice ball now!”

“Well, since you helped out, I guess you should take one with you for the road!”

We learn the Rice Ball recipe and get a “Working Lunch”.

There’s nothing else worth seeing in Nohl now, so we get on with the plot.

Our task is to find out how to reach the Aqualith. Obviously it’s in the castle, but…

“Can’t get in through the main entrance, looks like…”

Guard: “Did you come to see the castle? Apparently, they’re on emergency alert. I’m sorry, but you can’t go in.”

Guard: “Ever since the Bishop found the Sacred Azure Stone, the castle’s been this way. I wonder what they’re doing in there?”

(The Aqualith is here in this castle…! I’ve got to find a way to get inside!)

So yeah, we need to get into the castle some other way.

There’s a trail of clues left by NPCs, in particular Joe, the information guy, but I know exactly where I’m going and how to get there.

First, remember how I mentioned that Veska lady was plot critical?

Her decision to throw away her old noble crest is the only reason the party get to proceed. Hurray for conveniences!

Having this emblem now means that everyone in the asshole district thinks we’re nobility and is all like “OOOH you’re worth BROWNOSING!”

Most importantly, it gives us access to this hotel, which this lady describes as smelling of a sewer…

But before we proceed, there’s a few things we can grab.

This chef gives us a magazine that teaches cooking recipes. It teaches one to every character we have. This includes characters we get later on, if we re-use it when we have them.

If we go back to Sabrina’s inn, her husband is now selling food. If we eat these dishes, Lang uses his latent abilities as a cooking prodigy to instantly learn how to recreate them.

Oh, but it was, Leon.

Now, let us proceed with the plot.

This guy gives way to our literal status symbol.

We find the sewer entrance in one of the hotel’s lower class rooms. We don’t even need to rent the room to find it, and good thing too, because this hotel charges 10000 gold for the most basic rooms.

Now Playing – Setting of Glory

(That must be sarcasm in the song name, right?)

“Gesuidou”, exactly as translated. It’s just a plain old sewer with no special features.

And that is the big problem with this section. Like so many banal sewer levels before it, Legaia 2’s sewer level is plain, drab, tedious, ho-hum, and every other mediocre descriptive word I can use.

The gist of this dungeon involves finding keys like this.

We use Galea to destroy the crates and knock it down to our level.

Once we have the key, we unlock the corresponding sluice gate room.

We pull the lever, it drains part of the sewers, then we can proceed. There’s three sluice gates, this read one, a blue one, and a yellow one. Each one needs a key.

The rub is you have to find these keys while poking around this bland, featureless maze of a dungeon, all the while dealing with random encounters which can throw off your sense of direction. This can be annoying enough as an adult, but as a kid? I heavily relied upon a walkthrough to get out when I first played this.

You get this Old Map to help you out. As far as I can tell, the circles on the map are where the keys are, and of course the coloured marks are the sluice gates. If you’re an impatient child like I was, you probably didn’t take the time to figure it out.

Now let’s talk encounters.

On the right, we have a generic skeleton. On the left, some kind of sewer abomination.

Bone Warriors can use an attack that basically makes you play a short minigame. You have to press the buttons that light up, and if you do it well, you can minimize the damage the attack does. Play badly, and it will do a lot more. They can also use an attack that causes “spellbind”, a status that prevents the use of Arts.

The Netherkinds can cause the berserk status, but I kill them far too quickly to have them actually try it.

Here we encounter Jelly Melts and an Evil Fly.

Evil Flys can poison you or cause paralysis. Other than that, they’re the weakest enemies here.

Jelly Melts are the most annoying. They’re the worst example of Legaia 2’s directional attacks, as only downward strikes hit them. If you’ve got a combo that you’re comfortable with, prepare to have to redo it, because most of it will probably miss. To top it all off, they have a passive skill that halves normal attacks, meaning you typically need to hit them a bit to kill them.

Oh and they can split in two, so that’s fun.

The kicker here is that none of these encounters are difficult. Even if I hadn’t grinded for levels in the Forest Maze, I could still effortlessly kill most enemies using Kazan Curry and Origin attacks. All the encounters are just distractions as you wander around looking for the keys you need to proceed.

For some reason, there’s these glowing moss patches that Rivas can interact with. I don’t know what their function is. I even tried looking it up.

We find a camping site, which lets us sit down for a chat.

You fucking said it, Lang!

“Why don’t we just break down the castle gate and hit ‘em straight on?”

Please! Please let me!

“There are guards swarming all over inside the castle gate. What are you gonna do about them?”

“What do you think? I’ll shred them!”

Sometimes I don’t even need to invent dialogue for Cocky Lang.

“You’re not afraid of anything, are you? Even when you should be!”

“Listen, kid. The worst thing you can do in battle is be too confident.”

“If you’re overconfident or confused, it gives the enemy an opening. And they’ll definitely take advantage of it!”

“If you wanna stay alive long enough to bring the Aqualith home, you better really listen to what I’m telling you.”

”Look, I hear you, but I was captured there once, and just kind of walked out. Beat their best knight too.”

”Tsk tsk, overconfidence…”

This item we pick up teaches Kazan his own Hyper Art, Fists of Rage. I won’t make a video for it, as you’ll be seeing plenty of it in videos to come.

Anyway, we eventually arrive at the end of the dungeon.

Alright, Doplin, here we come!

Wait a minute…

So yeah, the end of the sewers is not coming out in Doplin’s castle.

We have to have Galea knock down this wall to proceed. This leads us to…

Another fucking underground tunnel dungeon!

Now Playing – Forgotten Inheritance

The Kanji come out to something like “Underground Ruins”. “Kabel” is not mentioned, but frankly it’s more descriptive and relevant to the nature of these ruins.

We’ve heard “Kabel” mentioned somewhere, haven’t we? In relation to someone?

Funnily enough, the Kabel Ruins are almost less colourful than the sewers. The floors are gray and the walls are beige. But at least there’s some actual puzzles to solve.

In this room, there are 4 mossy pedestals, 3 glowing, 1 unlit. The plaque calls on us to either light the last one or snuff out the rest. The former is simpler, of course.

Here we have a palette swap from Gale Canyon. These ones can be rather dangerous, since their most frequent attack can stun.

Alongside enemies from the sewers we just cleared, we encounter an even more recent palette swap. Zurvlai don’t even have any attacks that Galdukes didn’t.

We will find “Adventurer’s Logs” through the ruins that tell us how to solve puzzles.

This one explains that we have to spell out “FISH” on the pedestals in this room.

Each pedestal corresponds with a letter, and we have to light them up in order to spell “Fish”, so F->I->S->H.

This one calls on us to light the nearest two pedestals and snuff out the furthest two.

We reach another campsite, strategically placed outside a door. Any RPG veteran knows what this means. We can also do chatting here.

They’re discussing the Adventurer’s Logs.

“This diary is like a guide on how to get through this place.”

“I’d like to thank the person who wrote this…if he’s still alive, that is.”

Once we’re done preparing, we head into the next room.

“Hmm…An ancient ruin…There appears to be an inscription of some sort…Could be!? A spell!!”

Maya collapses to her knees, hugging herself.

“Maya!? Are you all right?”

“…That day….Memories of the day her powers got out of hand…”

“If only…If only I had seen the signs! Had I been aware of Maya’s powers sooner, I would have been able to stop it!!”

“The tragedy…It could have been prevented…”

“Tell me…What happened?”

“Maya….Maya’s family…”

Someone is heard entering the chamber at this point.

Now Playing – Evil Desires

Ah, if it isn’t our favourite Fuhrer-Bishop-King!

“Hm?! Your faces are familiar to me…You! You are those fugitive Mystics!!”

“If I had known to find you here, it would have spared me the trouble of sending Elliott! Arrrgh!!!....”

This also means we won’t be encountering Marienne. Thank all that’s holy.

“Why! Am I not the Lord of Darakin and the Bishop of the Holy Order of Banderas? I never lie!”

“Hmph! You are only a petty villain, who somehow came into power.”

“And what would a villain be plotting in such a room? Planning to call on some demons, were you?”

“Demons…Perhaps you are correct…”

We saw that creature by her side when we were held in the castle.

“Magic that manipulates heaven and earth…Such powers could very well beget demons.”

“You are wrong, Velna! I do not aspire to create demons!! I require soldiers of God!”

“The entity that governs all life…That is God! I seek the power that manipulates life at will!!”

“And this room, it gives me that power….The wisdom of the Kabel will reveal, to me, the way to God!!”

“You disgust me…All you speak are words of selfish desire!”

“What blasphemy to even consider manipulating nature and life to suit your own will! God?! Don’t make me laugh!”

“Fwah ha ha ha! It is impossible for lowly folk like you to comprehend my will! I alone hear the voice of God!”

“Apparently, you are not aware that blasphemy against the heavens has dire consequences…”

Doplin looks to Velna, who nods.

“With the strength of Kabel and the Mystics at my command, I will establish the ideal world I have always envisioned!!”

“…Join me. What do you say? I grant you the opportunity to join God in creating a utopia!”

It occurs to me now that, assuming Doplin wasn’t too careful in acquiring their co-operation, the heroes could totally just lie and say they’d work for him, get into the castle, and then turn on him there, presumably with Slogar gone.

But we basically just get to pick our flavour of refusal here.

“Fwoh ho ho…Fool! Nothing is impossible with the secrets of Kabel at my command!”

”I said I wasn’t INTERESTED, Bishop Dipshit! Not that I doubted the possibility!”

“…As they say, the true path is apparent only in hindsight…I am truly disappointed…”

“Had you decided to follow me, you could have been honoured citizens of a beautiful utopia!”

“Bishop…Surely, you are not going to…???!”

“It cannot be helped. God’s servant they may be, but they are of no use if they refuse to do my bidding. He will surely understand…”

“Alas! This too must be a test that God has placed before me!! It pains me, it truly pains me…”

“Now, it is time for Slogar to test his new powers on you…”

“Eve you are helpless against the powers of Kabel! Revel in its strength before you depart for the other world….”

Maya is present on the field for this fight, but she will not participate. She sits in the same position as before we began.

We can totally take it on our own though, right?

Of course not.

The only genuine boss fights so far have been Gather Crab, Elfin, and the MIGHTY Balken. Gold Eyes, Elliott and Marienne (technically) and the Morg were all basically glorified cut scenes. With the addition of Slogar, the majority of bosses thus far have had some kind of unbeatable segment.

Origins have no affect too. “Pure embodiment of power”, everyone.

Interestingly, Galea’s line is not voiced. This is the case in Japanese too. Either they just didn’t care to, or this is confirmation Origins speak explicitly via psychic communication.

The rest of the fight just involves waiting. Slogar’s attacks hit hard, but not so hard you can’t comfortably heal with items.

Now the actual boss fight begins. However, as before, Slogar doesn’t really hit hard enough to make you worry. You just gotta hit him till he’s dead, and it’s not that hard to manage.

Click the image below to watch Slogar get his ass beat.

(The video got a bit choppy at points due to the limits of my computer. It may not be very noticeable, but I apologise in advance)

“I remember…This terrible light…This very same light…Again…”


Now Playing – Your Voice

“Maya…You can speak!! Has your voice returned!?”

Maya gets up without responding.

“Did I….Did I use that power again??!”

“Why do I have this power?!...How I wish I didn’t!! Then Father…and Mother!!...*sob*…”

“We couldn’t have defeated him ourselves…We needed your power to do it…”

“The power itself isn’t inherently good or evil! That’s up to the person who wields it!”

“Maya, we wouldn’t have made it without you! I believe in you, Maya!”

“…Thank you, Lang.”

“But…I don’t…I don’t know how to use magic…”

Translation: Maya might have gotten her voice back, but she won’t be useful in a fight for a while!


“But at the moment, we must concentrate on finding our way out of this labyrinth and into that castle.”

“You’re right…The Aqualith is waiting for us.”

“Let’s go!!”

We are now free to proceed. But I’ll just throw in this one camp conversation we can have immediately after the boss…

“Oh, don’t worry about me, Kazan. You know…I’ve been really torn…”

“I avoided using this power…this magic, but I was worried that meant suppressing and hiding a part of me…”

“I was worried I’d have to live my whole life that way! That’s what I’ve been torn about.”

“But then you said something that helped, Lang. ‘Power itself is not bad! It all depends on the person who uses it.’”

“So I decided that, if I could help you with this power, I wouldn’t be afraid anymore! Thank you…Lang…!”

“No, don’t be thanking me! We’re the ones that got saved by your power! Right, Master?”

“Yeah! That’s right! That’s exactly right. But…you know…”

“I don’t think you could really call that last battle ‘controlled magic.’ It was more like ‘magic power gone wild…’”

“I can do better! I just know it! I know I can learn to use this power properly!”

“Thatta girl, Maya!”

And there I shall leave it.

Join me next time, where we finish the Kabel Ruins, storm Doplin Castle at dawn, and finally find the Aqualith.