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Part 21: Meander the World and the Seven Seas

Chapter 20 – Meander the World and the Seven Seas

Where last we left off, Bishop Doplin was melted into nothing, we fought Slogar for the 3rd (and 4th?) time, and finally acquired our second sacred stone: the Pyrolith.

Our task now is to go talk to Chief West Wind in Jinga to find out how to reach the “Wind Tower” Ayne mentioned.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut first!

We’re going to experience the lovely lovely side content that has cropped up due to clearing Drokonia.

We start in Darek’s Haunt.

We hear voices coming from Sharon’s room in the hideout.

“Huh? You’re giving that to me?”

“You can have all of my old stuff if you want it. I can’t wear most of it anymore.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

I’d say Lang shouldn’t eavesdrop, but that wouldn’t be very interesting, would it?

(I’d hate to waste this chance to see what’s going on in there…)

“Wow! There’s so much to choose from…All right! How about this? I really like the color…Um…”

“Is this supposed to have holes here? Wouldn’t everyone be able to see your…”

“Ahem! You don’t know anything, do you? That’s the point!”

“But why would you want people to see your…”

“Well, maybe I’ll explain some other time! You don’t want that! Here! Why don’t you try on, whoops! You don’t want this one!”

“You’ve got a lot of interesting clothes, Sharon.”

“I know! I see something interesting and I can’t help but buy it! That’s how I ended up with so many.”

Lang accidentally makes a noise here.

Cocky Lang has balls of steel and will own up to what he was doing.

“Eavesdropping on us girls, Lang? Just what were you expecting to hear? Hmm? It’s not proper to eavesdrop on ladies. We’ve got our little secrets to keep, you know…”

And the scene just kind of ends there. No consequences. Guess Sharon and Maya know better than to try and punish the mighty Cocky Lang.

We are now freely allowed in Sharon’s room, where her sister blocked us before.

She has a parrot, because she’s a pirate. You wouldn’t know it, but this parrot will be important to us later on.

”Okay first, why do you have a problem with another ‘girl’ specifically? And second, she’s in the room right now, dumbass.”

Now if we exit the Haunt and come back in…

Bacadee: “Just take any left over ingredients or whatever you’ve got lying around, spice it up with some curry, and voila! You’re done! Make sure you don’t let the curry get too runny! You don’t want to drown the pasta with it, just give it some extra flavour.”

“What are you doing, Maya?”

“I’m learning how to make Curry Spaghetti! It’s really easy to make!”

Bacadee: “Don’t tell the rest of the crew, but I make this whenever I don’t feel much like cooking. Ha ha ha ha ha…”

And of course Maya learns how to make Curry Spaghetti. I think she’s the only one that learns a dish from Bacadee here. I also remember this recipe in particular being easy to miss if you barrel on with the story.

We move on to Tanza.

“What are you doing, Sharon?”

“The manager’s sick, so I’m helping out! Want to try my cooking?”

Zigolo: “That’s the truth! How about staying on as the full-time bar lady?”

“Ha ha ha! Don’t tempt me!”

Sharon gets the “Bar Lady” nickname here.

We can eat here just as usual, but now all the dishes are “Sharon Style”.

As you can see, “Sharon Style” is just supersizing the dishes.

This one is so big I’m pretty sure Lang’s standing on a stool.

Our reward for stuffing our face on Sharon’s jumbo meals is the “Glutton King” nickname. Not much of a reward since they do nothing, but Sharon’s entertaining enough to make this segment worth it.

Ayne decided to take Lang up on his offer to get in the spa together.

Going in and out, we go back to the restaurant…

Here’s what happens if you “whack him”.

”Jerk Lang” posted:

“Hey! Get up, Master! C’mon!”

That’s the animation Lang used to destroy the Yuno snowman.

“Hey. Hey, Master! Did I hit him too hard?”

Yorumi: “Now he’s totally out cold! I can’t believe it!”

Now, if we ignore him…

”Less Jerky Lang” posted:

(How embarrassing…Better pretend I don’t know him.)

“Hm? Lang…Lang, izzat you? Hey, c’mere!”

Yorumi: “Uh…Is this a friend of yours?”

“No. No! Uh…Who is this guy?”

“What’re you saying?! You’ll never know…how much I…HIC!”

Yorumi: “He’s finally asleep. Looks like he mistook you for someone else.”

But Cocky Lang must be nice to his party members.

“Master, wake up! You’re bothering the other patrons. Come on, wake up!”

“Uhmmm….What? Lang…Ordering ME? Who’s the Master…Mumble…”

“I is…I can…Okay! NOW I’m READY!!!”

Despite being the “look after” option, it’s almost like a negative outcome.

No matter what option you pick, the scene ends like this…

Yorumi: “Man, what an annoying customer. Especially when I’m so busy around here!”

So I mentioned destroying the snowman in Yuno. It will get rebuilt every time you destroy it. On the third destruction, however…

Mick here starts shadowboxing Lang.

The snowman will be rebuilt again, but from now on Lang will refuse to bust it up.

Moving on to Darakin, we find Sharon in the fashion store again.

Marlee: “Oh, really?! Do you mean it? Oh, darling! My dearest sweetheart! *Kiss! Kiss!*”

“Blech! She’s sickening! There’s no reason to carry on like that, just because he’s got money!! Isn’t it disgusting, Lang?”

We get a choice. We agree, because Cocky Lang hates a shcleimer too.

“You said it! You can’t judge a man by the size of his wallet! That kind of thing really makes me mad!!”

“Can’t judge a guy by the size of his wallet…Good one! I like that! But you’re still going to treat me to something nice every once in a while, aren’t you?”

”I got millions of gold with your name on it, Sharon.”

Now let us dispense with the silly scenes and do some guild quests.

First on our list is “Winged Mountain Beasts”.

Sonnet: “This is a quest from The Central Continental Union. They say that vicious, wanted monsters have escaped to Mt. Gabel. The prize for these monsters is 160000 G. The reward money is high because they’re REALLY dangerous.”

The game is clearly warning us this one will be tough. We’re gonna do it anyway.

Sonnet: “They’re really ferocious! But you’re still willing to accept this challenge? You must be a thrill-seeker! Or maybe it’s the money?”

Cocky Lang isn’t taking this shit.

“Why don’t you mind your own business? I can do whatever I want. I’ve fought beasts allegedly dredged up from hell, I can take an extraordinary monster!”

“Tsk, tsk. Rubbed you the wrong way, did I? And I was only trying to be nice…Well, you can do as you please. Maybe I’ll head over there and rescue you later. Don’t kick the bucket before I get there.”

So as was mentioned, our destination is Mt. Gabel. Despite his promises to head over “later”…

Somehow he got here before us and took down one of the beasts.

“Hah…I didn’t want anyone to see me like this. I wanted to kill them all before you showed up, but….I don’t think I’ll be doing much more fighting now…”

We get a choice: help, laugh, or ignore. Cocky Lang is cocky, but not a jerk.

“Hah…Forget it. That’s not going to help at all. Just keep going…There’s still one more out there. It ran off towards the summit. I managed to wound it pretty badly, so…even you should be able to beat it…Go get it.”

”Bitch I could have taken both of them alone.”


”You said exactly what I said after killing Raynoff, you hypocrite.”

We can camp out right next to Stiel and just talk about him like he’s not there.

“He seems fine. He just asked us to leave him alone.”

“He’s odd…I’ve met a lot of swordsmen in my day, but he’s the most menacing I’ve seen.”

“Really? I thought he was just showing off.”

Anyway, we’re bound for Mt. Gabel’s summit.

Just like with the Morg, we can see the Zahatule in the distance. It’s a bit hard to make out, though.

While they’re just pallet swaps of the big bird enemies we’ve fought thus far, it’s interesting they went to the trouble of making the Zahatules different colours from each other.

All we need to bring it down is some Hyper Arts from Sharon and a Variable Art. One round take down. So much for the mighty Zahatules.

Speaking of the Morg, why don’t we pop in on his old cavern?

He has risen again. I’m not sure how quickly this happens after the fight, but presumably it’s earlier than the Zahatule fight.

We can’t fight him again or anything. I guess they just respawned him so kids would feel less bad about “killing” an innocent spirit?

Making our way back down the mountain, we find Stiel…

Although it’s true Cocky Lang doesn’t need Stiel’s help, we’re gonna be nice to him.

“Hah…Don’t worry about me. The last thing I need is some rookie worrying about me. I’ve still got my pride.”

We shall split the money like gentlemen.

“Hm…the fair thing to do would be to split it.”

“Hah…I figured you’d say that…Okay, we’ll split it. I’ll go to the Guild and pick it up.”

We head back to the guild.

“….130000? Didn’t you talk to Stiel? I’m supposed to get 80000 G…”

Sonnet: “The Central Continental Union wanted to reward you in addition to the 80000. They know how dangerous those monsters were! You’re certainly a true Hunter now! Do you have any kind of special nickname you go by?”

”They call me lots of things. Including, uh, Peeper….”

This one is a follow up to the last Yuno quest.


Suda: “A demon from hell. Gauraze. A curse upon our world. His body is filled with venom. So long as he lives, the plague of the Apolu fever will spread…But that is just the beginning. For more horrifying things lie ahead! We must rid ourselves of him before it’s too late! You must be extra careful. His venom triggers illness! And the illness can bring death…Gauraze must be somewhere in The Forest Maze. I’m counting on you.”

For all this talk, it amounts to finding a pallet swap enemy in the woods and killing it.

Gauraze isn’t all that different from any other fight with one of these two headed wolf things, but its regular attacks can cause the Plague effect, like Suda warned us. It’s also fast enough to act before Sharon, at least at this level.

Gauraze has enough HP to make the fight last three rounds, even after unleashing a Variable Art on it. But it never really comes close to being a threat.

Once Gauraze is dead, you don’t have to return to Suda. You just go back to the guild to collect your pay. However, Suda does reward you with the “Tempura Noodles” recipe. I don’t actually pick that up here, but I will get to it later.

We get a “Maiden’s Robe” tacked onto our cash reward. It’s armour for Maya. Would be neat if we were using her, but we aren’t.

The last quest we have to do is “Find Mari”. It’s being offered by Cammy.

Yes, that Cammy. Her father had the sense to move them out of the sewer room, at least.

Cammy: “Waaah! Mari is lost! We went down below together, but then I lost her…!
Lost my dearest friend
I still pursue beauty’s way
Life is very hard
This haiku expresses my present feelings for my dear friend in terrible danger!”

“Okay! All right, already! I’ll look for her. What does your friend look like?”

Cammy: “Mari is very fair-complexioned. But she might have gotten dirty in the sewer water. Please find her!”

Yes, that’s right, we’re going back into the sewers.

Turns out Mari is a cat. What a twist.

Trying to grab Mari results in her dashing into that hole in the wall. As you can tell, we have to block it with that crate using Ayne.

Then you walk around to where Mari is now trapped and grab the cat.

Cammy: “So! Still kicking, huh? That doesn’t sound right…Ahem! ‘Oh, Mari, thank heavens you’re still alive! Oh thank you!’ That sounds better…Meow, meow! Mari!”

“…Well…I guess that takes care of the quest.”

Indeed, quest over. We get our reward and forget we wasted our time.

Let’s finally go to Jinga, like we’re supposed to.

This guy behind Chief West Wind can give you nicknames for hitting certain milestones. I could have spoken to him earlier, but he had nothing to offer us back then.

He gives Lang this nickname for learning a specific Origin move. You’ve probably noticed I’m learning Origin moves and not showing them off much. Don’t worry, I’ll show them all off in good time.

He dishes out names for other characters too, as you can see Sharon getting a nickname here.

You can also see the option to “Change nickname”, which lets you change the one that’s currently applying to a given character. This has no real function other than changing what is displayed in a handful of situations.

Let’s finally talk to Chief West Wind.

Chief West Wind: “I see….You seek the altar enveloped in wind. The Aerolith….That which you seek is there. It is just as ‘Silent Eagle’ said, the Wind Tower can only mean one place…Ellsworth.”


Chief West Wind: “Yes…Created by the Kabel as a testament to their power, it is a tower suspended in mid-air by magic.”

“Suspended in mid-air? How are we supposed to get there then?”

Chief West Wind: “The Kabel had a magical means of transporting themselves there, but that knowledge has been lost. There is only one method of reaching the tower now. You must use something that flies. There is no other way.”

“A way to fly, huh? I guess we’ll have to ask around.”

In the end, Chief West Wind couldn’t actually give us any helpful info at all. Knowing that we need to fly to a tower in the sky is hardly a revelation.

Obviously now our goal is to leave and find something to fly on, but if we re-enter Jinga…

“I do not know. I only follow the orders of our chief.”

Yeesh, Ayne, tone it down with the war face.

Also want to point out how awkward sex must be between a dude as huge as Ayne and this woman who, despite being a giant herself, still only barely reaches his chest.

Spring Sapling: “It is true. You must promise me that you will return to me safely. Will you promise me?”

“Of course! I will not die! I will come back to you and the child! You have my promise! Take good care of yourself, ‘Spring Sapling’….”

Spring Sapling: “I will, dearest heart…”

She’s hugging him, if you can’t quite tell. Or maybe sort of leaning against his chest?

”Also please stop eavesdropping on everyone you meet.”

”No deal.”

Now we shall leave Jinga and head to….Yuno.

Remember Faldo? He’s the guy who considers himself Maya’s boyfriend.

Faldo: “What kind of relationship do you and Maya have, anyway? Go on, tell me!!”

Choice time. We can declare Maya our girlfriend, but she’ll just deny it, despite blatantly crushing on Lang in every other scene. We go with the correct and platonic answer.

“Maya is my very special….friend!”

“That, That’s right! We’re fighting To save the world!”

Faldo: “Uh…Well….After you save the world, you’re coming back to Yuno, right?”

“This village is my home. I’ll be back. That’s a promise, Faldo!”

Faldo: “I see…So you’re called Lang? Please take care of Maya…for me.”

Now, as for actually finding something that flies, we could go back to Darakin and pay Joe to tell us where to find something like that. Or….

“Hmm…You’re looking for a way to fly, huh? Well, I’ve travelled all over the world, and that’s no easy task. Now if you could just get a hold of a Flying Dragon…”

“A Flying Dragon…?”

“That’s right. I saw one the last time I was over at that island…what’s it called….Oh, yeah, Jinga! Flying Dragons are noble creatures and bigger than any bird you’ve ever seen. They’re like the king of the skies!”

“Where can I get one of those?! You’ve got to tell me!”

“Well, rumor has it there’s a competition over in Phorchoon. First prize is a Flying Dragon! Oh, sweet, rich Phorchoon! Playground for the rich and famous! I’d love to get in there!”

This is where you’d learn about Phorchoon, had we not already heard of it from the bartender in Kravia.

“Oh, that island.”

“What?! Don’t tell me that you’ve already been to Phorchoon, Lang! How did you manage that?! You’ll have to teach me how to get in there sometime, Lang. You’re just full of surprises!”

”I just picked an Emblem of Nobility out of the trash in Darakin and they let me in when I showed it off.”

”Well I’m no stranger to dumpster diving!”

We finally have our next objective made clear to us: go to Phorchoon, fight in the arena, and get ourselves a Flying Dragon.

But I will end this chapter here.

Join me next time, where we experience the Phorchoon arena and find out about our next terrible evil villain.