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Legend Of Kartia

by Sazero

Part 1: Introduction


MUSIC: Intro music

There is quite nothing like and old pixelated logo start off an LP

The intro start off with Kartia cards, how fitting. But don't let that fool you the intro can be safely ignored, since it's one of those "Let's do shots of random stuff that is gonna be important in the game" intros that Japan really, really love.

This guy is a Phantom, which we will see later, and talk about more in depht much later.

No, it's not an amulet, it's actually a Kartia, although a very special Kartia. Which there are a surprising number off.

Listen this is gonna drag on if I have to give you guys an image of every little thing, so let me help you, help me, by cutting out the filler okey? MONTAGE TIME!


MUSIC: This plays through the text scrawl

No! A text scrawl . The poor quality is due to me messing with textures and it's only for the text crawl. Here I'll transcribe it.

The card which can create anything.
People have lived with Kartia since the beginning of time.
The divine letters release the power of Kartia...
Kartia fire lights up the dark,
Kartia wind flows through the sea,
Kartia earth laid over a bed of seeds,
Kartia water nurtured the plants.
Thus people called this world Rebus.
It was the world of Kartia civilization...
For thousands of years, this world never knew of war.
It was the world of peace and security...
But those beautiful days began to corrupt the people.
Chaos crept into this world.

When people took the power of Kartia for granted,
the destruction of Rebus began.
This is the story of two individuals, who lived
in this chaotic era...
Toxa, the Free Knight.
Nothing kept him from pursuing his dreams.
Lacryma, the Shrine Warrior.
Her father was a hero.
She led a life bound by law.
Whoever happens to witness this epic drama will
experience all the joys and sorrows
that affect their lives...

We'll begin with Toxa, until we hit the first crossing point, where I'll change over to Lacryma.

Wait, hold on 1034? According to the text crawl Rebus is thousands of years old. I don't really have an explanation for this, except that the text scrawl is wrong.

Pentagram Cathedral? Yeah that's not evil AT all.

MUSIC: Expectation

:"I cannot foresee our future... I sense something terrible will happen..."

What is implied here is that Mona is half elf, half woman

Mona's Mother :"It is the Forbidden Kartia that should be hidden away... This is what humans call an "Original".
:"Forbidden Kartia..? What can you create from this?"
Mona's Mother :"The word on this Kartia means "Nothingness"... This Kartia can wipe out all existance.

Intro to the first episode of the game and we are already at fantasy nukes. I'm sure giving such a super weapon to a weak elf girl is not gonna backfire at all

Mona's Mother :"The reason we have been given the Kartia of "Nothingness" is to erase the cause of the destruction. It must be given to the righteous one.
:"...But without the "Text" that explains the meaning of the word on the Kartia, people cannot use it..."

I really hope medical doctors don't subscribe to this kind of problem solving. "Doctor, I'm missing a leg, what should I do?"

Couldn't Mona technically be described as a human with an elf soul? Since she is a halfbreed? Maybe not, we'll see.

Mona's Mother :"When the time comes, this person will be led to you. You will know when you see that person."

Footsteps can be heard, and the camera rotates to a new angle

Those eyes!

That facepaint! ... Wait hold on a villain with facepaint? That's actually a first for me. He is obviously in the wrestling proffesion. I can only approve of this.

Okey, seriously, "Beltshmeltz"? I take it someone didn't like the new character direction Final Fantasy took.(It's actually just a typo, his name is Beltshumeltz)

:"We can't blame God if we are damned."
:"Well, we are creating Eden, aren't we?"
:"Any progress on deciphering the Text?"
:"We're trying to figure out the elements now."
:"Your father failed in the first experiment... Are you sure you can do it this time?"
:"Don't worry, I'm not like my father. But you have to keep the Inquirers quiet. As long as you do that, the rest is easy."
:"Good... By the way, how is Mona's brother doing? We got him first, didn't we?"

:"He surpasses you... Because he uses evil magic?"
:"He is more of a monster than a magician."

For a guy wearing face paint and scheming with someone about making Eden, Beltshumeltz is surprisingly judgemental.

:"I want to know what you are thinking. You lead the Rebels and you are trying to create Eden. What is your true purpose?"
:"Why do you want to know that?"
:"I'm doing this to find out the existance of God... Each participant in the Rebels have their own reasons...
:"I have dedicated everything to this project... Tell me everything."
:"I want to create Eden. That's all... Plain and simple."

That thing in the middle, that Beltshumeltz is looking at is ofcourse also a special Kartia. In this case "Heaven" and "Nothingness" so far has been mentioned.

Hmm thats odd, it says "Kartia - Record of Fake". Probaly an older title for the game, that got left over into the finished game. You might notice that there are a few bits of... unpolishedness in the game. Now I don't know all that much about the game's development and release, so if anyone knows anything, feel free to post about it.

You'd think it was time for gameplay by now. You are ofcourse wrong.

MUSIC: Feel Uneasy

:"Guess we're gonna do this the hard way!"
:"Garum! Stop!"
:"Because of her, we're stuck on this mountain. We're more than 5 days behind!"
:"Mona's escape was your fault, Garum.
:"I think you were too easy on her."
:"Do you have a problem with my methods!?"
:"No, not necessarily..."

Someone approaches the bandit group

:"Who the hell are you?"

Garum isn't the most subtle of people as you have probaly gathered. Anyways I just want to point out that I really like this next scene.

:"I am the daughter of Count Shinon!"
:"The daughter of Metal Gear Count Shinon? Lady Shinon!?"

:"We are just humble merchants who are lost..."

You ever notice that anyone using the line "just humble merchants" are never just humble merchants? Why even use that line at all?

5 people in the bandit group and not a single one of them thought to subdue their hostage. Our villains ladies and gentlemen. Misty might be smarter than Garum, but she isn't that great of a leader.

:"Please help me! I'm in danger!"

Well shit Mona. You actually thought to ask for help. Although Ele doesn't look much of a fighter and it's 5 to 1. I mean, what can she really do?

Druids are people we'll talk about later, but for now just know that they are special and specially protected by law against harm. Kind of the same deal where you get a harsher punishment for punching a cop, than just some average guy.

A bandit punches Mona.

:"Yes. I know."

:"You guys are thieves..."

I'm pretty sure they're bandits Ele. Thieves don't usually take people hostage or carry weapons. I mean it's a subtle difference.

:"If you value your life, you better come with us."
:"Thanks, but no thanks. I'm pretty strong, so you better watch it!"

Ele draws out a rather large piece of paper

This is a Kartia, as everyday people get them. And while they can be exceedingly dangereous, the worst that can happen to the bandits at this point is that a few of them might get injured. They could still feasibly capture Ele

Encrypters is Kartia specialists. While with the proper education, everyone can learn and use Kartia for everyday things like making apples or coffee. Encrypters specialise in mastering Kartia in every aspect. Basically they're wizards. And you'd do well to not cross them.

The bandits thieves back off a bit

Ele being called out on her bluff, decides to run away

Garum starts to chase, but Misty stops him

:"Damn it. She escaped again!"
:"Great... Bring her back. Now!
:"Just you wait until I get my hands on you kid... Let's go!"

Alright, let's stop here for this time. This update is already long enough as it is. Next time we'll actually reach gameplay!