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Part 3: Toxa Episode 3 Chapter 2 - Deal of Justice

Thanks to people in the thread, you can now appreciate Legend of Kartia in a not stupid resolution. Also gonna squeeze in one final update before the new year.
So strap on your belts and get ready for the emotional roller coaster.

Toxa Episode 3 Chapter 2

MUSIC: Expectation

Location: Unknown

" 'There is no smoke without a fire...' "
"Now, stop interfering with my research!"

"You and I? Just because you were promoted does not mean you can talk to me in such a casual way."
"It can be to our benefit in an emergency... You should atleast trust your partner.

"I bet you will become a treacherous lady."
"Become? Did you say 'Become'? How naïve..."
"That's my charm..."
"Humph... Stop joking..."

Spooky. Who the hell is Vandor? And of more immediate concern, who could Asty's sister be..? It's.. ah really not hard to guess.
Still it might never come up, so let's just forget about it.

Music: Revelation

This makes me think of a super hero sales man, who just flies around making deals of justice. Whatever those entails.
Oh we've seen this place before in the opening cinematic. Yeah so the opening cinematic pretty much consists of these little opening titles.

Music: Attractive Legend

Anyways we're back to slightly before we left off last time. This time we learn the TRUE reason why Ele was laughing.

"What are you laughing at?
"I'm laughing because it was funny. Is there something wrong with that?"
"What's so funny!?"
"Because it's so ridiculous! I hope you aren't taking her seriously"

Count Shinon "Ele, I am not going to allow you to say such things! Stay away from the matter.

"How long are you going to interrogate her? Don't you think she is doing this to buy time? She's doing this to give her gang time!"

The sound of someone slamming their hands on a piano is played. The party looks at Misty as they realize her goal.

Count Shinon "We got hooked... I bet the rest of the thieves are safely back at their fortress..."

"A deal?"
"I will show you the way to the fortress and the Druid girl, if you set me free.

"Are you serious? You are dealing with a thief!
"I'm with Duran. We're not getting anywhere with her."
"So, you're going to make a deal with the bad guys!?"
"Don't make a fuss. We don't have time for this!

Count Shinon "Ele! Hold your tongue!"
Yes, let's have the smart one shut up. That is a good idea.
"But... Yes, father..."


Music: Feel Uneasy

That's actually a pretty good point. A better question is, why would Misty even show the group to the right place? She knows exactly how important Mona is.
Her mission was given to her from Vandor, whom she is clearly loyal to. You'd think she'd lead the group to the wrong place to buy even more time for the thieves
and thus ensure their succes in leading Mona to where Vandor wants her.

And the group is letting Misty walking freely. It could be a ruse, and Misty could have ran straight back to the thieves and joined them.

"I'm now the new leader of this group of thieves."
"What is the meaning of this!?"
"We don't need you anymore, Misty!"
"Wait until Vandor finds out! You'll..."
"Really? Your friends are really cruel..."
"It was your organization who asked me to kill you."
"That's a lie!"
"Why would I lie to the one who is about to be killed!? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Well there are plenty of reasons. To simply just usurp the leadership and turn Misty against Akueldo who would see her as the betrayer and dispose of her?
Or maybe Garum just hates Misty and used the oppertunity when Misty got caught. What I'm getting at is, never trust what an enemy is saying. Especially right after they've backstabbed you.
Even if what they say is always true in video games.

I don't really think you can claim moral high ground here Toxa. You did hold Misty hostage after all...

"Look, in this world, only the strong survive."
"That's it! A dog like you has no right to live!"
"You're pretty confident! Come on, I'll fight you!"
"Come on!"
"Miss Ele, take Misty and stay back! Toxa, you too!"
"Toxa, our purpose is the save the Druid!
"I know!"


Music: Phantom Beast 1
This is the track that plays during player phase in battles.

This is our starting position. As you'll note we only have 3 phantoms. Phantoms act like permanent party members, until they're dead where they'll be gone FOREVER.
However we can remedy that. But before that, let's take a look at our surroundings.

Right infront of us is a pair of Miles phantoms. Not the greatest threat, but they are level 2. All of our dudes is still lvl 1. But if we look just a little bit further we see...

Gah! New enemies! These guys are called Beheads. As you might have suspected, there are more than Miles type phantoms.
Beheads is their bigger, meaner brother. This is also why I don't bother leveling my phantoms up.
You see every so 1 or 2 maps, we'll be getting new phantom types, which will horribly outclass the last generation of phantoms.
This means that every 1 or 2 maps our phantoms are already outdated.
Combined with the fact that experience is a limited ressource and any deaths on a human character is instant lose, means that phantoms are only there to soften up enemies, and take hits for your human characters.
These Beheads are only lvl 1, but you'll soon see the difference between them and Miles.

Oh and to add further insult to our phantoms, we can't even create Beheads yet.

Further on in, we have Garum, guarded by 3 thieves.
Thieves, or any human character really, is the largest threat to your success. Because like Misty in last mission, they can all cast Kartia.
This goes triply so, when they are grouped up and decide to focus a single character with Kartia. Yes it has happened and Toxa has seen plenty of watery death.
The thieves themselves are lvl 3 which is alarming. But when we take a look at Garum, we see...

level 5!? LEVEL 5!? FUCK MISTY, THIS IS SECRET DUNGEON FINAL BOSS LEVEL! Whelp LP over! It had some nice music, but the game is far too short.

Oh, but I see hope! See our objective is not to take out Garum. We can simply kill the Shadow Miles surrounding Mona, and that'll end the mission. All is not lost.

And then there are these little fuckers. They exist to make you miserable. The Kyau is the phantom basic form. Even lesser than the Miles.
Type 0 if you will. They have terrible attack stats and they don't have type multipliers. As in they don't do or take more damage from the type triangle.
They also cannot equip armor or weapons. But what they do have is a very particular set of stats. Stats that make them a nightmare for people like me.
They have the highest base movement and speed stat in the game. Meaning that those fuckers will almost always evade half your attacks and they can run the hell away really fast too.

On the left of the phantoms are two chests. You really do no want to miss any chest ever in this game, because they contain more Kartia, and more importantly, more Texts!
Texts is the singular most important thing to pick up in the game. It allows you to make better phantoms and better spells. You want to hunt these down whenever you can.
There is also a chest behind a pot on the right side of the Miles, and there is a chest right next to Garum too.

Anyways we kind of need some more bodies if we want to take on Garum. We specifically need a Doll Phantom.
So this is the Phantom creation Menu. It resembles the Kartia menu alot.
As you can see we have 3 Kartia slots. The first one is used to determine what type of phantom we make. Common, Shadow or Doll.
To make a Doll phantom you need the "Ore" Text. But that just gives us a Kyau.
The subsequent slots determines the Phantoms form.
So I add a "Goblin" Text to make my Kyau into a Miles Doll.
However we still have one slot left. Would the form change again, by adding a third Text?
No. It does not. But it can enhance our phantom. By adding "Fire" you could increase the phantoms Fire defense.
But screw that, we all know the most important stat is movement. So I add the "Fast" text instead.
Resulting in this Miles you see on the screenshot.

I also make a Kyau for treasure grabbing and then set our line up to this.

My 1st Turn.

My first order of business is boxing that Kyau in. Or rather that was my plan, but both of my miles hit their attacks and it died. If they hadn't killed it,
it would have been unable to move since you can't move through enemies and vice versa.

I... What the fuck Alana? What did you DO to that Miles? It's... Wow. What happened?

Right, so remember that I might have mentioned something about an Arena, last update? I said that it gave you some Kartia and an item as a reward for completing it. Well the Fire Arm, is that reward.
The Fire Arm is a beast of a weapon. It gives Alana 10 attack, which is more than Toxa's 9. But what makes it so wonderful, is that it adds a further 50 fire damage to the total damage. Toxa deals around 50ish damage to the Miles's.
But Alana does a whopping 92. And let me tell you, when you have 100 hp you won't have long for this world, when Alana is around.

And no I don't feel any shame in using this weapon at all. The Arena is hideously easy to do, and you can get the Fire Arm from the first chapter. But you'll only ever get 1.

Anyways the Doll weakens the Shadow Miles, and Duran finishes it off for a level.
Toxa not wanting to get shown up, blows the Common Miles up further.
You know, every update I learn something new to try and make the update better.
Last update I learned how to make portraits. This update I learned that 800x450 resolution really is terrible.
But you know, this is posted on new year so let's light things up a bit further.

Yes, I also learned how to make shitty gifs. Hooray!

After that I moved the rest of my dudes up.

Garums 1st turn
A whole lot of nothing. Garum is on the defensive and doesnt move any of his units.

My second turn

First thing's first. I grab this.

To those that don't read chinese, that reads "Iron" and with that thing in our inventory we can move on to todays feature!

So Garum is pretty intimidating at a beastly level 5. So let's get some crutches to get a fighting chance

It might not be all that surprising, but Legend of Kartia doesn't have shops. Instead it has this. The Weapon Creation Menu. Where you can make both weapons AND armor.
It is so glorious.
While this menu has always been available to us. (like Phantom creation and Kartia) I've been holding off on showing it off as we couldn't create any new items we didn't already have.
But that has changed now!
What we are mostly interesting in creating is swords. A majority of our fights will be on even ground.
All the equipment have two menus for each equipment slot.
One for high equip rank, and one for low equip rank.
Right now we are mostly interested in the high equip rank swords.
The basic form is a D rank Wood Sword. That costs 1 Silk Kartia to make.

If I added our new Iron MITHRIL Kartia to it. It becomes the Iron Sword. Toxa's default weapon.
In this is where Alana will truly become our best friend forever. She is the true protagonist.
Remember her Kartia stat? It's 4. Which means we have 4 Kartia slots to create things with.
Which means right now, I have 2 open slots for my Iron Sword.
If you remember from the Spells. You can add more Kartia to make a spell stronger.
And you can do that with weapons aswell!
Normally when you add another Kartia, it simply improves the item by 1. IE +1
But some times a specific Kartia will synergise better with the weapon or spell increasing it by more.
In this case. Since we have an Iron sword, if we add "Strong" to it. It becomes a +2 Iron Sword for one 1 Kartia slot.
Since we don't have any more of those Kartia's we'll add another random Kartia to it so it becomes +3 Iron Sword.
In this case, it simply gets another 3 damage in total.

But you can create armor aswell. And that increases the defense bonus and reduces the speed penalty. Sometimes it even increases elemental defenses.

I create a full set of weapons and armor for Toxa. That's a beastly 21 defense stat. And let me tell you. The Miles from Chapter 1? They didn't even hurt Toxa then. He had 12 defense then.
Nothing will touch him now. (except for Kartia).

Duran also get's a +3 sword, but he gets Toxa's hand me down Stone armor. Because enemies weren't even touching Toxa this mission.

I can also create a Chain Vest +2 and I gave the rest of the D rank equipment Duran had to Alana aswell. She might be nicked by 2-4 damage so she is also pretty safe.

Ele get's a Dark Katana. Alana's old weapon. I also take her Red Cap and give her a Straw Hat instead. She won't be seeing heavy combat

Moving on, I move my guys further up, as they cannot murder anything yet, I have to let them stand by.

Ele lightnings the pot, for a new Text "Needle". It allows us to cast "Needle Fire". A fairly good damaging spell.
Behind the pot is a chest with the "Sick" Text. Required for the "Sick Burns" Spell.

Garum's 2nd turn
A whole lot of nothing again. No he isn't even moving the Beheads out that one square to attack my characters...

My 3rd turn

This is a pretty uneventful turn for me. Toxa casts Quake on both Beheads.

Alana kills the Common Behead (The one to the left). While Duran brings the Shadow Behead down to 36 hp.
My Kyau opens the second chest, getting me some more Mithril Kartia.

Here I test the waters and compare my phantoms. The Shadow Behead is almost dead, and it still deals more damage than my Shadow Miles. Granted the Miles is using a spear and thus gets a damage penalty, but come on!

Ele moves up towards Mona, and opens the passageway with Flame. She gets a Mithril Kartia for destroying the blocks.

Garum's 3rd Turn

My 4th Turn

Toxa kills the wounded Shadow Behead. And now here is where the mission can get tricky. You generally don't want a group of enemy humans clustered together like they because they can and will focus a human down with Kartia.
So we'll have to create a brilliant plan. A stratagem so perfect they----

Duran! What are you doing! You're in danger now! I----

Oh. Alana deals 92 damage to the lvl 3 thieves aswell. That guy is super dead since the quake left him at 70ish

The AI also seems to favor attacking Phantoms when it can or targets that have low health. Ele stands around doing nothing this turn as she has to wait for the Doll Miles to catch up.

Garum's 4th Turn

Garum wastes his turn by summoning a Common Miles. Duran get's hit by a Stones spell leaving him at 80ish health. The third thief casts wind on my Shadow Miles.

My 5th Turn

REVENGEANCE! Duran attacks the other thief and Toxa finishes the thief off.

You don't actually liberate Mona until you move a friendly human next to her.

This is the... uh... Hold on.... Nuts. I didn't take a look at it.
Anyways I move my phantoms up, attack the Common Miles and then end my turn

Garums 5th turn
Garum heals himself and his phantom suicides on my phantom

My FINAL Round!

So you can end this mission in two ways and the dialogue does change depending on whether you save Mona, or defeat Garum.

Saving Private Mona

Garum flees

"Hold it Toxa!"
"Why, aren't we going after him?"
"Never chase an enemy with too much vigour."
"What about the Druid girl? You can't take her with you"
"You're right! Let's go back for now!"
"He's such a dim wit..."
But that is not what happened. Let's go back to the real, dark and gritty world

Hmm... I'm just not feeling it. Here let's try this out.

Happy New Year! You know how you always have a little bit of fireworks afterwards? Let's fire the last rocket shall we?


Defeating Garum

"i'm not going to let you go!"
"Wait, Toxa!
"Why? We're not going to get him?"
"Don't chase an enemy with such determination."
"What about the Druid girl? You can't take her with you"
"You're right! Let's go back for now!"
"He's such a dim wit..."

6 turns, 12 defeated and 0 damage. Not bad. I could maybe do it in 5. But that would mean missing out on xp. And that's just a no no.
It also occurs to me that I wasn't particularly mindful of when our guys got levels and such.
So here they are.
Toxa 3.
Alana 3.
Duran 3.
Ele 2.
Stat gains aren't the most exciting. Typically a character will either get a point in defense or speed, and a little more elemental defence. I know Equip Rank will go up at some point too, though it's unclear when.
Anyways I'll note any significant changes if I notice them. I can be pretty sometimes so I might miss something.

Chapter 2 Episode 3 Epilogue

"Are you sure you're alright?"
"She's fine Toxa, you worry too much."
Probaly the first time Toxa ever saved anyone from any real harm.So he is of course a little bit excited to be a hero in shining armor.
Count Shinon "Mona of the Druids... I have a couple of questions to ask, if that is alright with you."
"I don't mind. Go ahead."
"How did you get yourself kidnapped by the thieves in the first place?"
"I don't know. Everything happened so fast..."
"Well, where were you before you got kidnapped?"
"I was at the place where the World Tree grows."
"Well, you're a Druid. Where else would you be?"
Not really an answer Ele. There are multiple World Trees right now. There is one in your own backyard. And you didn't see Mona there did you?

"Um... I'm sorry.... I don't quite understand the question..."
"Count Shinon, Druids do not have a concept of territory..."
So what? They don't understand maps? Do they still think the Earth Rebus is flat? Frigging hippie elves
"Where there is a World Tree is considered their home..."
And the idea of looking for new things, never occured to them? Do they think the World Tree's are so great that that's all they want?
Maybe go look at other World Tree's than the one they're currently looking at? Maybe meet some other Elves? Just sayin.
Stop living in your moms basement, Elves!

Count Shinon "I'm sorry to hear that.
"No, don't worry about it."
"There are alot of things you don't know..."
"I'm sorry I can't be of much help."

"We'll take you back to the World Tree, Mona. You have nothing to worry about. You can stay here until then, right, my Lord?"

So while Mona thanks everyone for their kindness, she is secretly thinking about the usage of her Fantasy Nuke. Frigging elves.

Meanwhile, in a room much smaller than the last one.

Woah check out that bed! 6 people could sleep on that thing!

The safety word is "Pink Penguin"

But I need World of Warcraft. It's not an addiction. I can control it!
"Leave me alone..."
"Are you being kind to me so that I'll to talk to you? Don't underestimate me."

Ugh, I don't know about you, but I just hate converters. Listen, hearing voices is a sign of mental sickness. I know because my voices tell me! So there!

While sticking my fingers into my ears and screaming "La la la la", when someone is talking about god to me, is my favorite thing to do. I do realise it's frowned upon... Not that it stops me, ofcourse.

MUSIC: Misty's Confession

Turns out she really did have a sad backstory. Because ofcourse she did. Or maybe it's just a clever ruse to talk over Preacher McGodlover over there. Can't say I blame her.

Plot twist! The fantasy church is actually evil!


So creating Phantoms was not actually a natural ability of Kartia. But a result of research. Or atleast there was a time where people didn't create Phantoms.
As one can imagine religion usually frowns upon artificially creating life. However, whether Phantoms contain sentience or not remains to be seen.

Click. The door locks
Wow Duran, that's cold. What did you just give up because the god speech didn't workout? And you even turned off the lights too! That's just ice cold. Was it the same ice you used on Garum?(it's actually just the scene fading out.)

Elsewhere... again. Probaly Shinon Estate

Ugh, better not deal with the depressed woman. Out of sight, out of mind is what I say.

Do you ever wonder, where they got those over sized furniture? Is it a status thing? I don't get it

"She is hard to deal with..."
"She was betrayed by her own people. It must be tough..."
"My father said he would leave Misty to you guys."
"Should we hand her over to the Knights when they come back?"
"What do you think?"
"Let me think..."
"Let's wait for a while. I want to give her time to think."
"If Duran says so, I'm for it."

"She has not said anything. I'm sure she is hiding something."
"She's been through alot. She's probaly exhausted."
"You're awfully kind to her. She may be the real boss!"
"That's crazy! It's obvious that she's a good girl!"

Ele and Toxa starts fighting for a bit

"We have to decide how to protect the Druid..."
"That's easy! I will guard Mona!"
"What? I thought you were my security guard!"
I'd imagine that Toxa is the whole estate guard. If he were Ele's guard. It would probaly be to keep her inside the house, rather than repelling invaders. Maybe he is a little bit of both.
"Huh? Oh, and I'll protect Miss Ele, too..."
"You were going to protect me, right!? Forget it! I can take care of myself!"

I think Ele is upset that Toxa isn't her personal bodyguard anymore, as opposed to the feminist "I don't need a bodyguard, I'm a strong independant woman!" thing.
Or maybe it's because Toxa said it like she was an afterthought.

"Hey, take it easy! No need to get all upset!"

"Vigilance will be fine, right Duran?"
"Lacryma and Troy are there. They'll be fine..."
"I can already see Troy complaining..."
"That's Troy. He always has something to complain about."
"I didn't know there could be such an annoying guy..."
"Actually, he is not that bad once you get used to him..."
"I don't understand how can you enjoy trouble?"
"If you join Vigilance, you'll understand."

"Anyway, we'll stay here. I'm also concerned about Misty
"Thank you for staying. We should all get some rest."
Epilogue End

Next time on Kartia. I don't have a clue of whats going on, because I didn't play in advance! Expect Toxa though.

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