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Part 4: Toxa Episode 6 Chapter 3 - Seeking the path Pt.1

Toxa Episode 6 Chapter 3 Pt.1

It's almost like someone planned to sneak through an area they'd know would have less security than normal. Nah probaly a coincidence.

As we learned through Misty's and Duran's little scene last update, Phantoms is a recent invention and was priorly prohibited by the Shrines, to the point where they murdered Misty's parents
because they were doing Phantom research. The Shrines themselves still don't allow their members to create Phantoms, but has since been allowed. Still 10 years is a rather short time to get over the former taboo.
And I imagine there aren't many teachers about, just teaching thieves how to create semi sentient life. So it certainly is a question worth thinking about.

I appreciate it when writers attempt to write clever characters, but when they make them ask, why someone didn't steal a TREE, then that just kind of makes the whole thing silly.
Alana you need to drink more coffee. And before you say "It might be the size of a bonsai", let me just tell you right now that no, World Trees are not small bonsai trees. They're regularly sized.

Quite a leap in time, this time around. Last chapter were Episode 3

Honestly, this chapter feels a little bit like filler. I mean, I know that it isn't. It just feels that way.

Hold on, we aren't at the Shinon Mansion. We're at the gardens with the Shinon World Tree. Come on game.
Also, that is the World Tree that Mona is sitting infront. Count Shinon figured Mona might aswell make herself useful while she is sticking around.
And taking care of World Trees is exactly what they do. What that entails is appearently sitting down and doing nothing. Friggin' elves

Just to be clear, a indeterminable amount of time has passed since last update. I'd imagine a week or two at most.
Toxa and Ele, being excruciatingly bored, decide to check up on Mona.

"Why don't you join us for breakfast?"
"We have a variety of fruits. Pick what you want."

Ele puts the Kartia away and produces a new one.

Ele puts the Kartia away and produces a new one. Again

Ele puts the Kartia away and shuffles through her Kartias.

"Why am I only getting tangerines!?"
"Don't ask me..."
"Ummm... Tangerines are fine with me."
"Oh, ok... Then I'll create it."

Immediate logic would dictate, that the Kartia casting color should be green, because plants are green. But green Kartia is actually wind aligned.
Blue, which is water, makes as much sense as Earth would. Unfortunately this game doesnt feature combined elements.
(Even though Alana cast green Kartia when she created Duran's barley tea. But a better question is, why do I take note of which color each characters food is?)

Okey, that is clearly an oversized lemon.

"Thank you very much. This is a very big tangerine."
"I was being generous."

I don't really understand why people cannot acknowledge that sometimes, they're just not good at things they do, and through practice and effort they become better at things.
Like this LP!

"But it's true Miss Ele. You always create sour tangerines."
"Fine, then why don't you create it, Toxa?"
Yes, let's challenge the guy who can create possibly sentient life, to a contest in Kartia skill. I'm sure that won't be eggs on your face Ele.
"It's quite alright. I like sour ones."
"You don't have to be nice to her. There's is plenty of food."
Well, there is plenty of tangerines atleast. I wonder if there is a roastbeef sandwich Kartia.

"You picked the wild ones? You have to climb high mountains in order to get those"
"Is that so?"
"Don't look so disappointed. I'll pick some for you next time.

"We Druids use less Kartia for everyday life"
"The great World Tree... She began watching over us since the beginning of time. When this tree disappears"
The "great World Tree", seems to be the grandmother of all the World Trees. The original World Tree. Atleast that's what would make the most sense, in a world with multiple world trees
"That's when all the strings of hope will be cut... A legend of the Druids, right? I remember learning it in history class."
"That means there is a limited amount and we can't overuse it."
Ugh, not one more of those "The world has limited resources" speech the 90'ies are so fond of. But no, that is not exactly what it means Toxa.
If you were to chop down all the World Trees and make Kartia out of them. Then you'd simply never be able to use World Tree Kartia ever again once you've ran out.
I mean sure, daily life would be harder. Much harder. But it's not "strings of all hope will be cut" despair. The legend is refering to something else I suspect.
Besides humans would never give up World Tree power. Luckily for you, you can appearently just grow them in your backyard.
But hey, legends are just myths anyways. They never come true. So let's just forget this druid legend business and go back to eating our sour tangerines.

"But there is also Kartia made from Mithril or Silk now..."
Economics 101. Don't use an expensive resource to create a cheaper resource in the same quantity. IE Don't use frigging Silk Kartia to create tangerines!
Someone do the math to exactly how many tangerines you would need to create from a single Silk Kartia (Assuming it's a 1 Text spell anyways.) to make it worth it.
And let's not get into the whole "Couldn't you just create more silk/mithril Kartias with your Kartias?". The answer is either yes, you could create Kartia, but only in the quantities you use to make them.
Or no, because otherwise why would you raise World Trees when you could just create those Kartias with Kartia?

"Yes, but even Mithril and Silk have limitations"
"That's like hundreds of years from now, so why should we care?"
"If you really take care of the World Tree, it won't disappear... I must protect it so it will last forever."

Yeah Mona, You're such a hypocrite. Gawd.

"Miss Ele, what is your problem!?"
Oh no! it's just like high school all over again. I'm going into shellshock.
"I'm just telling the truth. What is wrong with that?"
Bullies. Stupid teachers. Homework. Jocks. Icky girls. More Homework. Exam anxiety.
"You don't have to fight because of me..."
"Yes, but Miss Ele is... She is so mean to you."
"Don't worry... I believe Miss Ele will understand someday..."
"Wow, you're very mature. The exact opposite of Toxa!"

Ele leaves and Toxa is staying behind in thought. Ele returns alarmed about something and quickly all 3 of them rushes out


Misty died of dehydration on top of the enormeous bed. Duran feeling guilty about not taking care of her, didn't move her body.
The stench became a problem and he opened the window to let the fresh air it. It's the only explanation that makes sense.

Misty thinks of 4 people here. Curiously we only know 3 of them. Who could the baldy be? Probaly henchman #8476A Delta who tried asking her out.

("It must be a mistake or Garum is lying...")
"Lying here in bed is getting me nowhere... I have to get out of here and contact Akueldo".
Before Misty can start her tactical stealth mission, someone knocks on the window.
"Who is it?"
Clone Thief #7302 Spy "Misty..? I have a message from Akueldo..."
("A spy sent by Cross... I bet he wants Mona back...")
"How did you get here?"
Turns out "sneaking in" is just walking around like you belong there. Pretty easy really.
Spy "That's my job. I need to know how much manpower they have at this estate..."
"Before I answer that question, I need to know one thing... Tell me what you know about the plot against me.
Someone in Akueldo wants me dead..."
Spy "That's just a rumor..."
"You know something, don't you? You have to tell me!"
Spy "Since we're in a similar position, I shall tell you... Do not go back to Akueldo..."
Makes me wonder what kind of position the Spy is in. And whether the Spy would be a more interesting story than Misty's.
Spy "A price will soon be placed on your head... Go to Vesta or somewhere else, if you can."
"Who's behind this?"
Spy "I can't tell you that... I don't want to cause any trouble"
"Fine... Then I'll do what I want..."

Duran and Alana rush into the room

"Why are you telling me this?"
"I'm opening my heart... Is that suffecient enough?"
"Can you prove what you're saying is not a trap?"
"No, I can't prove anything, but..."
"Duran, let's check out her story... We're expecting the enemy anyway. If Mona is safe, then that's great."
"Right! It would be best to do that, rather than worry."
"Misty, will you join the fight? I don't care what your intentions were, but we need more people to protect Mona."
Hahahaha No you don't Alana, You have a sword that explodes people.
"I am a Rebel... I mean a thief..."
"I always give people the benefit of a doubt."

Fade out to black

Next time. What was Ele so alarmed about? Is Mona really in danger? I'm pretty sure it's all just some kids who TP'ed the Shinon mansion and now Toxa has to go clean up.

Since updates were getting a bit long, and probaly were gonna be longer still I've decided to cut the updates into shorter bites. Hopefully this means I'm gonna be able to update regularly on my not-vacation days.
Also I'll put up the music links later.