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Part 8: Lacryma Episode 2 Chapter 1 - Meeting Pt.1

So last time, we were planning to go fight some thieves or whatever. But you know? I feel like we're missing something.
So let's go back in time. Back before I crushed several phantoms and a pair of thieves into the ground with several large area earth Kartia spells.
Back before Garum got nuked several times by a mysterious CROSS dresser.
Way way back before Misty started sulking and Alana exploding several victims with her sword.
In fact, I'd say we have to go further back than the start of Chapter 1 of Toxa's story.

It's prequel Lacryma time!.

Lacryma Episode 2 Attack of the Clones Chapter 1

Figures of course that the religious protagonist's surname has CHRIST in it.
Anyways we've already seen the opening and the text crawl so I'll just spare you that.
I still had to suffer through it though. I'm kind of getting vindictive about that.

Yep, it's still 1034. Such a classic year.

Except... This is new. Hmm. Nordia is, if you remember, the country where there will be a rebellion later on.

This actually takes place before the intro in Toxa's story.

As evidenced here.

"Is everything ready for Mona?"
"The Cardinal will tell you what to do."
"Meaning, once we're out of Pentagram, we're on our own."
"You have to understand what kind of situation he is in."
"We don't know when he will switch sides."
"However it's not wise to turn on him yet."
"We're using him as long as he is of value?"
"That's correct."

Okey, so we have Idorus, Nordia and... Cross Land... Really? That just sounds kind of half assed to me. Like this LP!

"We can't move our soldiers"
"Don't tell me you're going to use the thieves instead!"
"The Knights of the Allied Forces are heading toward Nordia. While security is low, the thieves will be fine."
"Mona is the key to Eden. Her security is of the top priority."
"If you're still worried, then I'll assign one of my own."

If Mona's security was so darn important, then why did you only assign Misty to the job? It's not like Asty was doing anything at Akueldo base camp.

"No... I will assign Misty. Prepare yourself, Misty"
"Yes, sir..."

Misty leaves.

Sheesh, she still had that elipsis thing before getting betrayed by her sister. I'm kind of understanding why Asty is trying to kill her now.

"Misty knows how to deal with the thieves. I want you to go to Idorus and meet up with Cross."
"...Yes, my Lord."

Asty leaves.

"I thought you were raising them on behalf of your daughter."
"Don't be ridiculous... I'm going to have her retire."
"The rumor of the disease is true?"
"She won't tell anyone, but I know..."
"Do you remember the day you adopted them?"
"How could I forget that day?"
"It's been more than 10 years. Yet, I can recall that day."
"I feel the same way."

So there you have it. Vandor adopted Asty and Misty after their parents got murdered by the church.
Asty is appearently sick, which is why Vandor assigned the task of transporting Mona to Misty.
Asty percieves this as him loving her less than Misty. And this sets off the chain of events regarding Misty.
All based on a misunderstanding. Quite a bit of exposition so far. But wait, theres more.

"The results will come soon as long as we work together."
"The Eden Project is just a matter of time."

So Raguruzet is the mastermind behind creating Eden, and Vandor wants the Original "Human" Kartia.
I'll leave Eden on the back burner for a bit. But appearently there is an Original "Human" Kartia. That's a huge deal.
Original Kartias are super mega huge deals. Mona is currently carrying around the Original "Nothingness" Kartia.

Elves refer to Original Kartia's as Forbidden Kartia's. I'm sure there is no reason for that AT all.
Just to give an example of scale, the "Nothingness" Kartia is supposed to be able to wipe out all of existance.
So it's very possible that the "Human" Kartia can actually create a Human.

Raguruzet wizard-pours himself a drink

What I gather from this, is that there were a time, when people could only use World Tree Kartia. Since World Tree is expensive as all hell, only the privileged could have access to it.
If they could even use it. Raguruzet and Vandor is responsible for Kartia becoming more accessible, easier and cheaper to use. Sounds alot like industrialization to me.

Raguruzet pours himself another drink. Almost as if to make a point.

They also expanded upon the knowledge of Kartia, with the invention of Kartia. Of course we already know how religion takes to development and science.
Especially when it comes at a cost of the churches power.

Raguruzet creates another drink, to celebrate himself.

So can we really proclaim to be the good guys? We are fighting against the pioneers of Kartia.
People, who are without a doubt making the world a better place? Well, let's not forget it's also the same people
who kidnaps people and attacks villages in the name of . So yeah, we still have the moral high ground.

Unknown Kartia? Not really sure, what is being refered to here though. It also seems like Vandor didn't get into this business with
the best interest of people in mind.

"What are you talking about, Vandor? Don't you see what we have accomplished? The result is obvious!"
"Mithril and Silk have freed us from depending on the World Tree. Rebus is entering a new era!"
"It's too early to be happy. Pentagram will send Inquirers to kill us. The war will begin with then."
"Inquirers. The most powerful hunters in Rebus. But that's why you're here."
"You can count on me."
"I've done all I can for now. All I can do is pray!"
"But you're an atheist."

"I'll set up the oppertunity for you to reunite with your daughter. That's my gift to you."
Raguruzet leaves
"I never asked for that..."

Right, so that's quite the exposition dump. We've learned quite a few things.
But anyways I'm expecting to be making shorter updates, because I'm not gonna spend 8-9 hours of my time in a row, transcribing text.
Doesn't mean I'm gonna update more often though. I really should be linking the music, but I'm just soooooooooo lazy. Besides it's not anything new.
So just pretend it's "Feel Uneasy" or "Ominous".

To be continued...