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Part 10: Lacryma Episode 2 Chapter 1 - Meeting Pt.3

Last time, Kun was on his way to Vigilance Headquarters.
He met Posha along the way and discovered the local pub to be under attack from Phantoms.
Kun decided it was an excellent opportunity to showboat his sick triple 360 noscope 420 blazeswag skills.
Posha... Just kinda tagged along.

Lacryma Episode 2 Chapter 1 pt.3

"But they're dangerous... We should wait for back up."
"I'm pretty good with a sword. How strong could Phantoms be?"
Not very.
"Umm... Is this your first time fighting Phantoms?"
"it's my first time seeing one. They're not allowed in my country."

I hit the button a bit too fast here, but it's just standard tutorial stuff.

The cavalry is here! Still, we don't particularly need Lacryma and Troy for this. It's.. kind of really easy.

I just wanted to show off Troy, being less than gracious. Because Troy is a bully, and bullies get bullied.

"Thank God, you're here..."
"Are you from Vigilance?"
"Yes, but who are you?"
"I'm the new recruit Kun. I'll help you with these Phantoms."
"Thanks, it will be helpful."

If only because I need more people to help me loot everything.

"Ok, Ok..."

Yes, that's right. Only 6 Miles Phantoms. In comparison to Toxa's 9 enemy Phantoms and Misty.
So it wouldn't be all that unfeasable for Kun to do this alone. Well maybe except for a few things, that makes him different from Toxa.

"Who, me?"
"Of course! Doll is stronger than Shadow. Common is stronger than Doll. How can we win with only Common Miles"

Troy kind of explains how the Phantoms interact with each other kind of awkwardly here. Alana did a much better job.
Well speaking of Alana she does many things better than a lot of characters.

Yeah, guess what? Kun is from a country where Phantoms are forbidden, so he can obviously not create Phantoms.
Not that Troy'd know that.

Troy stands frozen in disbelief for a moment

"Oh, man..."
"What should I do?"
"Don't get killed. Phantoms can be replaced, but humans are different."


So this is our party for a while. It's quite different from Toxa's party.
First of all we only have 1 person who can create Phantoms.
Lacryma can't because she is a Shrine Warrior.
Kun can't because he is grew up in a country where Phantoms are forbidden.
Posha is... Posha
So that only leaves Troy.

Also note how Troy and Posha is wielding frigging spears. Posha has the excuse of being Posha, but
come on Troy, you have no reason to pick a shitty weapon like that.

Anyways, that's not the only difference between Toxa's and Lacryma's party.

First up is Kun. He is Lacryma's Duran. Solid C rank equips. He comes with shitty armor,
and an even worse hat. Seriously. who the fuck travels around in fucking armor made of WOOD and a straw hat.
There needs to be fan art of this.

Anyways his most crippling flaw right now is his 1! <-------- Kartia stat. 1.
Just... Wow Kun, do you even know what a book is? Can you even read? He has the lowest Kartia stat in the game.
When you have stats worse than Posha, you seriously need to reevaluate your worth as a person. That's pretty damning. But unfortunately he isn't the worst unit on our team.

Well I can't handle all the bad news all at once. So let's see the great and idolized Lacryma. Protagonist and leader of this group.

Compare Lacryma to Alana. There is just no contest, Alana is the better unit, with C rank weapons and D rank armor.
and a Kartia stat of 4. And she can create Phantoms. What the shit does Lacryma got on Alana? She can't even fucking wield the Fire Arm. Greatest warrior of Vigilance my donkey butt.

(To be fair she has excellent magic defence, which is harder to raise and Kartia is the most dangerous thing out there for quite a while.)

I don't really need to say anything here do I? Posha has the worst of everyone. 12 overall magic defence.
The lowest equip rank possible. She only wins over Kun in Kartia stat, and that's only by 1. And only because Kun's Kartia stat is literally the worst out of everyone we've seen.

E rank weapons and D rank armor. No one cares about equipment anyways, It's all about the cards man.
And Troy is the Magic The Gathering master we all know him to be. 4 Kartia stat and our Phantom creator.
I honestly don't have anything else to say about Troy.

Anyways this map is only 6 Miles Phantoms and there are no enemy reinforcements or anything to spice the map up.
So here is all the interesting loot.

Oh look the sword that Toxa started with... thanks game.

This is the "Stone" Text, good to have you back buddy.

The party kills the 6 Miles Phantoms.

"Check to see there aren't any of them left."
"I think we got them all."
"This side is clear."
"You two, don't allow the spectators to watch. Troy, take a look at this. I've found something."
"She sure knows how to be a leader."
"She's tough. You'd better watch out."

This mission is SO easy, I didn't even lose any Phantoms and I use them rather recklessly.

I can't remember what the Text is, and I can't be bothered to look it up.
The Miles Boots are like the Behead Armor. It gives a rather hefty defense boost and increased experience gain.

Appearently Kartia isn't completely... Consumed? Upon usage. Sort of like an bom--- Oh no. CSI: Kartia.
I don't actually watch CSI, so I don't know any CSI jokes. I'm sorry.

"I'll do whatever it takes. I won't forgive who did this."
"We kept damage to a minimum. We did great."
"Can you fix the shop before Alana comes bacK?"
"Do I look like a carpenter?"

"All the people are safe."
"That's great."
"Thank you Posha. You did great."
"Don't spoil her, Lacryma. Anyone can usher people to safety."
"You're right..."

"Shut up! You don't know anything."
"Stop it, Troy! What is your problem?"
"Relax. A little drink will make me happy."
"Don't be offended Kn. He's always like that."
"No problem..."

No, be offended! Punch that jerks teeth out and break his knee caps. Jerks shouldn't be allowed to be asshats, just because they're always asshats.

"I'm the Encrypter Troy. I know everything about Kartia. And this beautiful lady here is Lacryma."
"She was anointed as a Shrine Warrior when she was 18!"
"She's also the daughter or Kainas."
"Troy, stop..."
"Kainas? That's the same name as this town..."
"He was the greatest Shrine Warrior. He's legendary."
"I would love to meet him someday."
"My father died when I was little..."
"I'm sorry..."

A Kyau is running around.

"I think you already know Posha. I hope you two get along."
"Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too."
"Did you know Rimzan is also the head of the Knights?"
"I didn't know... But now I know why he told me to come here."
"There are two other members. One is a tomboy and the other is a square headed warrior. They will be back this week."
"Tomboy and a square headed warrior?"
"I'm not going to help you when they find out..."
"How will they know? Anyway, let's get going."
"Where to?"
"The people are throwing a thank you party for us."

Troy scares the Kyau away.

"What about you?"
"There's something I want to check on."
"Let me help."
"Thanks, but I can handle this."
"She's addicted to work. Leave her alone."
"Don't worry about me. Have fun."
"I feel bad going to the party like this."
"You shouldn't. Besides, you're the hero."
"Should I bring something back for you?"
"I'm fine. Thanks anyway."
"Don't work too hard, Lacryma."
"I'll be fine. Enjoy the party."

So after Lacryma has told everyone she is fine for the fifth time, and oh god, you guys, just fuck off already. She looks at the half burned Kartia.

The Kyau from earlier approaches Lacryma.

And so Lacryma, unable to deal with the stress of being a JRPG protagonist, became a crazy Kyau lady.

Shit, Kun. You show up in fucking Wood Armor and a Straw Hat, and expect to be annointed a Knight?
Good luck finding a job dude.

So I'm going to assume that people use Kyau strings to create Silk Kartia. But you need Silk Kartia to create Kyau and... So.. But how did... Which came first? The Kyau or the Silk Kartia?

Err... Kun, there were 6 Phantoms.. Multiple. And the Phantoms weren't even close to being a danger.

Lacryma Episode 2 Chapter 1. END.