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Part 11: Lacryma Episode 4 Chapter 2 - Truth and lies pt.1

Lacryma Episode 4 Chapter 2 pt.1

Last time on CSI: Kartia, we were introduced to Kun's debilitating alcoholism, which lead to a bar fight with some wild phantoms.
After the rambunctious throw down, Lacryma stumbled upon evidence that suggests the phantoms were not wild at all. And in fact might have been
terrorism. After this startling revelation, they threw a party to celebrate just how radicool they were. Except for Lacryma, who is a huge nerd, who'd rather
study than party. Man what a nerd.*

*Atleast half of this is a creative retelling of the events that really happened.

We join Lacryma as she is examining the Kartia remains she found in after the pub fight.

The village of Kainas is actually a border village between Crosslands and Idorus.
Comparatively Shinon Estate is more or less directly north of Kainas, but both are part of the same country.
I guess by this comment we are currently in Crosslands.

I'll just take it at Lacryma's word that the portrait portrays the visage of her father.

Due to how Vigilance does salary, not many people, rich or poor would find it a viable career choice.

I guess what Troy is saying is that, you just tell people what they want to hear and look out for youself? Maybe?

I don't know what they told Troy about the new guy joining. But appearently he had gotten his hopes up, only to be let down.
Anyways that's the story reason as to why Kun only has 1 Kartia stat.

Silly Troy. Vigilance doesn't pay. At all.

Vigilance HQ.

We join in medias res. Kun probaly asked what the hell it is Vigilance actually does. And it sounds like it's a bit of a multi talent agency.

"So we do everything."
"When something breaks, we fix it. We're a free public service."
"That's great!"
"Are you stupid?"
"Everytime we do something, we lose money. That's how it works. You can't expect to get paid."
"Then why did you join Vigilance?"
"For the Kartia license, kid. That's all."
"Nanomachines!? Kartia license?"
"You need to be qualified to use powerful Kartia. Since I have an Encrypter license, I can create Phantoms."
"I see... But why do you need to be a member?"
"The license I want requires me to work for Vigilance of the Knights. That's why I'm stuck here."
"I see... All this time, I thought that you were a good person."
Posha, did you even pay any attention when Troy has ever spoken to you? Or were you too busy thinking about how awful you are? I'm starting to think you deserve the treatment Troy is giving you. Almost.

Anyways This means that Toxa also has an Encrypter license, given how he can create Phantoms and has a compareable Kartia stat of 3 to Troy's 4. And to clarify you don't have to work for Vigilance or the Knights in order to have an Encrypter license. What Troy want is an even higher license, and that is what requires him to work for Vigilance. So Troy is striving for personal power. What he wants to do with that power remains to be seen.

Not sure what Kun lied about to make Troy prompt this. Maybe he told Vigilance about this once time he cast the sickest spell on a dragon and it like, totally combustsplotioned into sunglasses and skateboards. True story man.
Troy was a true Kun fan, writing fanfiction and going by the nick xXxCunxXx on the pubs bulletin board. That is until he actually met Kun and got disappointed. Never meet your heroes kids.

"So... Anyway, Vigilance is basically charity."
"That's a bad follow up. Will you stop?"
And so Posha channels her inner Misty.

"Anyway... There's not much I can do, since I'm only good with a sword."
"There's other things we do. Such as holding prisoners, killing wild Phantoms, and such."
So wild phantoms are actually a common problem and not a sign of fantasy Ragnarok.

"Like yesterday's incident?"
"Since the Knights are up north, we have to take over."
"The Cross Land Knights are up north?"
"A rebellion occured in Nordia. It's serious."
"The Knights are there to take care of them?"
"The Rebels started to affect our country as well."

So both Idorus and Cross Land Knights are being moved to Nordia to fight the rebellion.

"So we don't have to worry about any Rebels in town?"
"For the enemy, this is the best time to attack us."
"It's time for us to work."
"It will be busy."

Speaking about getting busy, there's already another incident to solve it appears. Though I find it odd that a town both has a police force AND Vigilance.

"I'm Troy... Why do you ask?"
Encrypter Police. "We are here to arrest you on suspicion of theft. You have the right to remain silent..."

Oh. Well shit. Like him or not Troy is my best caster. Don't take that away from me game. I NEED Troy for the next mission

This little part happens after Toxa chapter 2. Not that it's important, but I thought you'd wanna know.

Aw shit yeah, let's get our CSI on. Hold on, let me grab my leather jacket and aviator sunglasses.

Kainas Encrypter School. 15:47

Encrypter Police "The professor doesn't remember asking you anything."
"He's saying that to save his own butt."

Prosecutor Lacryma and her assistant Kun, shows up on the scene.

Encrypter Police "I can't tell you. As of now, only the thief and I know what was stolen."
"When was it stolen?"
Encrypter Police "I saw it yesterday. But it was missing this morning. It was between yesterday and today."
"Troy was the only one who entered during that time?"
Encrypter Police "There are two Encrypters on guard everyday. Those two witnessed everything."

It looks pretty damning and Troy is in some real deep shit.

Thankfully Lacryma did her examination properly and has a hidden ace in the hole.

"Troy, did you really do it?"
"Shut up, stupid!"
Encrypter Police "We have no intention of releasing this to the public. Lacryma, can you take care of this business in private?"
"What do you have in mind?"
Encrypter Police "If he returns the thing he stole, we will not prosecute him. We will allow you to judge him."

Encrypter Police "Troy will only lose his license. That's all."
"May I ask the two Encrypters questions?"



Hmm, there is something about this guy that seems familiar...

Well we already know who this guy is. But for those of you with bad memory, well you'll just have to go back and read the LP again. Hint: The name he has given us here is very close to his real name. Worst spy ever.

Krause "Here, of course..."

==> Present Pub Owners Testimony.

MUSIC:Lying Coldly

"Don't lie to me. I already have witnesses who saw you there."
Krause "I did go to the pub to see what was going on... But he was here while I was gone.[/b]
"Then he can be in the library while you're gone."
Zakuro "Wait a minute. Am I a suspect?"

Back down? => Present evidence

=> Present Burned Kartia

Encrypter Police "A Kartia?"
"This Kartia is used to create Phantoms. Only certain people are able to use this Kartia."
Encrypter Police "I understand. But what does this have to do with the theft?"

Back down? => Present evidence

=> Present Inn Visitor's Log

"This Kartia was issued by the kingdom of Idorus. I checked the visitor's log and found that one person from Idorus has been here."
Zakuro "I was sent here by the Idorus Encrypter School. What does that have to do with anything?"
"So, he can set up the Phantoms and go to the school. Once everything started, one will stay while the other stole the thing."
Encrypter Police "Is this true?"
Zakuro "No way!"
"Sir, he's the thief!"

Zakuro "Where's the proof that I stole the Text!?"

"Oops, you're busted!"
Zakuro "What!?"

Back down? => Present evidence

=> Present Encrypter Police's Statement

"So, the thing that was stolen was Text?"
Encrypter Police "How did you know? You must be the one!"

Verdict: GUILTY!
You can stop the Phoenix Wright music now

Zakuro attacks the Encrypter Police

Let's make a Zakuro portrait! NOPE

Zakuro escapes

"Too bad we can't use a Fire Kartia."
"Why not?"
"Think Kun, think! It will burn all the other Text!"

But casting foundation shattering Earth Kartia is totally okey, aswell as flooding the room with Water Kartia.
Or shooting lightning bolts with Wind Kartia. Thankfully even though Troy says Fire can destroy the Text, it actually has no consequence on the map. But since that's a headache and a half on it's own I'll postpone it to next update.

To be concluded...

And now to spend the rest of my vacation playing Phoenix Wright games...