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Part 12: Lacryma Episode 4 Chapter 2 - Truth and lies pt.2

Last time, Troy got accused of stealing something.
After thorough investigation and examination which the game conveniently cut out, because
no one likes those science scenes from CSI. Lacryma proved that it simply couldn't have been Troy.
Upon cross-examining the only witnesses to the crime, it turns out one of the witnesses were the real culprit!
Not really a startling revelation since that was the process of elimination. But the real reveal was that
the thief had stolen Text.

Lacryma Episode 4 Chapter 2 pt.2

Right so last time Troy mentioned something about not using Fire Kartia.
But he DIDN'T say I couldn't use a certain exploding sword.
Unfortunately I forgot to get that so we'll just use Fire Kartia anyways, because
the game doesn't have any defeat conditions other than human death.

Immediatedly to our right, we have a bunch of Miles, and a Kyau.

Directly north of the Miles, we have 4 Beheads and a Kyau. And this motherfucking Kyau is the bane of
my existance. You see. This motherfucker will destroy those chests. The first one will always be destroyed on the first enemy turn and there is absolutely squat you can do about it.

The second one is an entirely different story though.
Getting that chest is a pretty tight operation and full of RNG you don't have control over.
But you can game the AI a bit in your favor.

Lastly we have Zakuro himself and 2 more Miles. We could wuss out and just murder Zakuro on our second turn, but that's very bad idea.

And this is the distance. The earliest we can get to that second chest, is our second turn. But we require a rather specific setup for this.

To make it to the chest we NEED to have a Kyau. It's simply impossible without it.
But even a standard Kyau is not good enough for our purposes. We have to modify it.
Unfortunately I cannot recolor it red. But I can change it's Text to include 'Fast'.
This will increases it's movement by 1.

Alright so now we can physically make it. In theory.
The Beheads can one-shot the Kyau. But that's only if it hits.
A Kyau has a base 50 speed. That's -50% chance to hit right there.
But we can give them a little better boost.
The 'Sharp' Text adds another 5 speed to the Kyau.
With the text we have so far, that's all we can do for now.

I create 3 Kyau's. I need only one of them to reach the chest, but more Kyau's give me more breathing room.
I then move my guys as close as I can. Troy and Lacryma needs to be the closest, because even with our modified Kyau's I still have to do some Kartia shenanigans.

These chests just contains 'Iron' and other such Text we already have on Toxa's run. So nothing new and exciting.

I position my Kyau's like this. The one furthest north, is the most important. If this one doesn't survive? Reload the game. You don't make it to the second chest in time.

While I was doing this secret, I needed to find a good area spell. I didn't have access to Wide Quake yet.
But I did come across a hidden spell. And it's like it was made for this.

Quick Quake is actually a 3 combination Kartia. First the basic Earth Text. Then you add Fast and Goblin. Those 3 specific Text's in combination produces Quick Quake.

Quick Quake does extra damage to Dolls. But that's not why it's good for this. It has a larger area of effect and can be cast from a longer range.

By adding 'Strong' We get a +2 modifier to the spell instead of just +1 if we had added any other Text.

Troy. Take it away.

As you can see, since Zakuro didn't flinch, the spell missed him. That's a bad sign.

Since Zakuro was at full health, there were two things he could have done. He could move somewhere and summon another Phantom. Or he can move in for an attack.
The Kyau's 55 speed didn't help them and this one get's one-shot. But that's fine, it's only a distraction.

Meanwhile, this butt donkey, destroyed the first chest. Unfortunately, but nothing anyone can do about it, short of hacking the game.
Which someone did. They found nothing in the chest. Womp Womp.

Anyways, since the Quick Quake had hit the Beheads, they couldn't instantly kill the Kyaus. Still I'd have liked for the Kyau to atleast have dodged some attacks. Considering the enemies have around 40% chance to hit.
That's the second distraction down. The other two Beheads, won't move as they're just roadblocks.

The last two Miles, move in and kill the last Kyau. 100% hit on 3 units that have roughly 40% hit chance. I'm glad I don't play Fire Emblem.
Alright, reset and let's do this a little different.

My Second Try.

Last time, only Troy was in range to hit with his spells. This time Lacryma, will be able to pitch in.

And Troy is that bit closer to get the optimal hit with Wide Quake. It hit's 2 of the Beheads and Zakuro. But one is still at 100%.

Lacryma pitches in with Gale+1. A visually unimpressive spell so you'll only get a screen shot.

This time, the spell hits, both Zakuro and the untouched, Behead.

Zakuro fucks off and creates a Miles. I expect him to heal himself, but whatever. I'm just glad he didn't kill a Kyau.

This time, the Kyau dodges and takes no damage. It's now 100% safe as it can only be attacked from one more direction and the Miles, cannot one shot it.

I do lose a Kyau, but we are pretty much safe. There can only go 1 more thing wrong and then you have to be astronomically unlucky...
Better save.

Oh and Kun is down here or whatever. The Miles cannot hurt him except when they're 100% and wields a sword. So he is pretty safe too.

My second turn.

Our first obstacle to my goddamn treasure overcome, it's time to face the last obstacle. The Behead Barrier.
Our plan is pretty simple. Nuke the hell out of it.

With the barrier broken, we have free access to the chest now. So whats in it?
Feast your eyes on this!

Really? Whelp what a waste of-

Oh wait, there's more? Well this isn't such a bad rewa-


Just forget we don't have have any World Tree Text. Shhhhhh

To take it in context. When we completel a mission we'll get around 40 silk kartia 12-20 Mithril and 1-3 World Tree Kartia.
The secret alone is worth doing just for the World Tree Kartia.

And then I blew up Zakuro, because fuck killing everything. I've already got what I came for.

"You've broken the law. You will be judged accordingly."
Zakuro "You're going to regret this."
"You're the one who's going to feel regret."
"I will hand him over to the chairman. You two can go back."

And so Troy avoided getting arrested. And the true culprit was found. The hideously ugly Zakuro.
If nothing else he should be removed from the public eye. If that isn't a public service then I don't know what is.

"Hi, Lacryma."
"Did he confess anything?"
"Nothing. He's in jail until the Knights return."

Lacryma moves away with the Kyau, to play with it. The thing that is according to her religion a hideous abomination.

"Punishable by death."
Troy produces a mug.
"He will be executed."
"That's too harsh for theft."
"You don't know the value of Kartia... How pathetic."

You mean how the local Encrypter school had a chest full of Kartia? Must be Reeeeeeaaaaal valuable Troy.

"I just made a guess. Troy is very cautious about these things."
"If Troy did steal it, what would you have done?"
"I would have killed him on sight. Good night everyone.

Stone cold, lady. That's just stone cold. Atleast we didn't have to go through the anime stereotype of a character
doing something completely out of character and everyone treats that person like a criminal. It's pretty rare to see in games that characters aren't completely stupid. I appreciate it.

It's not entirely clear when Lacryma jokes about things. But maybe Lacryma is just socially awkward?
"She's different..."
"I told you. She's a genius."

Hmm sounds like Troy knows something. Time for a flashback, back when flashbacks weren't in sepia tone.

"Can I ask you something?"
"What is it?"
"Can you swear to me that you're innocent?"
"You're the one who proved me innocent."
"I want to hear it from your own mouth."
"I will tell you something. Sometimes I say stupid things... But I never lied to you."
"Alright... I wanted to make sure. Thanks Troy."

"Lacryma is qualified to create Phantoms, but she doesn't. Why?"
"She's a Shrine Warrior."
"That's what Posha said. But I don't understand."
"Let me educate you. Pentagram forbids Shrine Warriors to create living beings by using Kartia."
"I see..."
"Living beings created by Kartia are considered heathen. But they're the guardian of the World Tree. That's why they have the license."

That is, the Shrine Warriors are the guardians, not the Phantoms.

"That doesn't make sense... You have the power, but you can't use it."
"That's what religion is... Lacryma is very religious. Even in extreme danger, I doubt she will use her power."
"Is that how you talk about the person who saved you?"
"She saved me because of my license. Vigilance needs me."
"I don't agree with you."
"That's right! Lacryma is not like that! She's a very kind person."
"That's just the way I feel. I don't care if you agree or not."
"Then I won't agree."
"Neither will I."

"Use your brain, don't waste the card. Vigilance's costs are covered by the Pentagram."
"What do you mean? Why are you saying that?"

What the fucking hell Posha. It sounds like you're about to quit life, not Vigilance.

Anyways on that note that's the end of Chapter 2, Next time things will pick up and we'll see someone important in a place they probably shouldn't be.

Lacryma Episode 4 Chapter 2 END