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Part 13: Lacryma Episode 5 Chapter 3 - Protector of the law pt.1

Lacryma Episode 5 Chapter 3 pt.1

Holy shit, a jail in a school? Better turn in that homework, son or it's 3 days in isolation.

So Zakuro ended up getting arrested and jailed. Which is literally better than fighting our party.
I mean on one hand you can fight a hellish horde of nightmare beasts, avoiding exploding swords and
arcane magick's so vile it turns the earth against you.

Or you can just stay in your prison cell.

So apparently "Krause" didn't get arrested. Because conspiracy charges haven't been invented yet.

Get ready for a load of screenshots, because I'm still refusing to make a portrait of Zakuro.

Not really sure why Zakuro objects here. Cross havn't exactly told him to do anything yet.
Unless he suspects Akueldo wants him dead and Cross is the assassin. I don't know it just doesn't flow very well.

Now that I think about it. Why did Cross even bother to rescue Zakuro?
I mean he was caught, beaten and lost the Text he stole. Not exactly a stellar example of performance.
It's pretty clear he doesn't know anything important.

What. Not only do you rehire the guy who failed to steal the Text you want. But you hire him specifically to steal the Text he lost.

You know, tempting someone with something, you'd have to give them the impression that they can realistically obtain what you're tempting with.
But I guess it works on Zakuro, because his intelligence is equal to Kun's Kartia stat.

Except your life. Well I guess he still have to deal with the punishment he got from stealing Text and that is pretty severe.
So I guess there is some realistic reason Zakuro joins Cross.

... Wait did I just try to apply realism to this game? It has AN EXPLODING SWORD. Well it's not the only stupid thing in this update. You'll see.

He is stupid and incompetent, that's why I trust him

Monologue time

I feel like there might be a politics joke in here somewhere. But I really cannot find it within myself to care about politics.
Thanks Obama, for making my LP harder to write.

Did I do it right?

Vigilance HQ. Like you didn't already know.

It occurs to me that either chairs don't exist in Rebus, or Vigilance has a terrible working environment.

*Awkard Pause*

"Do you need to talk to me?"
"Well, yes... Do you have some time?"

Troy and Posha are literally so bored they're jumping at the chance of catching some juicy gossip.
Legend of Kartia isn't all, world destroying magic and slaughter.

No, it's called personal space Troy. Don't tell me you're one of those kind of people who stands 0.5mm behind you in a line. It's people like that, that make me not bathe so I can repel them with my hideous stench.

"It's not that, but..."
"Then say it. Maybe I can be of help."
"I'm broke... I used up all my money getting here."

What comes next is... Something I never expected. Screenshot to prove it.

I don't have any words for this. I love it.

"What are you saying!?"
"I've heard of attraction between Knights and Shrine Warriors."
"What are you talking about? That's not what I mean!"
"What's a pimp?"

"Troy, stop."

For all the progression in modern gaming, I've yet to see a character asking another character if they're pimps or related to the sex industry. I don't know if it's in the original script or what, but I'm surprised this shit didn't get censored the fuck out. In a time where smoking got censored out of cartoons with lollipops, how did this get through?I mean I like it, it's great. Just surprised it somehow survived. This game is magic.

"That's right... I don't have enough money."
"Sorry... I used up all my money."
"You don't have to apologize. But what am I going to do?"

Get yershelf a job yer darm hippie! Oh wait Kun actually is employed. He just isn't getting any pay.
They really need union to sort this shit out. How can you get paid to sell people beer, but fight off a bunch of
monsters for free?

"Get a part-time job. Apply at the pub."
"Will they hire me? I'm ne in town."
Well Kun, if there is anything job hunting has taught me, it's that making a good first impression is always good.
You saved a bunch of people from wild phantoms. I don't think you get a better first impression than that.

"Alana works there. Ask her to put in a good word for you."
"Troy, stop teasing him."
"No, that's a good idea! I could do the heavy work."
"Don't you remember that the pub was destroyed by the Phantoms?"
I call bullshit! The bar was in pristine condition when I was done cleaning it for wild Phantoms. Only because I hadn't gotten the world breaking Text's yet

"Just joking. Relax."
"I'm serious about this."
"What did you do with the money Lao gave you?"
"I turned it down."
"What!? Why?"
"I didn't help them for money."
"What an idiot... He's all yours, Lacryma."

Troy leaves the conversation and sits on his lazy ass on the stairs.

"Let's ask if they have any openings in that department."
"Thank you."
"Well, let's go. Posha, aren't you off for today?"

I'm gonna cut the update short here, due to pacing. This chapter feels the most like filler to me. It's not even world building anymore.

Next Time We'll actually see the chapter title properly. But here is a glimse of the future. I can do that, because this game is magic.

Eh? Getting excited yet? I know I am!