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Part 14: Lacryma Episode 5 Chapter 3 - Protector of the law pt.2

Lacryma Episode 5 Chapter 3 pt.2

You know. Now that I've gotten a new video card and a much better screen, I can really appreciate the shitty screenshots even more.
It's actually just me failing on the technical side. I'm an idiot. Things should be back to normal next update. Atleast it's not a weird aspect ratio right?

I've never really given much thought on how the World Trees come to look like this. I wonder if it's just stupid fantasy stuff or if there are actually trees that grow like this.

Right, so last time Kun was accused of being a pimp. Woah that's a sentence I'd never thought I'd get to write.
Unfortunately being a JRPG hero in a world where slaying monsters doesn't rain gold on your face, means he doesn't actually have economical income.
Just like in real life, having wicked sword skills won't make you rich. Atleast if you want to stay out of jail.

Anyways he looked to Lacryma to get her to help find a job. A paying job. He is still employed in Vigilance. But that doesn't qualify as work appearently.
And that's pretty much it. So let's find out exactly what medieval job hunting is all about.

You know, the carpet looks remarkably similar to my country's flag Dannebro.
It's not really important, just wanted to point it out.

"This is regarding the new recruit Kun..."
Anburi: "So, you're Kun. I heard you destroyed the Phantoms in the pub."
"It was nothing..."
Anburi: "If Lacryma has a favor regarding you... Let me know what I can do."

Errr... What? Is he... Is he saying he is too poor to work? Or is he saying that he doesn't want to owe Lacryma for getting him a job? That's even more stupid. I just... I give up. I can't rationalize this.

"I changed my mind. I'll figure this out on my own."

Kun, you're just that kind of friend aren't you? The one that always asks people for help, but when they show up to help you, but not the way you wanted them to.. "No no, don't lift the couch that way. Careful you don't damage my furniture! Don't slam my door too hard, it might break." Kun is the reason I don't help people anymore. Would probably be getting complaints about how I didn't escort the old lady over the road the right way too.

And I'm Sazero. What? Wouldn't want you to forget. Anyways a guy shows up at the bottom. You can see him through the text screen.

Dinbra "Lacryma... For..give.. me..."
"What happened? How did you get that wound?"
Dinbra "Thief.. tried to.. steal the... World Tree..."
"Hey, hang in there!"

You know it always bugs me when characters say "Hang in there" when people are about to die/lose consciousness. Do you really believe that telling someone to stop dying, that they get better? Is it just a rebellious phase?
You don't tell people to stop bleeding after they cut themselves in the kitchen. Yeah I get hung up on the most stupid of stuff. I'm a real pleasure to be around, let me tell you.

Kartia is one of those rare games where game mechanics bleed over into the real world. To a degree atleast. It's also why revival spells doesn't exist and why losing a human party member in battle is instant defeat.
On the other hand this would mean that Toxa and company is gonna destroy Kainas in the future, with my excessive earth magic use. Or the Encrypter School would be burnt down due to my fire spells. Let's not give it any more thought.

Lacryma casts Rare Medicine. It heals 60 hp and which is 15 more than the basic healing spell.

"I applied treatment with Kartia. He will live."
Anburi: "I see... But what...?"
"Lacryma, he said something about a thief..."

It's at this point, the writers, Lacryma, Kun, and I remember that Posha exist.

Why were you even here Posha? She was only there so Lacryma could send her off here. She didn't contribute to Kun getting a job. She had no dialogue or any impact on the story. She didn't even help heal Dinbra even though that's her only skill and reason she is in Vigilance.

"Kun, will you give us a hand?"
"Of course!"

Why is Lacryma even asking him? She's his boss at this point. What kind of boss asks his employees to do the job they were hired to do?

Anburi "You should wait for Troy. With only the two of you, it will be dangerous."
Anburi tries to give Lacryma a wooden sword. But she already has a wooden sword. It's + 4 even.

"I'm responsible for this... I posted only one guard. If I don't do something, my father will be disappointed."
Anburi "Lacryma... May God protect you."

Speaking of Kainas( the person), it's oddly suspect we havn't seen him doing something. I wonder why.

Elsewhere, but close by.

"I'm just a dreamer."
"A dreamer does not have the power to make dreams come true."
"I'm also human. Sometimes I dream about peace..."
"You're the head of Akueldo. You shouldn't talk that way."
"You're harsh..."

Errr... I can see why whatshisname got injured on the job. He was up against Raguruzet and Karis. Just a refresher course Raguruzet is one of the people behind the development of Kartia so he ought to know a trick or two. This could be trouble.
Although, shouldn't he be in Nordia, leading a rebellion? What is he doing here?

"Another guardian. A Shrine Warrior."
"Sir, that's Lacryma Christi."

Okey, I just need to point something out here. So the religion that Lacryma and the Shrine Warriors follow is monotheism. That is they have a single god. Whose name is "God". And Lacryma's last name is Christi. It's so subtle I feel like wearing a bandana and hiding in a cardboard box.

This made me look through all the portraits I've made so far and I just noticed something. There is a large majority of blond, white people. AMANO!!!!

No seriously. Everyone in this screenshot is white, with blond hair. It's kind of funny.

"Why? As soon as we repent, we'll be forgiven. That's nonsense. Your God is weak."

Whelp this shoots down my "Lacryma is Christ" theory. I mean in order for Raguruzet to say this Christ would have already had to have died. Oh and the religion is obviously fantasy Christianity. Er... I think? Shit, there are so many fucking branches of the same god damn fucking religion it's hard to keep track of all the cults these days. Legend of Kartia religion is the one with the god and the christ. Whichever that one is.

Karis tosses a wine glass which shatters on the ground.

"You have violated the law... Now I must destroy you!"
"I respect your courage, but that alone will not save you."
"Well, let's find out!"
"Now is the time to show you who is in charge. This is the beginning of my era!"

"That man is one of the Knights."

The same could be said of you Raguruzet. Isn't the point of hiring the thieves, to steal the world tree for you?

"A daughter of the hero and the hero of the past."
"We have little time."
I must say that Link look really different after he got older. The years certainly havn't been kind to him. Ironic, what with being the hero of time and all.

"I shall enjoy this... Let's move away from the World Tree to keep it from harm."

"They're getting away!"

And so we prepare for battle once again. But not until next time. You don't seriously expect me to spend more than 3 hours on an update with a new video card do you? I pity your foolishness.

Next time, the worst mission so far. Yes even worse than RNG Lacryma Chapter 2.

Bonus question: How foreboding is it that Fantasy Religion is Christianity?