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Part 16: Lacryma Episode 8 Chapter 4 - Defense war pt.1

To recap so far: Raguruzet made an appearance in Kainas, for what appears to steal the Kainas World Tree. He only managed to seriously injure the guard posted there, as he took too long gloating so Lacryma could
show up and stop him. She was conveniently there to help Kun find a job, because Vigilance is actually a volunteer job and as such doesn't pay their employees. Seriously. Oh and Lacryma brought Posha with her, even
though she did absolutely nothing to help Kun get a job and was sent off to find Troy. That sounds pretty convenient too.

Somewhere else, the Shrines are plotting something. Something about a suicide mission and Lacryma gets mentioned as a possible candidate for the worst reality show before reality shows were even a thing.




Whoops. Hold on, I'll fix this.

You never saw a thing.

You'd think at this point, that Aile would have told them that "The daughter of Kainas" actually has a name.
If only because saying "The daughter of Kainas" gets pretty old.

Cardinal?(Iforgotsorry) Shelpati "You wanted to raise her and get married. You didn't want her to get involved. That's why you reported her fake death."
"That is correct."

What. WHAT?! AILE! What the heck? So you raised Lacryma and it was a secret that she is the daughter of Kainas, because otherwise why the fuck would you fake her death.
Then how come everyone in Vigilance seems to know her real identity? Did you tell Lacryma, and she didn't ask why you faked her death and let her tell everyone else?
Worst kept secret? Or maybe the Shrines are seriously inept. Pick your poison.

"We must obey the law. We are hunters of those who break the law. If she has the ability to be an Inquirer, why not?"
"Yes, you're right."
Inspector "Charimate, call the local Inquirer. Let's see how good this girl is. We'll talk again once we have more information."
"Based on the report, we will pardon your mistake."
"Thank you..."
Inspector "Any objections? No? Alright then..."

The meeting is over, but there are a few staying behind to get extra credit in their "Scheming" class.

Inspector "The purpose of the extremists is still a mystery. I hope the Nordia Rebels subside soon."

"The meeting proceeded as planned. Now it's all up to her."
Nirgiri "But why... Why is he obsessed with the daughter of Kainas?"
"I have no idea..."
Nirgiri "Do you think he is planning something behind our back?"
"Don't worry. We have his weak point."

I am unsure who "he" is. It could even be foreshadowing of someone we havn't met yet. So I'll refrain from making any speculation.

Now that we're done snooping here, let's go snoop else where.

For the Pancake eating contest? I sure am!

So the Encrypter school is totally safe. It has guards and everything. Wait hold on. I feel a vision coming to me.
Let me just attune my raven runes here and astral project the vision.

Vision of the Past Future. posted:

"I believe it's more important to bring the Text to Lord Vandor."
"I guess you're right..."
"Good bye sister. We will continue this the next time we meet..."

So much for those guards, Troy.

"Now there are only two ways the thieves can enter here. One is the route through the market. The other is over the bridge."
"How will we stop them?"
"We will be at the bridge, since this is the direct route to the World Tree."
"Well... We don't know of their power. Isn't it risky to split us up?"
"It's better than being attacked from both sides. The main force will be on the bridge, so we can concentrate on them."
"Who's going to be posted at the market route?"
"Posha will do."
"What... Me?"
"You can at least be the lookout."
"You need at least two. It's too dangerous."
"I will go."
"I want someone who can create Phantoms."
"Don't look at me. I'm not a baby-sitter."
"Then I'll go to the market. There shouldn't be a problem."

The Kyau is trained in the ways of the .

But unfortunately Troy has worked on his too.

Out--ed the Kyau retreats. Or maybe it was just a hallucination from being drunk. Everyone looks worriedly at Troy as he takes another drink.

After watching people stand and talk in a shady dark room, then watch people stand and talk in a bright room. Then it's time to watch people sit and talk outside.

"Duran and the Knights will be here tomorrow. Be patient."
"I hope the thieves are late."
"Yes, but if they come, it will be today."
"They are not stupid... Well, I'm going to take a nap. I need energy."
"What are you talking about! We're all tired!"
Kun makes a fair point.
"It's Ok. You need a clear mind to use Kartia."
Lacryma makes counter point. Well it's not like you should perform swordsmanship while tired either.
But it would probably have less disastrous effects than Kartia.

"Yeah, you don't want me to be tired like you, right?"
"Then you should get some rest, Lacryma."
"I'm fine..."

Thrilling topic. No really, I'm totally sorry to break this... Whatever it is, up. Anyways alarmingly unnatural sounds can be heard far off.

"Kartia... It came from town."
"They went through the market. They got us!"
"Troy, take Kun and check it out. I'll watch here."
"It's a trap... They want the World Tree."
"You're going to leave them alone?"
"Rimzan is there. He can handle it."

"Troy was right... We have company..."

Oh great, Zakuro is back.

Honestly, considering the quality of the law in Kainas, they really should see this coming.

Troy is just as tired of all these words as I am.

Lacryma, don't was God's time.

The combat section is gonna get long winded, so let's cut this off here. Next time we will fight Zakuro again. Will Lacryma make it? Oh come on we both know Zakuro is just a chump.