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Part 18: Lacryma Episode 8 Chapter 4 - Defense war pt.3

Lacryma Episode 8 Chapter 4 pt.3

We return to a familiar scene back at Vigilance HQ, with everyone congratulating themselves on how great they are.

Toxa, sandpaper is smoother than you. Please stop.And you didn't save Lacryma, you saved Posha

"I've never seen a man laugh and make a compliment."
"It's the truth, not a compliment."

I had blissfully forgotten who Toxa is. GIVE MY BACK MY HAPPYNESS!

"Good job."
"You too."
"When will you be anointed as a Knight?"
"I need to have the ceremony and approval from the Chief."
"I see... No wonder you were so good."
"Thank you. That's the only thing I'm good at."
"Let's have a match sometime. That is if you don't mind."
"I would like that."

I'm sure it would be a glorious match, one Fire Arm wielder against another.

Of course as things are right now, Kun would straight up lose to Alana, who can either crush him with her magic or sustain whatever damage Kun could do to her
with Kartia. If Kun has some sweet sword tricks, then it's not conferred to game play.

Lacryma knows the score. Besides, Alana wears a bitching cape. Kun doesn't stand a chance.

The same arguement can be said in a Kun vs Toxa fight. Sure Toxa is a worse caster than Alana, but only by 1 Kartia stat.

"Kun, you're popular."
"No I'm not."

Imagine if you had just gotten a new job, that doesn't pay, and two of your new colleagues want to fight you in a fist fight.

"I'm Toxa. I'm currently a Free Knight at the Shinon estate."

In the real world, Knights would in almost 100% of cases always be in servitude to some noble or king.
That is due to the fact that the training and equipment a knight used back then, were really expensive.
So in exchange for the training and equipment, knights would swear themselves to whoever could pay for their
training and equipment. So any Knights who weren't in servitude to someone, would be rarer than gold.

I imagine that extensive Kartia education and weapons training would be really expensive in Rebus.
However Toxa comes from a merchant background. It's entirely possible that his parents saved up to
give Toxa his education. So he doesn't need to serve anyone to pay off any debts. He only has to provide food
for himself.

Of course, not having to serve nobility means that Toxa wasn't educated in high class manners.
He is probably a rather realistic depiction of a low class person in a high class occupation.

"Yes, sir!"
"Toxa and Misty, will you join us?"
"Not at all, sir!"

The rest of the scene plays out the same as in Toxa's version for a bit. So let's skip to after the meeting shall we?

"What are you going to do when you're a Knight?"
"I don't know... I want to benefit society."
"That's it? That's boring."

Lucky for Kun, Lacryma shows up as the meeting is over.

This scene is the same as Toxa's aswell, right up until Troy shows up. So let's skip to that shall we?

This is where the game cut us off in Toxa's version, turns out there is more to this scene.

Kun likes killing people, but only while he has the moral high ground.
"You are evil, so it's okey to kill you." And that works out in theory. But
the question becomes, when are you evil? I mean some cases are easy to
see when someone is evil, but there certainly are gray areas.

Trying to murder someone? Yeah okey, evil.
Cheating on your wife? I mean sure, that's pretty bad too. But is it really appropriate to kill someone for that?
Lie to your mom about why you don't want to come visit? Come on man, it's your mom. Don't lie to her. But you shouldn't get killed for that.

We only know that Troy wants the Unlimited License. But what he is gonna use that for is still unknown as of yet.
But more interestingly this guy shows up

MUSIC: "Unknown Title XVII"

Who the fuck is Bachstail? Hint nr.1 Lacryma doesn't use his full name, but shortens it to "Bach"

Hint nr.2 Lacryma isn't really appreciating him being here. Or just general existence.

Hmm, out of money. Again.

Bachstail is either really bad at reading the atmosphere or chooses to ignore it.

Either way, it's pretty clear that no one really seems to appreciate Bachstail's return.

It's certainly, not because of his hairdo, general appearance or smell. No it's all the people
who seem to know him that dislike him.

"Seems like? You're not going, Troy?"

It's really interesting that Lacryma, who is usually boringly polite and stoic, is showing such aggression when faced with Bachstail.

It could seem like Bachstail enjoys provoking her.

Lacryma leaves rather hastily

Bachstail leaves to meet up with Rimzan.

You think?

Also, Troy isn't just a rude dude who always speaks his mind, as he respects Lacryma's privacy, by not gossiping to Kun.

"That's why I'm interested..."

Indeed, who is Bachstail? Well we don't know yet, but we can make an educated guess.
So let's deduce a little from what we know from various things.

Aile, Lacryma's step father, wanted for Lacryma to live a quiet life and get married.
Being a high standing member of the church, it's not unreasonable to think that he could/would have arranged a marriage between Lacryma
and someone else.
So who is that someone else? I theorize that it was Bachstail.
What with how Lacryma reacts to him, and as it seems to be a very personal issue between them.
Troy also puts it as an issue between adults. It's pretty clear that it wasn't just two friends who got into an argument over what color
is the best color. (Red by the way. Everyone knows that.)

I think this is an excellent example of coloring the players view of a character without telling them too much.
But not only did we learn about Bachstail without really knowing anything, but our characters also got fleshed out a lot more.
This scene alone has conveyed more information to us than the last two chapters worth of story.

So yeah guys aren't you glad you voted for Toxa?
Anyways we are now caught up with Toxa, and as mentioned the thread voted for Toxa. So that is where we'll be continuing off next time.

Lacryma Episode 8 Chapter 4 pt.3 END