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Part 19: Toxa Episode 9 Chapter 5 - Adoration pt.1

So this is gonna be a short update, mainly because I had to redo all my screenshots because my cursor were over the screen caps. Again
This wouldn't be much of a problem if the mission itself weren't so drawn out and uneventful. But it's also because there will be a bit to talk about this chapter.
And thirdly, because I'm a Dark Souls nerd and I just got Scholar of the First Sin.

Toxa Episode 9 Chapter 5. Pt.1

Well that's to... be... POSHA!?

Oh look at all the drama that is to be had over there at Lacryma's party.
But nooooooo... You guys had to vote for Toxa. The guy who isn't even that
important to his own story.

Yes... The game is foreshadowing things in the other characters story.
I can see why you'd do that to explain why Ele would still be around later in the story.
But it does spoil the other characters story a bit.

As you might expect, a teenager not being allowed to do what they want is gonna have loud consequences.

"Why!? I can use Kartia!"
Yes, but only slightly better than the illiterate Kun.

"This is not a training session for you, Miss Ele."
"I know that!"
"Count Shinon would never forgive himself if anything were to happen to you."
"Father has nothing to do with this! This is my life!"
"I've had enough! You will do what you're told!"

Ele despite having proven herself in combat on several occasions, is still being seen as a nobles daughter.
It's a struggle for being allowed her own self identity, whatever that identity is. But she is a noble
and thus much too precious to risk. But as we already know, Ele has different ideas and the will to act on it.

That's why despite her stereotypical teenager attitude that I really like Ele, because her main issue
is a real human thing. I mean sure it's not like she is living a life of tragedy, but what is the point of living a life
that isn't your own?

And now we move on from Teen Drama to Questionable Legalities

Oh good, another murder tool to completely decimate some more thieves. Why not.
It's not like we just picked up Text to cast Wide Quake that I've already demonstrated.

"What is so special about this?"
"Look at the card..."

"That's why I copied it."
Oh Troy. Best character.

"To get permission to make a duplicate takes time. You have to go through several..."
"I nearly go caught..."

I think that is why Lacryma straight up asked Troy if he had stolen Text during the CSI Kartia chapter.
She isn't stupid, and she probably found something on Troy. Luckily for Troy he could cast away suspicion on Zakuro
so he got away with it. He didn't lie when he said he didn't steal anything. But he DID do something illegal.
Also that means that the "filler" chapter, weren't filler at all.

I can only imagine Troy saying this in the most condescending tone he can manage.

"This Text is for beginners and intermediates... Unfortunately, we have only deciphered the Beginners Text..."
Then how do you know about the "intermediates" part is actually for intermediates?
"Troy, what are you thinking? If Lacryma finds out..."
" 'Be prepared at all times', right?"
"Don't misuse our policies in your favor!"
"Calm down. You know this will come in handy."
Now I don't want to argue against more firepower, but that way of thinking is what is gonna lead to using tanks against thieves.

"You always have something on your mind. What is it?"
"I'm not planning anything. I just don't want anybody to..."
"Why are you telling me this?"
"You're the only one who can use the same level of Kartia as I do in your group."
"At least, take the Beginner Text..."

This doesn't actually mean we get new Text for the next mission.
This is Plot Kartia. Just like the Original Kartia that Mona is holding on to. I mean it's not on the same level as an Original Kartia,
but it was locked away from public use, so it's fair to say that it's probably something serious.

So let's talk about Troy some more. What? You want a reason? Why don't you want to talk about the best character?
Alright so, Troy copied some Text. The question is, why would he do that? There weren't any credible threat
at the time he decided to copy it. Which means he had another reason to want it. So let's chalk down some Troy Facts.

Troy Facts:
He is a jerk.
He is concerned about the lack of power in Vigilance.
He wants to obtain the highest level of Kartia license.
He thinks Kun wants to be a pimp.
He is concerned for the well being of the group.
He is willing to break the law to obtain power.
He shares his illegally obtained power with Alana.
He is especially a jerk to Posha.
He is concerned about the mental well being of Lacryma.

Alright that's enough Troy Facts.
First of all, we know he wants to obtain power.
But why? The game hasn't told us quite yet, but I'm willing to speculate at this point.

I think it's because he has experienced loss of people, due to being powerless.
That's why he is concerned about Posha being weak, and possibly why he is being such a jerk to her.
It's why he breaks the law to copy Text. He didn't have any good reason at the time, but he probably
thought it's better to be prepared. He certainly doesn't want it for the sake of having it.
He gives the Text to Alana so she can use it to protect Posha after all.

Speaking of Posha, I don't think he actually hates her, as much as he hates her weakness.
Why is he being a jerk to her then? To push her forward. Or away from Vigilance, which is a fairly dangerous place to be
for someone who can't fight. Better for Posha to be somewhere else where she isn't likely to be in harms way.
If only for Lacryma not having to worry about her.

Of course the best outcome were to have Posha pull her shit together
and woman the fuck up. But hey, It's fucking Posha, that isn't all that likely to happen.

Troy is a person who is in a position where he knows all sorts of things about the group he is in.
And I think he just tries to help people out with some of their problems. Sometimes he fails,
I mean he certainly didn't help Posha, but maybe he succeeds too.

This is just speculation and theory and Troy could just be the super secret, much too obvious, hidden villain.
Don't take this as an LP'ers word of law. I'm just speculating.

Moving on from this wall of text.

"They don't know we're here."
"Misty, do you know who can create the Phantoms?"
"Sorry, but those are not the guards I know..."
Oh good, we'll have to not only deal with Misty's ellipses but also Posha's self loathing. This is just gonna be great...
"That's okay. They're just thieves. No matter what they create, I'll kill them all."
"You're awfully pumped!"
"I would fight to the death for Mona!"
Aaaaaand there we have it. This is gonna be Toxa's motivation to pretty much anything for quite a while.
Funny, I swear I put in Legend of Kartia. And not White Knight Chronicles. I'm not even kidding.
And remember. YOU VOTED FOR THIS.

"I wonder what Mona is doing? Do you miss her, Toxa?"
"I can see her after we complete our mission..."
We'll at least he isn't completely obsessed

Oh please Posha. Lacryma isn't that great. I'm sorry guys, but her combat stats are just terrible compared to B ranking Toxa. But you'll see.

If this were a movie or modern tv series, Toxa's dialogue here would just be faded out.

Hey missy, stop obsessing over Lacryma, there is quite a lot of that going around lately, and I won't have it.

Bells can be heard

"I can't... My feet won't move..."
"What's wrong with your feet?"
"I'm sorry. I need Lacryma... Without her, I cannot do anything..."
"Posha, stand up! The enemy is right in front of us!"
"If we're late, Lacryma's group will be in trouble!"

This is the core reason why Posha cannot grow. She is living in the shadow of Lacryma.
She is so focused on Lacryma, she cannot see herself so really the best thing that could have happened for Posha is separation
from the object of her fixation.

Another problem that Posha has is that she cannot get friends that like her for who she is, because she doesn't socialize on her own.
She is always hanging around Vigilance. She doesn't go out to see the world, meet new people and expand her horizon.

Of course, it could also be another problem if she just finds someone new to fixate on. But let's be real, this is a video game
so we'll just listen to a friendship speech and things is gonna work out a little bit. But oh man, I've been on the interwebs
and this could go really wrong for Toxa.

But at least Posha's fear of death has been dispelled.


Anyways that's enough words today. Next time I'll be forgetting about Posha's drama shit and laugh as I make Toxa break the mission in half. Because Bitches Be Breaking B-Ranks.

Toxa Episode 9 Chapter 5 pt.1 END