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Part 22: Lacryma Episode 10 Chapter 5 - Her way pt.2

Lacryma Episode 10 Chapter 5 pt.2

So today we'll be fighting around a pond... Again.

This time though, we're fighting near the southern pond instead of the northern pond. I'm sure there's a Dr.Who joke somewhere in here.

Murder everything again. The mission has some minor differences than Toxa's mission. But this mission is still technically the hardest.
I say technically because the game isn't all that hard to begin with.

So this is the clusterfuck starting position. Starting in high grass will slow me down. Thankfully I can move my units before the map begins.
Let's see how many Beheads are around this time.

So we have a couple of thieves to the left of us, with a group of Golems in their near vicinity. Due to how the AI works
and how large a range thieves have because of their Kartia, we'll have an easy time dragging them out and murder them before
The Golems become a "problem"

Directly north of the thieves are 4 more of them. One of them can create phantoms. Nothing much to say about this.
Seems easier than Toxa's map so far right? Well time to meet the major threat.

Look at these motherfuckers. These are Lizauros and are the next tier over Golems. They are our new Beheads once we get access to them.
And they are fucking beasts. But before we go into their stats, take a closer look. Zoom in if you have to... Does that look like... Breasts!?

Phantoms are gendered!? But that means... Oh no! But this is the internet... So that means... OH NO. :negative

This is a Doll Lizauros's stats. It has double D's in ranks (I am subtle like a truck.) and it has all equipment slots open.
It also doesn't have terrible resistances and pretty respectable defenses. These guys totally outclass our Beheads and I can't just blow them up with low level magic.
Thankfully these guys start out with axes, so they'll always have terrain penalty here. But the enemy can create more of them.

As an added curve ball, this Shadow Lizauro is also lvl 4 as opposed to the Dolls lvl 2.

Equipment wise, there isn't really a lot of crafting to be done.
I can create the Big Armor, but I feel it's waste since I don't have anyone with B ranks to take advantage of it.
And +2 Big Armor isn't that big of a defense upgrade. Instead I opt for the Sookari.

It's a low ranking armor piece which gives something along the lines of 3 defense and 5 resistance to all elements.
I get it to +2 for a total of +5 defense and +7 resistance to all elements. It's actually a significant upgrade as thieves are the major thread because of Kartia.

I also made these Boots. Which is D rank feet armor and it provides a decent Water Resistance.
They are perfect for Troy has he has high Fire, Wind and Earth resistance but a low Water Resistance.

As pictured here. Troy has a base 19 Water Resistance. It's still 24 less then the other elements though.
I didn't give him a Sookari though, for... no real reason really.

Lacryma loses a single point in defense for +7 resist all.

I don't give anything to Ele as I'm unsure whether she sticks around or not.
I also create a bunch of Phantoms and position my guys like so. My plan is to send Kun and two Morderes towards the Lizauros and deal with them.
Meanwhile everyone else will got west and kick some thief ass.

Let's take a closer look at Bachstail himself. He is pretty fucking good actually.
He is Alana with Durans armor stats and Toxa's weapon stats. I don't actually know, but I feel he won't be sticking around for long.
He is just too good.

Demon Fire? Game are you even trying? Demon Fire is a low tier "Secret" Fire spell I never bothered to show, because it's not really that good.

I also come to my senses and realize Ele might stick around so I feed her some kills.

I also have Bachstail create a new Behead, as I need it to deal with the Golems.

Elsewhere in Kun's Fight Club

This is the damage Kun took from a full hp Lizauro. I realized after a counter attack that they would no longer be able to hurt Kun so I moved my Morderes away.

Kun leveled up twice this mission with 50 xp to the next level. He only fought these 4 enemies. It is entirely possibly to grind xp on enemies that can heal themselves. But let's not break the game into a million little pieces.
It would also be grindy as hell, and there is a reason I'm not playing World of Warcraft.

My Behead died to those two spells. But I am no so easily stopped by mere pebbles and sparks.
Time to rock

This is Big Rock. It's statistically superior to Fierce Fire. So if you have to hit a target with equal Fire and Earth resistance, then always choose Big Rock.

Also it's incredibly satisfying to cast it.

I come to my senses and realize Ele is Lacryma's Posha and she will probably stick around, so I feed her a kill.

Bachstail on the other hand I have my suspicions so he'll be stuck on heal and phantom creation duty.

Kun took 18ish damage from 3 Lizauros at full hp. I realise that through counterattacks that they got neutered. Sure
Kun only did 20ish damage to them, because their Fire resistance is higher than the fire damage that the Fire Arm provides.
But now they're just bags filled with XP that Kun has to beat out of them.

Yes, while the enemies are waiting for you to arrive they'll just endlessly spawn more Phantoms.

I should find it hilarious that Morderes attack by shouting at things. I don't because this mission is taking me 10 turns and oh my god why aren't I done yet?

At least Kartia AI is "Smarter" than Fire Emblem AI where the game will know when a unit would suicide when attacking another unit. So instead it moves
the Lizauro away. It also just drags things out needlessly. Also a rare case of Kun actually casting a spell.

More kills for Ele

Smiting thieves with Big Rocks. Huh... Isn't that something God did in the old testament somewhere? I ask because I'm a sinful heathen and haven't actually dared touch a bible much less read it.

Bachstail avoids getting set on fire.

Kun is still in his Fight club.

Assignment to any artists out there. Instead of drawing Lizauro porn, draw me a picture of a Mordere opening a chest.
Because I want to know how a head on legs does that.

I believe this is the "War" Text. You can use it to create the Battle Axe. It's still an axe so it won't ever get used.

This map is pretty ballin'.

Oh man! A silver spear! That's a pretty high damage weapon so early in the game! With it I can level up my low level guys rather easily... Oh wait
This is Kartia not FE. It's a spear so it sucks. Moving on.

More words for me to horrendously murder my fellow man. Oh goody.

I wish my life were more eventful. Then I might have something funny to say to this. Maybe it's just really boring?

If there is one sad thing, it's that all this spell slinging is costing my quite a bit of Mithril. I've already used 10!

Uh huh.

There was only Mithril in the other chest. So here is screen of me casting Big Rock... Again.

At this point the game has realised it's losing. So what does it do? NEEDLESSLY DRAG OUT THE GAME BY RUNNING AWAY. :Argh:


Whoop we're finally done.

"How's this... Use me as an Encrypter."
"In your dreams, stupid!"
"Miss Ele... I need to talk to you later."
"What? Am I being rewarded?"

Ele is one of those kind of children, who has never been told when they're doing something wrong, from their parents.

Well at least I'm losing less phantoms!

Lacryma's doing what everyone has been wanting for a while. I mean I like Ele, but in any other game she would have been that annoying teen who
claims she totally knows what she does and continues to put their life at risk when they shouldn't.

"Why did you ignore Rimzan's order? You were told to stay in Vigilance Headquarters!"
I don't think Ele had to follow Rimzan's order since she isn't part of Vigilance. As such he has no authority over her.
He could forbid her from entering a battle zone, but he can't hold her in Vigilance.

"Why me!? Why am I being treated like an outsider?"
"This is not the place to settle your personal issues. If something happened to you, your father would have been devastated!"
But hey, it's totally okey for something to happen to Kun, Troy and Bachstail. They don't have any parents to worry about them, right?
"It's my life! I don't want to be cooped up in the mansion all my life! You're not my real mom!"

"She doesn't understand what death is, Kun. She doesn't think it means anything."
"I know what death is! We all die eventually... That's the reason I'm not afraid of death."
"You're not afraid of death?"
"No, I'm not. My death won't change anything. It's no big deal."

Don't make light of death in the presence of war vets.

I guess... Don't brag to Lacryma. She might just take you at your word.

I was overly enthusiastic with the cap button . And by whatever deity of your choosing, I will shove all of my screen shots in your face.
Anything else would just be self censorship and that's a bad thing I hear.

3 Grown men are just standing by watching Lacryma tear into Ele... That sounds inherently wrong. Wait, is Kun considered an adult?
2 and a half men then. Bachstail is obviously Jrpg Charlie Sheen.

Did Kun stop Lacryma here, or was Lacryma gonna stop after proving her point?
Because if it's the first... Holy shit Lacryma.

"No... Don't..."

Whew. It was the latter after all... I hope. Child raising has come a long way since the medieval ages.
I'm not sure if for the better or worse yet.

"That's enough Lacryma. I think she got the point."
"Shit. Just as I was about to get my murder on... Fucking buzzkill. Kun, Let's go back."

Well, if my mom had threatened me at sword point everything I did or said something stupid, then I might have amounted to more than just
some guy playing games for the internet. Or mute.

"What what you say next time. That is, if there is a next time."
"Let's head back to town."

There is more to the end epilogue here, but the update is long enough as it is. So we'll just cut it short here.
As dissatisfied as I am with the commentary, I'm feeling a bit under the weather so it's gonna have to do.

But man what an update. Phantom Breasts... Just wow.

Lacryma Episode 10 Chapter 5 pt.2 END