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Part 24: Toxa Episode 11 Chapter 6 - Promise pt.1

Toxa Episode 11 Chapter 6 pt.1

Oh man, this chapter! This chapter marks the end of whatever vague memory I had of the game. Whatever happens after this chapter is completely 100% blind for me.
We have survived the terribleness of Posha, but we aren't quite clear of the woods just yet. Because you see, Toxa is about to take center stage.

Actually, we should be a good deal west of Kainas. Unless Nordia isn't actually North. Let's just go along with it.

Is it silly of me to be baffled by the fact that they have windowed tents, but are still using medieval weaponry in Kartia?

I think I remember something about these berries.

"No, I thought I would give them to Mona. I promised her I would."
"Who's Mona?"
"Oh, that's right. You don't know about Mona. You can find out about the details from Alana or Duran."
"Well, if you say so... I'll just have to do that..."

Holy fucking shit. This is the best thing since Mario RPG. Amano what the fuck is this? It's worse/better than Rimzan's grin. I've chosen the best game to LP.
I might not have blink animation co-commentator, but with images like this, who needs it?

This is gonna be a great chapter.

Some time has passed and Toxa is nowhere to be found. Doesn't take a certain defense lawyer to figure out what happened here.

I feel like I should say something here, but I'll just appreciate that a game with blood, and curse words somehow made it through in the 90'ies.

I never get tired of this either.

"Well, I wouldn't say that... Yet..."
"Maybe he was half-awake and wandered off somewhere..."
"Does anyone have any idea of where he might have gone to?"
"I think I know..."
"But we're in the middle of a mission. I don't think he would be that irresponsible."
"Oh, that reminds me... Toxa was picking berries. He said that he was going to give them to a person named Mona."
"I guess I was right..."

"I'm a knight, and knights never breaks a promise, even if it means endangering my friends and allies."
Of course I made a portrait of that. How could I not?

"No, we're going to fight with just the four of us..."
"You're the only other person that can create Phantoms..."
"I understand your concern, Duran... But we have to move or else the route that the Knights are taking will be blocked."
"Without Toxa, we won't have enough Phantoms... Let's wait until he comes back."
"Duran, please! I will make up for Toxa's part..."
"I guess... But we can't take any unnecessary risks in this battle."

Alana is just worried about the incompetence of the Knights.

Let's go check up on our damsel in distress.

She's just sitting in her room, being a lay about? friggin' elves man.

"A little... What are you doing back here so early?"
"Wild berries! This is a lot!"
"I told you I would keep my promise. They're not as fresh as when I picked them. Sorry."
Now I'm not an expert on berryology but I'm pretty sure berries won't expire within hours of picking them. Like 90% sure.
"Thank you so much!"
"I'm so glad that you're happy. Now, I don't have to worry."
"What, Toxa? What is that supposed to mean?"

I suppose Toxa isn't a complete moron then. I'm just surprised he haven't faced this possibility of dying before.

"We are going to attack the bases of the thieves. If we don't defeat them, they'll come after you... we have no choice."
"Oh no... Toxa, you don't have to take such risks because of me..."
"I knew you would say that, but I'm determined to protect you."
"I was always an admirer of the heroes in the history books... I thought that it would really be neat to be a brave Knight and protect a princess..."
"I'm glad that I didn't devote myself to anyone yet... Because I have finally found someone to give myself to..."


"Of you and me"

"People say I'm childish, but I don't want to make any false vows as a Knight... I want to be a hero..."

"Yeah, a hero! Look at me and tell me I'm not a hero."
I just can't get enough of this.

For a rather childish guy who fits into the whole fedora wearing "nice" guy type, Toxa takes rejection rather well.

"Wait, Toxa!"

"Aw hiiiilll yis!"

"Please be careful..."

Oh yeah, Mona is still sitting on the world ending Kartia. Now, who could that brother of hers be?
Who knows, we might never meet him. Let's just forget about him.

Toxa - Wanting to be a hero. Leaves his friends and allies in danger to profess his love to a girl. He is the hero we don't deserve, but the one we got.

Next time, stage gimmicks! Feminazis! Melee combat!

Toxa Episode 11 Chapter 6 pt.1 END