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Part 25: Toxa Episode 11 Chapter 6 - Promise pt.2

Toxa Episode 11 Chapter 6 pt.2

"Will Toxa come...?"
"We are going to have a rough time getting into the base without his Phantoms."
Eeeeeeeeeeeh no, we won't.
"Let's move people!"

This time, we're located directly west of Kainas, in a mountain range. The thieves have certainly spread out far.

It makes me question whether or not it was necessary to attack the thieves at Three Lily Pond, considering they're so far away.
At least we won't have to worry about getting pincered, should we find difficulty in attacking the thief fortress.

As always, we have to murder everything.

6 Golems? Man, Toxa's story really is easier than Lacryma's. Remember that she was facing Lizauro's in Chapter 5. And here we are in Chapter 6 in Toxa's still facing Golems.

We also only have a handful of thieves to deal with, and everyone is wielding axes. I'm kind of ready for you to step up your game, err.. game.

This thief is placed in an oddly suspicious place. I wonder why that is...

Oh god, is that a god damn frigging CANNON!?

So that's the gimmick of this map. This artillery cannon is like a Super Mordere.
It has a very large range and will ignore any defense a unit has.
It can only hit one target but given it's position it can pick whoever it wants to hit.
Oh and the worst thing? It deals 50 damage!
That ain't shit. Our lowest healing spell heals for 45 and costs 1 Silk.

I don't particularly like being under artillery fire by a shitty cannon, so let's break this mission into thousands little pieces.
We have access to Lizauro Textnology, and this is a rare case of us having an advantage in Phantom Tier, so let's take advantage of it.
Like I showed in Lacryma's Chapter 5, Lizauro's normally have D ranks in both weapons and armor. I only have a single Kartia spot to
improve my Lizauro's and that's thanks to Alana's 4 Kartia stat. Toxa, won't be able to improve his Lizauros at all.

I mentioned earlier that I value Defense more than Attack and that goes doubly so for Lizauros as they can wear a full compliment of armor.
Something the Beheads and Golems cannot. Besides Lizauro's specialty lies in being tough.

So what can we do with that C rank armor? Well wouldn't you know I came across a very special kind of armor that I could create.
One would say... That it's entirely Unique. I discovered this armor set as I was trying to create the Novel set, as someone pointed out in the thread.
Unfortunately, somehow in someway I have not gotten all the Text for that set, even though Gamefaqs told me I should have gotten it in Chapter 3.

Either way, fuck the Novel set, because the Unique set is much better... How much better? Well...

21 resistance to all elements better. Believe it or not, I could have created this set after Chapter 3 I believe.
It's just a regular Stone Armor with a "Wonder" Text added in. I could get it to +3, but I couldn't resist having a set that was made entirely with Silk Text.
Also Wooden Sword +4 is the best D rank weapon I can create.

*Fun Fact: Did you know that you have to create all items one at a time? Want 6 identical items? You have to create that shit one at a time.
So hey, I can have 6 Phantoms that I want to equip 4 items on. You have to create 24 items one at a time... I gave up around having made a full set of Armor and Helmets.
So not all of my Lizauros have these stats, but eh close enough.

Let's test out exactly how good the Lizauro's are. I mean you should know, the Lizauro's Lacryma Kun fought were baseline with no improvement and shitty gear with terrain disadvantage.
What happens if... You don't have any of that?

Yes, my Lizauro is one shotting this Golem. Girl power bitches.

I wouldn't blame you, if you just skipped the rest of the combat sequence, because it's literally just me one shotting Golems, curbstombing thieves and heal up damage from the Cannon.

I'm a silly man who enjoy cartoonish googley eyes.

Oh no 50 damage! Still, you have to respect it, so humans will take sort of a supportive role in this map. They can't oneshot dudes after all.
Sure they'll lose some XP, but it's fine really.

The AI can actually destroy the environment as well, here it's breaking this fence down so it can attack my one dude with Earthquake.

It barely tickles, because my Doll Phantom has around 50ish Earth Defense.

it did put it under 50 hp though, so I might as well break out the big stuff and use Rare Medicine... Which costs a whopping 2 Silk.

Let's move this along, because really... I'm running out of things to say.

So here is the singular Text you get from the map itself.

Oh wow 12 damage? Whatever shall I do?

Toxa arrives at turn 3... Where I'm almost done mopping up the map, really... Fuck off Toxa, I don't need your shitty Shadow Behead. I have Dragon women to obliterate my enemies with.

"Okay, I guess this is the time to pay back those thieves!"

So he could see how unneeded he is? Imagine the cluster fuck this map would be if I had another 6 Phantoms to move around.

Anyways the game treats reinforcements in a rather weird manner.
Sometimes when a unit arrives as reinforcement the game just reveals the row they're standing on.
This means that right now. The wall in the middle of the map which forced me to move up and fight the Golems and be under artillery fire is now meaningless.
The new row that got revealed opens a hole in the wall so Toxa could rush straight for the cannon.
It's a bad idea, because Toxa will lose 1v1 against the cannon. It's better to just move up and help heal... if that is even needed.

if his was a harder game, it could be worth it to just be on the defensive until Toxa shows up and then rush everyone towards the cannon.
But it isn't. So I didn't.

Whoops, one of these random Golems had a Text on it. More Textnology!

Toxa becomes the new Cannon target. Which I'm okey with. Karma and all that.

The Kyau continues it's streak of not dying in spite of the game hating it.

Alana has a super sayan battle with this Golem.

You're not helping Shadow Behead. Oh also I should mention the enemy also got reinforcements. It was 3 Lizauro's.

Oh man! Hot girl on girl action! My dream has come true.

Clever and funny comment about a man shooting his cannon at other men.


And that's a wrap. I have to admit, I felt like cutting half of this update because of how one sided it was.
But then I wouldn't be able to showcase exactly how easy this mission is. Toxa_Lyfe.png

So go artistic value? I guess?[/i]

Even Misty is feeling bored at this point.

"That was easy!"
"Are you joking..."
No? Not even remotely. Toxa is right, this was easy.

I think I lost my Shadow Behead somewhere along the line... For some reason I finish most missions on turn 10.

Spending all that Silk on all the Unique armor kind of burned a hole in my Silk resources. Thankfully we get like 40 Silk per mission so it's not a problem.
What is interesting is that the game is giving us World Tree Kartia, so exciting new things should open up for us soon.

Naturally Alana weren't particularly fond of Toxa's stunt.

"It depends! We are in the middle of a mission!"
"Don't get mad, we succeeded. What's the big deal?"
"Have you forgotten that we are in the middle of a war!"
"I know this is not a game!"
"No, you don't!"
"Yes, I do!"

"You just think you do!"
"That's not true!"
"It is true! Posha is trying her best! You said that you would support Vigilance! What you did was irresponsible!"

Why does it sound like Duran is talking down to Toxa?

"Duran... What should I have done?"
"You have to use your time honestly."

Well I'd say Toxa's motives weren't entirely selfless

Somewhere else that isn't where we just were.

Oh hey! These guys! I've missed them.

"The source of their information is Misty. I can't think of anyone else."
I am baffled that this comes at a surprise to them. No really, they should have seen this coming from the moment they failed to kill Misty.
"We should have killed her..."
Yes, you really should have.

"Cross, is this fortress secure?"
"I don't think Misty knows that this fortress even exists."
"Then we should avoid anymore conflict. We should pull our troops out of there."
"That is unacceptable!!"
Yes double exclamation points. She is doubly yelling here I guess?"

"Of course, I didn't say that we should give up..."
"Do you have a plan?"
"The closest bases we have to the Shinon estate are the cave and the ruins... I will have Karis take care of the ruins."

"Wanna see my sword collection?"
This is getting out of hand. Although I have to admit, they're fun to make.

"You're going alone?"
"I want to dedicate my victory to my adorable Asty..."
"Stop joking around, Cross. I will go with you."
"I can't allow that."
"Are you giving me an order?"
"I'm not going to send someone in your condition to the front lines."

"Is that why Lord Vandor sent me here? Is that it?"
"I understand your frustration, but you need to relax."

Disappointed that she couldn't murder her sister, Asty leaves.

"Our civilization is advanced. But there are still some diseases that can't be cured with magic... She won't last six months."
"No wonder she's so intent on winning the war quickly..."
"A person's value can't be measured by the length of their life..."

So Asty has fantasy Cancer, that's immune to frigging magic. Diseases really can adapt to everything.
It's also rich that Cross talks about the value of a persons life when he completely obliterated Garum because he was about to talk.
What a douchebag.

And now I remember I forgot to save after doing this mission... There's always something isn't there?

Toxa Episode 11 Chapter 6 pt.2 END