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Part 26: Toxa Episode 13 Chapter 7 - The past stays pt.1

THIS GOD DAMNED CHAPTER Ahem.. I mean Toxa Episode 13 Chapter 7 pt.1

Guess who forgot to save after playing through last chapter. This guy

Thank you, I work very hard on LP'ing.

"I'll take over from here."
"I'm still fine."
"You're really enthusiastic about this."
"I'm still not doing enough. Lacryma would do more."
"Yes, but she's a Shrine Warrior. She's a tough act to follow..."
"I know that..."

"Yes, I hated everything in the beginning. Of course, that has changed now. It's different now..."

We're really just going over shit we already know. It's not even interesting shit. Stop repeating boring shit game!

Thank you.

"You're a runaway... Aren't you going to take over your father's business?"
"No, because unlike you, I don't bend over backwards to please my parents. I'm not the merchant type."
"I know that you want to be a Knight, but I think you don't like responsibility."
"Look who's talking miss didn't-help-out-a-bleeding-man. Well..."
"Lacryma never runs away from anything... I don't like the idea that everything is fine as long as your ego is satisfied."
Hey! I never ran away from anything. It's the AI running away from me!

You better be.

"Alana was very angry with me yesterday. After the battle, she said that I was selfish. I thought about it all night."
"I thought about it, but I still don't understand. I just want to be a hero. That's all. To tell you the truth, I'm confused."
"However, I do regret what I did... I jeopardized the lives of my comrades because of my selfishness..."
Toxa. The man who doesn't understand, by understanding perfectly. Yes, he is that stupid.

"Are we back to being friends again?"
"Ha, Ha, Ha! Do you really need to ask me that!?"
"I guess not!"

"You knew?"
"It's quite obvious... Just do what you're supposed to do..."
"Sure! I will make up for what I did in our next battle."
"I'm looking forward to that."

So the whole Kartia IS consumed upon usage. How the fuck did Lacryma find any Kartia remains in Chapter 2 then? Who cares.

"However, the completion of this mission does not solve all of our problems."
"I'm aware of that..."
"Can you tell me what you know..?"
"Go ahead. Ask me anything..."

"Why do you need Mona for that?"
"It was an order from our client..."
"What client?"
"You know... Nobles, Encrypters and even people in the Shrine..."
"Damnit woman, I know what clients are, I want specifics! Who is the current client and what are their plans?"
"I was not told what their plans are."
"Then where did you get Mona?"
"I don't know..."

You know, for being the head honcho's daughter Misty knows surprisingly little... Oh whats that? She is pretending not to know?
No that can't be true, I'd have seen it from way a--- Toxa's stupidity is rubbing off on me isn't it?

"Then what about the guy who killed Garum?"
"He was a former Encrypter of Idorus. His name is X Cross..."
Oh great... Yeah sure, let's pit our ragtag team of idiot knights and the very incompetent fantasy police up against a literal wizard.
"Where were you supposed to take Mona to?"
"To Nordia... The powerful country in the north."

Yeah, I mean it's TOTALLY a COINCIDENCE and you should DISREGARD this information.

"I understand... That's all I needed to know."
"Duran... Are you going to tell this to the others? Because then you're a snitch, and you know what happens to those"
"No, Why do you ask?"
"I'm worried... I'm a former thief after all..."
You know after being forgiven for several murder charges, assault and wielding a weapon with intent to murder, you think something silly as being a thief would not even show up on the radar.
So I have a hard time swallowing this self pity crap.

"Misty, are you going to stay on as a member of Vigilance?"
"Yes... That is, if you will accept me..."

Holy fucking shit, if that isn't the sleaziest smile I have ever seen. Look at that shit. Tell me this guy has your best interest at heart.
This is not the face anyone should be making ever. Fucking damnit Amano




I'll be adding this to my growing collection of terrible faces.

"You can totally trust this face"

"Aww.. Don't be like that baby, you can trust me."

Sounds like a shit ton of denial. Par for the course, of course.

The best Amano art so far.

Anyways we'll be cutting things here. Because next time will be a 14 turn long combat mission. 14!

Toxa Episode 13 Chapter 7 pt.1 END.