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Part 27: Toxa Episide 13 Chapter 7 - The past stays pt.2

Toxa Episode 13 Chapter 7 pt.2

We're finally in the thief fortress properly and woah, who the hell built this? Looks like a Diablo dungeon.

Yeah, it's not like you came rampaging from across the country, attacking several thief camps.
I mean, thieves wouldn't just run from battle! They have honor and pride to uphold after all!

"We can't fight if there's no one here..."
"Does this mean the operation is over?"
"No... There is someone in the back of the cave... I sense the presence of a man..."

Yeah okey, I call bullshit on that one. Creating shit out of thin air with magic cards? Okey I can deal with that, that's the setting of the game after all.
But disregarding that, everyone who isn't an elf are normal people. Humans can't sense other humans, unless it's with their eyes or god forbid, their nose.
Besides if you could fucking sense someone being there, then why couldn't you find Toxa in the last god damn chapter? I guess, we'll just have to chalk this
up to animu supah powers. Duran is now a magical girl.

"I can sense it!"

Oh man, so we're really gonna fight an Encrypter? The same one who blew up Garum.
I can't deal with this! Who the hell get's tasked with fighting fucking trading card wizards?

"Arrogant fool! I will be your opponent!"
"Toxa! Calm down! He is a former Encrypter of Idorus. He must have set some kind of trap in the cave!"
Oh fuck me, there's traps too?
"You're right. Let's be cautious here since my strength is limited..."

Oh, so we're just in a cave... THIS ISN*T HOW CAVES LOOK LIKE GAME!

Alright, kids. Strap in your seat belts because this is gonna be a long grand battle.
We're facing off against an Encrypter, in one of the thieves home bases.

So new chapter, new Phantom. Let's take a look at... Urgh. What the fuck is this thing?
Some kind of mutant jellyfish. Alright whatever let's break it down...

In short the Polypen are shit. The end.

The long answer is that they cannot wear any defensive equipment AT all.
They have shitty movement, like 3 squares or so. And they can only use C rank weaponry.
They only advantage they have is that they're Floating. What this means for the weapon triangle,
I don't have a single clue but they never get any movement penalty from moving through high grass and the like.
Of course they move like they always have a movement penalty so that's not really in their favor.
Oh and they're melee as well. Don't use them. It's a waste of Mithril.

So this is our starting location and holy shit is this place crowded. We're packed like a can of maize.
This is just with Alana's Phantoms. Imagine if Toxa had any as well. I also still have my Kyau from way back then.
It's a wonder it has survived so far really.

Directly north of us, these Polypen are walling off this hall way... I don't know why, because there is nothing on the other side.

These Polypen also wall off this direction, but since we actually need to go there, we'll just have to juggernaut through these bitches.

Right behind them is another Polypen wall and they are totally optional, but what kind of idiot are you to pass up loot?
You're in a thief cave! Of course there is gonna be loot! Loot the looters!

Directly south of here is Cross and a small army of Lizauro's. The real threat here.

So these are Cross's stats... For an Encrypter, I have no idea why he is using an E rank Silver Katana, when he could have used a C rank Silver Sword.
At least I won't be able to one shot him with the Fire Arm.




bunch of


So the first 3/4ths of the map is just gonna be straight up physical damage, so I put as much Defense on Posha as I can. The rest are just weapon upgrades.
Toxa is still sporting his Big B rank Armor so he doesn't really need anything.

The first turn, there really isn't anything I can do, but flood into the open room here.

The next turn, reinforcements show up. I mean it's still Polypens so it's just more experience for my guys, who cares.

F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-faaaart jooooooooke! I don't know, I got nothin'.

Cross does the usual thief thing and spams Phantoms.

And I begin chopping down these Polypen weeds. Fun fact! If you wall off the Polypen wall
the reinforcements can't attack you, because their own Polypen wall is in the way and they can't pass through enemy units.
The wall itself won't actually attack because it's on a defensive AI.

Red Flame is a new spell. It hit's in a larger + area. But other than that it's rather unremarkable.

In hindsight, the water doesn't actually change your elevation and casting Ice on it won't make you run faster across it. It's a waste of Silk Kartia.

I summon No-Eyes White Dragon!

Well... It wasn't entirely worthless. Now my Kyau can cross and help loot things.

I'm finally done clearing up those reinforcements.

The Polypen wall up here actually moved away from Toxa for some reason. Yes! Fear me! FEAR ME TENTACLE MONSTERS!

Meanwhile I've started to work down Cross's Lizauro army.

These guys are actually lvl 15. Oh fuck that's like double my lvls.

Well... They're Polypens so they're slow as fuck, I don't have to deal with them if I don't want to.

For some reason I didn't cap what was in the chest. I think it was a text. But eh not important.

But THIS is! Who ever is in my way, better get the fuck out, right the hell now.
What Text is this? Why it's our first World Tree Text. And the game translate the kanji as "Violent"

Let's take a closer look at what spells we can create with this. Hmm 74 earth damage with the Wide Quake hit area. That's okey, but we have two whole
Kartia slots left. We can do better. Oh yes we can.

If we "Intensify" our "Harsh Quake" it evolves into "HELL QUAKE" 90 damage in a large hit area. I don't know what the "reduces 2hp per attack" does.
But who cares. Still... We can do a little better than this.

I add a "Stone" Text, I think it is... I don't remember, I went mad with power for a bit. Anyways 98 damage. That's more than our single target spells.

Unfortunately it isn't a new spell animation. However these Lizauros took 50ish damage.

The rest is just busy work now.

Oh hey a Royal Sword... It's a weapon I can create, but didn't see a need to, and if I did It would be a +3 or something. Pass

This is much more exciting.

Is this Christmas?

This is another World Tree Text. "Silver" It allows us to create a plethora of Silver weaponry.
Unfortunately we aren't facing any werewolves any time soon... If ever.

There is MORE?

And they're level 20!? MAX LEVEL LIZAURO'S? OH FUCK ME! Alright we don't actually have to deal with them.
We can just rush to Cross and end him before they become a problem.





Uh huh.

Still going.


Aaaaaaaand done. So the reward for all this is a new weapon I havn't seen before. The Magic Sword. I wonder what it does...
Oh also Duran is now lvl 11. He started at lvl 8. Good job Duran.

This could be usefull on a Shadow Phantom to guarantee that one hit kill.

Anyways time to take out the trash. Cross decides to attack my Lizauro with his sword...

Cross is an honest to god Wizard and he attacks with his sword? Is he pulling a Gandalf here? What the fuck?
Speaking of which, where were the traps Cross?





Hah! Taken out by Posha. What a wimp

"That'll make life more interesting."
"Really? You're just saying that..."
"How long do you intend staying with them, Misty?"
"I won't go back again..."
"What about Asty? What do you intend to do about her, traitor?"
"Don't distract her! She doesn't concern you anymore..."

Why does it sound like we're the cult fanatics?

"Mmm... I see... then. I require your answer before we meet again."
"You're not getting away!"
"No, Toxa! It's a trap..."
You mean like all those traps that were supposed to be there, but weren't?
Besides why would Cross fight us here, expecting to lose, run away just for a trap to kill us. Instead of setting up a trap while confronting us?
What is he? Batman? Clearly not.

"Damn... what a Bastard"
"Come now... We took care of them."
"Yes, we've won. Our mission is completed."
Wouldn't that be "has been completed?"
"Does that mean... We head back to town?"
"Correct! Good job everyone!"

17 TURNS. SEVEN TEEN. There are SO many god damn fucking dudes. 42! Yeah haha the answer to life. Fuck you.

What monk Duran. Who are you talking about?

"You're not thinking about chasing him all by yourself?"
"I'll leave Cross to the Knights. I'm just worried."
"You worry too much."
"You know me..."
"Your hair is going to turn grey, you know..."
"It will make me look wise."

"Do you think Lacryma's group returned to Vigilance Headquarters?"
"I don't see Toxa around."
"I sensed He left early. He said he wanted to drop by the Count's estate."
"What!? He should have told me that he was going!"
"Don't you think that's... You know what I mean."
"Oh, I see. He wants to see Mona. I wonder what she's up to..."
She is probably just sitting around, being a lay about elf. Frigging elves man.

"Well, She has class and comes from a noble family. She has a great body which I envy..."

"I mean, her personality..."
"Well... I don't think she's a bad person... But to be quite honest, I still don't know. She is still a mystery."

"I looked back at what I did... It seems I went too far."
"Are you talking about what happened with Toxa and Posha?"
"I'm not their boss and yet, I yelled at them as if I had some kind of authority."

"It's not like me... But what if this is my true self?"
"No, that would be me."
"If you benefit from looking at your past, then go ahead. If not, we should think about what's coming up."
"I know this is going nowhere... But when I think that Lacryma may have handled the situation better, it depresses me..."
Errrr... Lacryma swung her sword at Ele for not doing what she was told. How is that "better" than yelling at someone?"
"When we get back to town, get some rest. Lao's shop is up and running. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a drink there again."
Lao's "shop" is actually the bar we fought the "wild" phantoms in Lacryma Chapter 1. Oh also, Durans see's a woman is upset. Suggests they go drinking.

Yeah, not suspicious at all.

"Yeah... Thanks for listening. I'll go to sleep before the sun rises..."

Then maybe you should have said that, instead of thinking it Duran.

See? I told you, she was just laying about.

Finally done. I don't really have a lot of things to say about these recent Toxa chapters. We've had a decent idea of what's going on.
And we're just going through the motions. Toxa got a girlfriend so that's something I guess, and Alana is descending into Posha.
Posha on the other hand stopped being Posha. But most importantly of all Cross turned out to be an over hyped wuss. What a let down.

Next time, we'll be going back in time a bit and see what Lacryma and crew is up to.

Toxa Episode 13 Chapter 7 pt.2 END.