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Part 28: Lacryma Episode 12 Chapter 6 - A hint of corruption pt.1

Lacryma Episode 12 Chapter 6 pt.1

This is somewhat of a short chapter, and I feel like just glossing over the combat, because... Well you'll see.

It strikes me that Cross is named after a country. I'm just waiting for a dude to introduce himself as America.

You know, considering that it was full out assault, the battle for the fortress was surprisingly uneventful.

"Don't worry Rimzan. We'll take good care of him."
"I don't need anything from you."
"Relax... I always help the weak..."
"Look who's talking."


"How did this happen?"
"I don't know. I'm not involved."

A knight enters the room.

Knight "Chief Rimzan! All units are ready!"
"Good. Stand by!
Knight "Yes sir!"

The knight gets out of the room

"Let's proceed. Any questions?"
"No sir."
"Ele is all yours. Take care of her."

Drops the mic and leaves the room.

No one likes gloaters Ele.

"Whatever... An order is an order. Nothing personal, but when we're in battle, concentrate on saving yourself."
"Oh... Ok."
"You're in charge of her, Troy."
"I want no part of this."

and Drops the mic and leaves the room.

"She values law and order. When Rimzan says yes, she says yes. When he says no, she says no."
That's kind of what it means to be a soldier Troy.

"Then she's like a Phantom. What fun is that?"
"Who knows. She's weird."

Is getting tired of dealing with the freezer burn and leaves the room.

"Different people have different values."
"I don't understand. How can she live that way?"
She doesn't. Not really.

Uh oh... Well this isn't foreboding at all!

These characters!

At least it isn't Troy's pimp cane... If you get what I mean.

"How did you get this?"
"I can't tell you."
"This smells rotten... Did you show Lacryma?"
"To her? Are you kidding!"
"What if I told her?"
"I know you talked to Rimzan about Ele."
"Forget it, Troy."
"We both don't want to jeopardize our relationship with Lacryma."
God only knows why, because I don't.

Sounds like Bachstail knows something about this mysterious Text. And it's step above Troy's pay grade to play with this.

"I won't read it. I don't want to get into trouble."
"Trouble? What does it say?"
"It has something to do with an Original Kartia... Whoever reads it will be condemned as a heathen."
Well we don't have to worry too much about this I guess... I mean we don't even have an Original Kartia.

Awkward pause.

"Original... The Forbidden Kartia..."
The proverbial Apple of the Tree in Eden.
"Well? As an Encrypter, this is a great oppertunity."
"Deciphering an Original is my dream, but it's dangerous."
"You wanted the Unlimited license..."
"I'm happy this way."
"I thought you were more ambitious."
"At least I don't get into trouble."
Said the guy who was almost caught stealing ORIGINAL FUCKING KARTIA TEXT.
"Now you sound old. I mean conservative..."
"I take that as a compliment."

I'm unsure if Troy split up half of the OG Kartia Text and didn't show it to Bachstail or if he simply doesn't have it.
Maybe it's the Text he gave to Alana? Either way, we have 1/3 of a complete Original Spell. And some would say that is 1/3 too much.

"I have another question..."
"Go ahead."
"Why did you come Bach back?"
"To seek the truth."
"Truth? About Kartia?"
"No, about Illuminati.[/i]
"I'd rather not talk about it. Time will tell."
"You're not going to gain trust from Lacryma that way."

"[s]Well ya ain't be getting ma pimp cane, brutha.
Is it racist that I can only imagine black people as pimps? I mean, I've never seen any pimps in real life. So I only have stupid movies as reference.

"Ok Kun, we are supposed to kill the thieves the Knights send our way."
"Shut up, I know. We switched places with the Knights."
"But this means that we only get the left-overs. I thought it would be more dramatic."
Ele, you've seen how Kartia handles combat. It's never dramatic.

"You don't want it to be dramatic."
"We can make it dramatic if you want."
"They're just garbage. Two or three Phantoms are enough."
"Don't underestimate them. They're desperate."
No I'm with Troy on this one. I don't even bother creating Phantoms for this map.

Hah! Even the second group of thieves were suprised!

So we'll be wrapping things up here, because even though the combat section is something I'm gonna the epilogue is somewhat decently long.

Kun is also clearly tired of Troy's shit and he'll have none of it.
They're growing up so fast.

Lacryma Episode 12 Chapter 6 pt.1 END.