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Part 29: Lacryma Episode 12 Chapter 6 - A hint of corruption pt.2

Lacryma Episode 12 Chapter 6 pt.2

Huh... wait a minute... Kun said it was their mission to attack the eastern fortress.
But this looks like the south to me. What the heck?

Kun did you receive any education as a child?

Anyways we're here to mop up some thieves... This is just a filler mission so I'm gonna treat it as such.
I'm sorry game, but if you want me pay attention you gotta do better than this. But first!

We start in this place, in a mountainous area with irregular elevation. One might think Axes and Spears are good to use here.
But you're wrong. Oh so wrong.

Remember this place... Things will happen here.

And here is the bridge the thieves will be coming from. So all in all a pretty small map.

I have total access to Lizauro Textnology. But I want to squeeze out the last bit of utility out of my Beheads before they become obsolete.

Another weapon we could have made in a while is this Unique Sword. This is a +3 which is as high as I can get it at this moment.
Like it's armor brethren it's a variant of Stone Armor. What makes this truly unique is that it restores health on attacking. Even counter-attacks.
I would have used this earlier, but I had the Fire Arm for Kun and I didn't bother equipping my Phantoms with anything.
However enemies are starting to have more Fire resistance so the Fire Arm is becoming obsolete.

If you just discovered the recipe, you might be thinking it's a shit weapon because it only heals you for 2 hp per hit.
But if you upgrade it to +3 then it restores a baffling 8hp per hit. Every hit. It's actually really good, and if you want to focus more on permanent
Phantoms, then use this for them as it will greatly increase their survivability.

I of course also give Kun some Unique Armor doubling his elemental resistances. With this many thieves it's sort of invaluable.

So considering there are a lot of thieves, you have to take care...

...That they don't overwhelm you or are in a position to single out a human character...

... This makes it a really hard mission to complete.

... Or you can just completely disregard this filler combat and spam Big Quake.
Note the giant crater in front of the bridge. This is why Earth magic is so satisfying to use.

This golem knew what was gonna happen and got the heck out of dodge.

Yes, I cut out a ton of dudes moving around because, who cares about thieves and Golems?

"See, Bachstail... I'm a good fighter."
"You did a great job. Don't you think so, Lacryma?"
"I guess so..."
"You're just stubborn. Just accept it."
You know, I like Ele because she doesn't just worship the ground Lacryma walks on.
"Man... She's worse than Posha."
However it could be said that Ele is also obsessed with Lacryma.

See? 28 fucking dudes. You're welcome.

We also got two more texts from thief drops. It's a wonder it didn't get obliterated.
Thieves: Less sturdy than paper.

"They just attacked the fortress! They need to rest!"
"They might, but this is part of the operation."
"They say only a smile from a beautiful lady can stop a Knight."
"I never heard of it."
"I know someone who could teach you."
"Kun, don't take it seriously."
"Another fairy tale... Will you ever stop, Troy?"
"You're just gullible. Get your brain to focus."
"I was told never to deceive and not to be deceived."

Another thing Kartia pulls off rather well with it's character is that it's characters gets used to other characters behavior.
Not every character is gonna rapidly change like Posha. Kun is getting real tired of Troy's shit, I mean he is still
naive but he isn't holding back on calling Troy out. Compared to the beginning where he was just sucking it up.
It's a gradual change.

"Toxa already took care of the thieves there before coming to Vigilance."
"We've got to be sure."
"I've heard there's nothing left. Am I right?"
Yes, that's what ruins mean Kun.
"Yes, you're right."

Oooh. Delicious background story. Tell me!

"Kun, when we return to town, look it up."

"Explain it to him, Troy."
Lacryma is a scholar and a gentlelady.

"Yeah, yeah..."
"It all began, a long time ago. It was a dark and stormy night..."

What!? NO! I wanna hear the story

Oh no guy! Watch out! It's the No-Bodied Arm!

Oh it was just Aile. Phew.

Anburi "A lot has happened while you were gone."
Anburi "yes..."
"Explain it to me."

Imagine a war where people would read cards and throw fireballs at each other... A Wizard War!
... Now I kind of want to watch that. Why the hell do we have movies about The Avengers or whatever
when we could have movies about wizards? Like straight up wizards with real spells, and not that force push horse shit
Gandalf is prancing around with. It could be so great.

So children in the playground were arguing about which were best, the sandcastle they just made
or their imaginary friend. The other children got upset, because their imaginary friend told them that the sand was holy
and should not be used for silly sand castles. A fight then broke out. Seems sort of silly if you ask me.

"Nordia joined the war and within a year, it was over."
"Which side won?"
"No one won."
"That's right... What you see now is the result of the war"
"After the war, the Encrypter School was built to control Kartia research. Then Pentagram was made to control the Shrines."
"What kind of ghost story is that? Troy you suck at telling ghost stories."
"I see... Interesting. Now that's what I call history..."
"Now I know why my estate has both territories. It was because of the war."

"Thieves running around your estate is proof."
"The estate is huge! We can't cover everything!"
"As a Shrine Warrior, I feel uncomfortable leaving the care of the World Tree to someone who can't take care of their estate."
I... Wait.. Did Lacryma just Ele?
"Don't worry, we have a Druid taking care of it."
"A Druid? On the Shinon estate?"
"That's news to me."
"I didn't know either."
Kun, you barely know anything anyways.

"Am I the only one that has a brain here? If I told you about Mona, then Misty's background would be revealed."

"It's a secret. Toxa told me not to say anything."
Yet, you did. Damnit Ele.
"Secret? What is all this?"
"Tell us about this Druid and Misty."
"Ok... But don't get mad at me."

Back to the shrine, because that's super important.

Anburi "We're alive, thanks to Lacryma. She's indeed the daughter of Kainas."
What the horse shit is this? Why does Lacryma get ALL the credit? Rimzan and Kun were totally there too.
Oh wait, they're putting her on a pedestal. I see how it is.

"You're right... Things will be just fine as long as Lacryma is here."


Not exactly how it went down...

"That's why she knew where their hideouts were."
"She betrayed her own..."
"That was mean."
"I can't believe you're saying that!"
"Does the Count know of Misty's past?"
"Yup, he knows."
"And he didn't do anything to her?"
"He was satisfied as long as he could keep the Druid."
"Not even a slap?"
"So did Duran get mad when she joined Vigilance?"
"Why? He's the one who recruited her."

Damn, Lacryma. Control your trust issues. Please.

"No, we'll play innocent... When the time comes, Misty will tell us the truth. Also, Duran must have a plan."
"Oh I have plans, alright."

I'm guessing Troy is feeling a little hurt that Lacryma is not gonna call Duran out, but she did with him.

"So far Misty has told us the truth. Her information was correct."
"So far... You never know what happens tomorow. She might be leading us into a bigger trap."
By sacrificing countless of her comrades lives? Kind of an inefficient trap then.
"Maybe we shouldn't have asked about Misty."
"Now our fighting spirit is down."
"It's not my fault."
"You're the one who couldn't keep a secret."
"A rich and spoiled girl like you is nothing but trouble."
"You don't have to be... that mean..."
"We asked you about Misty's secret. Nevermind what Troy said. Watch what you say, Troy."
Yeah, stop being a jerk, Troy.

"Whatever you say, Lacryma."
"Same here."

Is nice? Ehhh maybe a little bit.
"Unless you break the law, then I'll be hunting you down."

"Why me?"
"She doesn't like us because we create Phantoms."
"I always get blamed for something."

Yeah it has nothing to do with you being a jerk, Troy.

"Shell, will you be upset if she becomes an Inquirer? Will you blame me?"

Deliciously suspicious. One might say, there's just a hint of corruption.

Next time, We'll be following Lacryma once again.
I have no idea what happens next. So I'm excited.

Lacryma Episode 12 Chapter 6 pt.2