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Part 31: Lacryma Episode 14 Chapter 7 - Part of Eden pt.2

Lacryma Episode 14 Chapter 7 pt.2

We return from the plot twist that Bachstail is actually an Inquirer. He didn't actually tell anyone.
What we saw was him remembering ye olde days.

You don't become a part of law enforcement, and not expect to get into trouble.
You'd be entirely delusional if you think everything can be talked out.
Add religion to the mix and you have a whole bunch of conflict.

What Lacryma is talking about here is the fact that Bachstail created Phantoms back when he
was a Shrine Warrior. A big no no. It's not that she dislikes people who create Phantoms.
It's just that Bachstail was part of a religion that forbid Phantoms and broke those rules.

Ruins... Hmmm, They wouldn't...

They did!

Great.. This chump again.

"Ignore him. He's too stupid to know he's stupid."

Zakuro moves closer to our party. If we can keep up taunting him, taking out their leader immediately would be a snap.

"You heard me. I said you're too stupid to know you're stupid."

As if you weren't already trying to do that Zakuro. In fact you've already tried... Twice.

Traps in this game is a myth. They don't exist. Which is funny because a lot of Phantoms are based on mythical creatures.
(Also, still not doing a Zakuro portrait. )

Thief "Yes boss..."

Karis is figuring out that Akueldo might not be the most competent people. I'd change sides too.

Damn Lady. Why does your face look like a Picasso self portrait? Amano!

Karis sneaks away

Not even our party is giving Zakuro any respect.

I feel like I've been here before...

So this map is the same god damn map from the one where Toxa had to save Mona from Garum. 100% identical except the enemies. And most of those enemies are in the same god damn placement.

In fact! There's even enemy Kyau here. Ugh, I'm feeling Filler again. Why even have Zakuro escape from the assult on the Shrine when he adds nothing to the damn story.
He is in fact just a god damn faceless ugly padding midboss.

Yep theres an Kyau here too. So far 2 Kyaus and 2 Polypen... Not the worlds greatest threat.

Right behind the Polypens are 1 Mordere on each side of the ruins. That's actually pretty clever tactical wise, but there aren't enough of them to be a credible threat.

And here is the same thief formation Garum used. Listen Zakuro, you might not want to copy Garum. You know what happened to him?
He's dead, Zakuro... Granted not by us. But still...

Where the Beheads were in Garums version these new Phantoms stand... Let's take a closer look.

Oh, it's the next tier of Golem. In other words, complete shit. Just like you Zakuro.

I mean come on, how am I supposed to take a naked Phantom wearing nothing but shoes and their "weapon" seriously.
They can't even wear armor or hats. Phantoms I'm not gonna create? Golems, Polypens and these guys.

Yeah, I'm going to crush Zakuro. Crush him so hard he won't ever think about showing his stupid fat ass ugly face again. Go away Zakuro!

The plan was to use a Kyau and Lizauro to box in the enemy Kyaus... But then my Lizauro actually hit with it's attack.

And again!

With the enemy Kyaus dead, my own can move up to attack the Polypens! This is great because, no it isn't. It doesn't change a god damn thing.
level 1 Kyaus will harm a Miles for 2 damage. Polypens, even though they're a terrible Phantom will not take any damage from a Kyau.
And you have to do at least 1 damage to receive any xp from attacking.
The only upside to a Kyaus attack is that they will trigger a counter-attack. For more useless Kartia Trivia message 1-800-Idontcare. Wait
that's not how those work.

Uh.. What is going on? Game!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING IT?

(I actually went so mad, I accidentally closed my tab. I am grateful for whoever coded the forums to automatically save your drafts.)

With the gimmick of this level revealed, I'm going to speed this combat segment up again. You're welcome.
A word on the traps. You have to stand directly next to a pillar for it to trigger. You can walk past them just fine, they only trigger if you
stop next to them. And even then they only deal 40 damage.

Something that bothers me as a LP'er is that when casting Kartia, the camera always resets to the default position. So you get a weird result like this,
where it looks like Lacryma is melting the ruin wall. But she's actually killing a Mordere.

Kyau's follow the Ninja law. That is that the more there are of them, the less effective they are.

Bachstail secures the "Silver" Text for us, which means that "Violent" won't be far away.

Ah there we go, Ultimate power GET.

The AI grouped up nicely for me. Now I won't want to actually kill Zakuro yet. I still need to grab everything.

Thankfully Zakuro has a pretty high Earth resistance, so I can safely blow his group up with Hell Quakes, and I won't even risk him dying.

Now that he is alone, I surround him so he can't run away. Then I take my time getting the loot.

But as it turns out, my efforts are wasted. Because the rest of the loot is shit.

Case in point. Platinum Helmet is something we can create ourselves, so finding it will always be inferior to stuff we can create ourselves.

Now that I have everything, it's time to finish this awful villain.

The third time really is the charm.

Don't care Zakuro. You have the emotional depth as a puddle of water.

"Let's hand this idiot to the knights. I want to go back."
"Yeah, I want to go back."
"Now you've got time to decipher that thing."
Shhh Bachstail, don't talk too loud. Let Troy keep his illegal Text so I can have more world breaking spells.
"I want to stay this way."
"Troy, what is this 'thing'?"
"There's no place like home."
"Troy, are you feeling Ok?"
"He's finally lost his mind."
"Cut it out, Troy! You don't make any sense!"
"I'm tired! Leave me alone!"
I have no idea what they are even talking about.

Yeah game, if you could just turn up the difficulty, then that would be great.
Hahaha who am I kidding? I'm just gonna Hell Quake everything.

Back at Vigilance Headquarters.

"Toxa's group is late..."
"You're right... I wonder why?"
"Do you think they're dead?"

Lacryma: Not a fan of death jokes. Wait, how would those even work?

"That's right! It's not funny!"
"If you're so worried about them, go look for them."
"why do you have to talk like that? You're so cold."
"Like ice, baby"
"Kun, let's look for them."
"I'm going too..."
"I don't think it's necessary."
Bachstail "senses" Toxa's group. With his eyes. Looking out the window.

Posha and Alana saying almost the exact same thing. SO SUBTLE GAME.

"Why? Because unlike you, we faced real opposition?"
I mean comparatively speaking Toxa's group had it worse.
"The mountain trail was destroyed on the way back. What trouble!"
"Where's Toxa?"
"He went back to the Count's mansion."
"To have a little fun. I know because I can sense it"
"See, I told you. They're fine..."
"Yeah, right..."

You know what? the last few chapters have been so uneventful I don't even need to drink to forget them.

"Then, shall we join them?"
"I want a little fun myself."
"We haven't been together in a while!"
"It brings back memories..."
"You're right..."
"Can I go too?"
"Why are you asking? We're all friends, right?"

"What about you, Misty?"
"Me? I..."
"Don't be like that, Misty."
"I told you, you're part of Vigilance now. And that means being an alcoholic hedonistic party animal."
"Thank you... I guess I'll join you."
"That's the spirit!"

And so Misty falls prey to peer pressure. Don't be like her kids.

Look, even Troy is tired of being worried about the same shit all the time. Moving on.

This game just keeps on surprising me with what they got away with. It's like watching a wizard at work.
So we got:
Curse words.
Implied alcohol consumption.
Implied prostitution.
Attempted fratricide.

Did I miss anything? No... I don't think so.

"You're young. You're allowed to get carried away."
"Thank you."
"The operation was a success. I want to say you all need rest, but I can't yet..."
"What happened?"
"I have to take the troops to Nordia today."
"The Rebel situation is worse?"
These are the sort of grammatical errors I would make if I didn't check my writing.
"The Imperial troops are in bad shape. They can't get back to the Encrypter School."
You'd figure that the Imperial troops would be better exercised than that.
"I never knew the Rebels were this strong."
"The Knights don't have Phantoms. That may be why."
What do you mean the Knights don't have Phantoms. Toxa is a Knight and he can create Phantoms.
YOU'RE a Knight and you can create Phantoms. I mean it's not the best phantoms, but they're decent.


Yeah, sure. BUT YOU CAN USE KARTIA. What are you even complaining about?


So yeah, I can't take this bit seriously. This is sort of a goof where in-game stats don't reflect the narrative.
It does sort of explain why Rimzan has an A rank in weapons, as he comes from a time where Kartia use
weren't widely spread. But that means that Rimzan should have a lower Kartia stat or just straight up be unable to
create Phantoms. But as it stands, he is talking about a problem he doesn't have.

"It's unfortunate that you get old."
"People who use Kartia will receive God's wrath..."
Don't you start with me, missy. You've been casting just as much shit as everyone else. Don't be a hypocrite.
"Because of the Bishop, you're old fashioned like me."
"I think so... And I'm thankful for it."

Rimzan is a father!? Of... Of course! It makes perfect sense! The mustache. The awful trollish grin. Everything fits together.
Poor Rimzan's daughter.

"What is it?"
"Kartia I found at the pub."

"It's from the Encrypter School in Idorus. All this may be caused by the Idorus royal family."
"Idorus has a lot of stories like that. The Heathen War didn't affect them. What is Idorus up to?"
"I don't know... It's hard to figure out their true purpose..."
"I'll look into it, since I'm going up north."
"Thank you, sir. But please be careful."
"Don't worry... I'm not that old."
Rimzan's Too Old For This Shit status: Not quite there yet. :v:
"I'm glad to hear it."
"Now I have a favor to ask you..."
"What is it?"

"But I can't be a dad for your daughter..."
"I think Duran is more qualified for that, sir."
"Duran is to be transferred to Pentagram soon. He may have to quit Vigilance. Pentagram is too far."
"I didn't know that..."
"More filthy secrets? How dare he keep his personal business from me!?"
"It was kept secret. It was Duran's request."
"That means he's going to be the head of the Bishops."
"It's a big promotion. We can't bind him here."

So Lacryma is faced with having to take over for Rimzan, without Rimzan or Duran to ask for advice if shit hits the fan.
She is solely responsible for Vigilance. It's cold on the top.

"I need someone who is as reliable as Duran. This is a good opportunity. Will you do this for me?"
"Yes sir."

[i]Not like she has a choice. It's what's expected of her.
But should you really make decisions based solely of what is expected of you?

Let's find out some other time. But for now this is the end of this update.
Next time, we'll go back to Toxa like that terrible Ex you can never forget.

Lacryma Episode 14 Chapter 7 pt.2 END