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Part 33: Toxa Episode 16 Chapter 8 - Days of rest pt.2

Toxa Episode 16 Chapter 8 pt.2

Alright enough boring crap about frigging trees or whatever.

Didn't know that in a world where you have people named, Toxa and Duran
You'd also find Joe... Or Candy now that I think about it. It does kind of
reflect real life. Looking at you Suparman Bin Batman.

"What happened? Is something wrong?"
Joe "My children are missing."
Nan "It seems that they snuck out of their room... But my children never leave without asking."
"I thought running away was supposed to be done without anyone noticing..."
"What about their friends?"
Joe "They're not there."
"They might have been kidnapped..."
"Any ransom notes or demands from anybody?"
Nan "None."
"Do you have any ideas where your children might be?"
Joe "I looked all over town. They're nowhere to be found."
"Were they talking about going to a particular place lately?"
Joe "I don't recall..."
Nan "Dear! Didn't you get mad at them? You forbid them to play 'Test your courage'."
Joe "I did? So, I did..."
I've seen worse parents... Unfortunately. I wonder if child protective service is a thing yet in Rebus.

What? There's paperwork involved when someone needs rescuing in Rebus?
Mona didn't have to file a "Damsel in Distress" form to get Toxa to help her.

"This way, please."
Joe "Thank you..."
"They must be in the Mystic Forest."
"The children will probably be there."
Couldn't you just sense them?
"What is the Mystic Forest?"
"It's the forest in the west. Monsters live there."
I know it's a JRPG, but I still want to protest to this. Shouldn't taking care of any monster nests near human habitats be given top priority?
I don't care what PETA says, Floating tentacle monsters should be made extinct... I wonder if we'd make clothes of them?
Hey what do you know. Googling that wasn't completely terrible. I was expecting worse really.

"The children will visit this forest on a dare. It's a game played among the children here."
So sort of like the teenagers who jump on top of trains for thrill seeking? Humanity: Surviving for thousands of years, just to find new ways of killing itself.
"I remember Duran and Lacryma doing it... Didn't you end up crying?"
"Uh... I don't remember..."
I wonder whose idea that was. Also that means there was a time where Lacryma did something that she probably weren't allowed to do.
"Let's leave it that way... We can reach the forest before the sun goes down if we leave now. Shall we go?"
Can we please not?
"I may know of the whereabouts of your children. Please wait for us at your home. They may come back while we are out searching."
"Mystic Forest... Even the name sounds eerie..."
"In fact, many terrible stories come from that place."
And why haven't you torched the damn place to the ground? It's not like you need the trees for anything.
"There is a Druid legend... 'Five Dragons bound to the old city broke free of their invisible chains and hid in the forest...'"
"'... When the two worlds become one again, the Dragons will spread their wings...' I don't think that's the same forest."
What's interesting to note here is the "Two worlds become one again". Assuming of course that we believe in legends. When did Elfish legends ever come true?
This is probably all just hogwash.

"Whatever... Let's go find the children."
"Rapsan is the boy's name and his sister's name is Suechon."
"We'll ask the people of the town to look elsewhere. Is Lacryma in her room?"
"I'll get her."


Is this an important detail?
[Yes.] <--

You added the evidence to the court journal.

"We need help finding the missing children. Duran sent me to call for you."
"I understand..."
"This man in the portrait... Is he...?"
"That is my father, Kainas Christi. He passed away..."
"I'm sorry..."
"Don't worry about it... As long as we have life, death is inevitable."
"So... God controls man's life and death?"
"Can human beings go against God's will? Is it worth living when you can't control your own life?"
"You don't have to be pessimistic about life. Within that time, we have complete freedom of what we do in life."
Except of course if you break the law. Then Lacryma will come hunting your ass down. Interesting that Lacryma is talking about freedom, when she doesn't seem all that free.
"Not everyone believes that. Doesn't your life get difficult when you are bound by God's law?"
"I guess Duran has a harder time than I do..."
"Let's go, Misty. Duran is waiting."
What? No! You need to elaborate on that!

Getting real tired of these "[name] are you...?" Thoughts.
Are they what? Fucking clowns? I don't know! But seriously, stop this shit.

Anyways we found the kids super fast.

"Why did you go into the forest? Didn't your father tell you not to!? You know it's dangerous out here!"
They went out to find a monster... And the monster found them.
Rapsan "Sue said she wanted to go."
Suechon "That's a lie! You said let's go together!"
"Hold it right there, you two. Stop fighting."
"Yes. You're siblings... Fighting is not good."
It's not like they drew swords at each other. Sheesh stop being to sensitive.

Lacryma is zoning out Misty's shit and seems to see something.

It's probably just some monsters. Yeah I get it game, monsters in the forest rumored to have monsters. I sure should listen to what you have to say.


Are these seriously...?

Oh mom hold me! Dragons! Save me!
Although now that I take a closer look, something seems to be off about these.

"I don't believe it... Dragons really exist..."
"Misty, take the children to safety and call the others!"

Misty and the kids leave.

"How did they survive without being discovered?"
"Maybe they didn't exist until now."
"Do you think somebody created a new type of Phantom?"
"It's possible..."

Someone seems a little excited.

"Everyone is here, Duran. Let's go!"
"Are we going to kill the Dragons?"
"If they bring harm to humans, we have to..."
"Hey, wait a minute! You don't know if they're hostile!"
"I mean, if you kill them all. Then how am I going to get a Dragon pet?"
"Whatever it is, it's not natural."
"We're not here to judge what is natural."
"Shut up! I need a new coat."
"It may have been luck that we found those children intact."
"I understand what Bachstail is saying..."
"Having a Dragon pet, would totally score me some more ladies."
"However, the safety of people comes first."
"If you say so, Duran. I never thought I would be fighting against Dragons in this age..."
Shit, there are more dragons in this one map, than there are in Dragon Age.

Turns out this is a rather long chapter, so we'll be cutting it off here.
Next time. We'll be fighting Dragons! It's gonna be so exciting. Also why are having Lacryma and Duran as a focus point in TOXA'S STORY? Who knows

Toxa Episode 16 Chapter 8 pt.2 END