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Part 34: Toxa Episode 16 Chapter 8 - Days of rest pt.3

Toxa Episode 16 Chapter 8 - pt.3

Now that we are in the second act of the game, our map has expanded a bit. The yellow part is Cross Land, and the red part is the Shinon estate.
As for the other parts, that's still currently unknown to us. We know of Nordia and Idorus, but not where they're actually placed in relation
to Cross Land.

The sigils change depending on our opponent. Since we're up against Dragons, their sigil look like a dragon. Er... If you squint a little.

Alright, murder all the dragons. That's something we can do. *gulp* I hope.

Alright, let's look at this bad boys stats.

Alright, So... It's gonna tank magic pretty well. But it has shitty defense and attack.
It also cannot wear any equipment. Whatsoever. Man what a shitty phantom.
I mean they're dragons! How can they not be awesome.
Wait.. what's this. Indirect attack from 1 to 5 squares !? Alright at least it has some advantage.
It's a direct upgrade from Morderes.
Although they can't wear helmets, but really they're artillery and you should let that shit near danger anyways.

One eyed Dragons are just really cool.

And the Doll Dragon looks like a god damn zombie dragon! Quick! Throw a phoenix down on it!
Oh... wait, we can't.

For this chapter we have Lacryma and Bachstail in our party. Lacryma, why are you still using a Spirit Knife?

And here's Bachstail's shit.

Duran's equipment is woefully outdated at this point. I could give him a better sword, but I'm not gonna spend Mithril on a 1 attack improvement.
So I opted to use the royal sword I found.

We just got access to "Silver" which is World Tree text. It of course allows us to create silver equipment.
The Silver Armor set, won't out do Big Armor, but it will come pretty damn close. Big Armor is also B rank of course.
But only Toxa can wear that shit anyways. So SIlver Armor is for Duran and Alana. No I'm not gonna create
Silver Armor for my Phantoms, I don't have the resources for that.

Damn, what an improvement. It's also only 6 defense lesser than Big Armor. It should
be better than Big armor against Phantoms as well due to the -9 damage from X type Phantom.

So this map only features the 3 Dragons as opposition. So the first thing I'm gonna do is send Bachstail to the left and cast an Earth spell.

For flattening the area, I get 5 World Tree Kartias. Whaddafak? Basically every map have set spots where if you use an Earth spell, you'll get something.
The items are always the same and can vary from Kartia to Text to Items. Wide Quake is made for this. It has one of the largest hit boxes and it only requires Silk to cast.
This is why I'm missing a Text or two because I didn't bother reading up on this shit until recently. And due to the thread pointing out that there is shit in the ground.

Anyways let's go fight us some Dragons.

How tough can they be? Well THIS tough. This is my Lizauro at full health and type advantage.
What is weird is that Doll Lizauro's also deal 20 damage. I suspect Dragons ignore the type bonus to attack from Phantoms.

Duran had taken a hit from the Dragon earlier. So he isn't dealing full damage here, but he is wielding a Slashing Sword, which deals bonus damage
to Doll type phantoms. And he gets a full bonus. Dragons only ignore the type bonus from Phantoms for some reason.

When we kill a Dragon, it's soul escapes to curse it's killer...
Just kidding. I'm just casting Ice Flow.

2 Dragons left. What takes the most time here is grabbing all the stuff. The Dragons aren't really that dangerous.
A human takes around 30 damage from them. A Phantom at a type disadvantage get's one shotted. So if you at all care about them
be careful. Here is a montage of all the shit I got.

If you Quake here, you'll get this Buddha Robe. It's a very good item.

20 defenses to all elements good. Dayum. Not gonna equip it on Toxa though.

Anyways, this game hates you for taking it's secrets, so it hides it even more.
Normally when you quake a spot with an item, you just get it.
But if there is something on top of that spot you won't get jack.
So you have to remove whatever is on the top before you can quake and get it.
In this case I have to burn this tree in order for me to get the items at the spot here.

The text that was hidden here was the "Absolute" Text.

The Dream Sword is made of me dreaming about how much I'm gonna break the game.
It's a direct upgrade to Toxa's Bastard Sword +4. But wait, there's more.
It's also more accurate and it heals him 10 hp per swing. Toxa is our beefiest dude in terms of defense...
The healing on attack is just making him even more invulnerable.

I did get some other items, but they were too crappy to show. I couldn't be bothered.

Anyways it's time to end this sham of a mission. You only send 3 Dragons at me? Seriously? Let's just move on to the dialogue.

I know I didn't properly show them off here. But come on, only 3 enemy units in a map where I have 80+ damage spells, a numerical advantage 3 to 1, and access to healing.
So while the dragons are individually tough, they need support to make the truly threatening.
Also I apologize for nothing


On top of the 3 Text's we got in the map itself the stage pukes another 4 at us.

Who cares.

"I know..."
"We have become heroes by killing legendary Dragons. You should look more happy."
I would if the "Legendary Dragons" had put up more of a fight. They didn't even have fire breath!
"Posha, you're becoming a lot like Alana."
Mailman "Hello, I have a letter for you guys."

That's the geekiest mailman I have ever seen.

"He's not the guy I usually see."
Calling it now. The letter is a bomb. I guarantee it.
"Who cares... Who's it for?"
"It's for Alana... This is from the old capitol!"
"Where's Alana?"
"She's doing her part time job around this time. I think she's at Lao's."
"I'll bring this over to her."

And so everyone gathered to snoop. What? It's not like they had entertainment back then.

I guess Lacryma has been celebrating getting her Dragon murder on.

"I didn't come here to drink. A letter came for you."
"For me? Thanks, I wonder who it's from?"
"It's from Assam."
So it wasn't a bomb after all. Assam is the guy who Lacryma did surgery on.
"Assam? Is he a member of Vigilance?"
Not that Toxa cares nor remember.
"I sense think he was the man who was injured during our operation."
"He was saved thanks to Lacryma's surgery."
"Oh, I remember that guy!"
"So, what did he say? Read it, Alana."
"Let's see..."
"Thank you very much for saving my life. I wanted to meet you and give my gratitude. But before that, I wanted to write..."

"No, he sent a dick pic. Hmm not half bad either."
"Saving his life has brought you good luck."
"Ha, ha, ha! What are you guys talking about?"
"Why don't you read to the end, Alana?"
"He wants me to meet him at the old capitol."
Someone explain to me the difference between capital and capitol.
"So Alana, you've caught yourself a big one!"
"Bachstail, I'm getting really angry..."

Oh dear lord no. A tournament? Why? If it wasn't filler enough already, we get this shit?
Is Toxa, Goku now?

"That sounds good! I'll also take Kun with me. I think he has potential to get stronger."
So that's a resounding yes then.
"That's a good idea."
"Also, take Posha with you. It's better to train her now. It will make things easier for us in the future."
So that'd make Posha Krillin then. Pfft hahaha Krillin is a girl.
"Wait a minute! I never said that I was going! What about Vigilance? I also have to work here on top of that..."
Just shut up Bulma and come along.
"We all want you to take some time off. Don't worry about Vigilance, we have Misty..."
"As for the work here... Troy can take over..."

"Oh, great. Is that supposed to make me feel better?"
"No, he created a problem once. It will be his punishment."
"Don't worry, Alana. You can go."
"Thanks, everybody... I guess I will take a break!"

Bachstail - Master manipulator.

"I haven't been to the water city om a long time..."
"Have a nice time!"

Even Lao is raising his mug.

Next time, we'll follow Toxa and his friends to Water City's Fighting Tournament.
What challenges will await them there? Tune in next time on Legend of Kartia Z!!!!!!!!

Toxa Episode 16 Chapter 8 pt.3 END