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Part 35: Toxa Episode 17 Chapter 9 - Sign of fun pt.1

Toxa Episode 17 Chapter 9 pt.1

You should seriously check this out.

Something is immediately wrong here. Rimzan is facing an elf looking guy, with Raguruzet and Karis watching on the back lines.
Rimzan is the leading commander of the Knights, so being in this position is not boding well for the fight against the Rebels in Nordia.

Holy shit Rimzan, you just cut a child in half! You monster!
I mean he was an elf, but you don't murder children just like that.

Saradiart err... reforms in a lack of better term.

This is looking pretty bad for Rimzan.

And that is certainly not Kartia. We can tell because it doesn't have the cards swirling around and reform on top of the character.
Whatever this is, it's something different than Kartia.

Still purple fire doesn't seem that bad. All things considered.

I eat my words...

"You can't hurt him if you use regular Kartia. However..."
What? So my greatest weapon is useless! Swords doesn't work... Kartia doesn't work... FRIGGIN' ELVES
"...The Forbidden Kartia..."
"Correct... If we used the Original "Death" Kartia, he wouldn't survive..."
You know, that's all great. But why are you discussing the death of your greatest asset in your army?
"What if the enemy gets a hold of it?"
"Don't worry, Karis... It's already under our control."

"What a perfect way to kill time..."

Saradiart and Raguruzet leaves.

Hot damn, Rimzan survived... Well he does have decent elemental resistances.

However it's unfortunate that Karis found out. Now she's gonna finish him off.

Err... With a healing spell? Okey that begs the question... Did the spell Saradiart cast on Rimzan cause less damage than a spear?
Because Assam couldn't be healed with magic, remember? Pfft, I knew elves weren't that tough.

Thankfully Raguruzet just told you how.

Instead of thinking of the huge immortal jerk elf in Nordia, let's check out Alana's love life.

Guy moves fast. I'll give him that.

"Are you serious?"
Assam "Yes, I am."
"But we just met. We haven't even talked for five minutes!"
That's actually more than some weddings in the real world. Not that it's a good thing.
Assam "Time is of no consequence...."
"I don't think so either... But..."
And now we're back to the dialogue that is above my head. Ignorance is bliss
Assam "I know we need time... But we can make it up afterwards..."
"Aren't you being a little too hasty here?"
Assam "Don't worry! I will follow the proper method of marriage. I have cousin, very priest. He wed us."
"I wasn't talking about that! I don't know why you are in such a hurry. This is all too sudden! You have to think about my feelings too..."

Did he seriously just pull a "Quick! Marry me! My mother is dying!"? Just.. Wow dude. You have no shame at all do you?
Go on your glorious bastard.

Assam "I want to get married so that my mother can rest easy. It's the least I could do for her..."
"You should have said that from the beginning... So, this is a fake wedding, right? I understand..."
This is starting to sound like a shitty rom-com. Wait... All rom-coms are shitty. This is sounding like a rom-com then.
Assam "You don't understand, Alana! I am in love with you. That is why I am asking you to marry me. I can't deceive my mother."
"I don't know what to say... I'm sorry, this is not for me..."
Assam "I see... I knew you might say that... It still hurts me though..."
"I need time to think. You see, falling in love and being in love are different. There are many things that I must do first. So..."
Assam "Then will you give me an answer next week? I will be waiting here."
"Next week?"
Assam "I am a Cross Land Knight... I will have to go back to the front line. However, I will be waiting here at my mansion."
"I don't have a choice, do I?"
Assam "I know I am being selfish..."
"Alright, I'll give you an answer..."
Assam "Next week... See you then..."

I think it's interesting that a PC is gonna have a relationship with a NPC. Not many games pull that off.

Aww, don't say that Alana. You're so good at battlefielding.

The key thing to take away from this little thought bubble, is that
the fact that Lacryma might not be a part of her life, is a huge determining factor on
Alana's life decisions. She feels like if she marries Assam and leads a life that isn't
one where she is becoming Lacryma, is running away. Even if that life could be a happy one.

"I have read that there are different prizes."
"Well, the more you kill, the better the prize."
More murder = more better? This is something I can get behind!
"I think this is barbaric..."
"You're so square, Posha."
"Am I...?"
"Don't worry. All the Phantoms we fight are illusions. We don't be killed..."
"Is that done by using the power of Kartia?"
"I'm not sure about the details... Let's get going."
Just chalk it up to Kartia Magic.
"Oh, we forgot to mention one thing... You won't die, but you will feel excruciating pain.
Oh, Alana.
"Hey, nobody told me that..."

So we have a rather foreboding future. One were we have to fight an immortal elf.
The game is so easy, it's idea of posing a challenge to the player is straight up immortal dudes.
Game design!
Next time, Goku, Krilling, Bulma and Yamcha will be fighting in the tournament!
(Kun is Yamcha.)

Toxa Episode 17 Chapter 9 pt.1 END