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Part 36: Toxa Episode 17 Chapter 9 - Sign of fun pt.2

Toxa Episode 17 Chapter 9 pt.2

So the objective today is: Murder a bunch of Phantoms. So business as usual.
Also, I don't like that the game is insinuating that I can't kill all the Phantoms in 10 turns.

The map itself is the same map you always fight in, when you're playing in the Arena.
So for those who wanted to see that, we'll here you go.

Kun joins us at lvl 9. His equipment is shit, like when he joined Vigilance. He is, if nothing else, consistent.

In each corner of the map there's 3 Doll Lizauros and a chest. There is also buried treasure!
But the treasure is all just Kartia. So don't feel too bad if you missed/skipped it. I am an evil Overlord so
power hungry as I am, I am gonna vacuum everything up.

As for our Textnological prowess, we can now create Kabunda's. Like I mentioned before, they're shit.
But, you can mix them up to get A rank's in weapons, which ties into...

This! The Zweihander is like the Big Armor or Bastard Sword, in that it increases in Rank when we + it above 2.

That's a massive increase in damage and I'm pretty sure I could get it higher. So you could run Kabunda's with A ranks and +3-4 Zweihanders.
I didn't because they are total glass cannons what with only being able to wear shoes. They'd be threatened by Polypens or Lizauro's and that's just silly.

As for equipment that I'm actually gonna make, I made this for Kun. I suspect he won't be in our party for long, and believe it or not, but he is actually close to dead weight in this chapter.
So I gave him a Unique Sword to keep his hp up. It's 4 silk and we get like 60 of those now per mission.

Alana needs some new shit though. So I create this, a Navy Beret. It's a "secret" item in that it's not listed. You create it by adding "Sea" to the Military Hat recipe.
Interestingly if you + Military Hat high enough It'll start to give a small amount of Water Resistance. Funny that adding more water makes it more resistant to water.

Some Navy Shoes to go with that. These are made from Boots + "Sea".

With the Buddha Robe I found in the ground in last mission, Alana can now repel the ocean.
Ironic considering how much "water" she drinks. I also give her a Unique Sword.

Next up is Posha. I decide to dress her like a furry because I am secretly a very terrible person.
I kid, it's because it's the best equipment available to her equipment rank. I'm just glad this game wasn't made
last year, because sexism in fantasy games is a thing, and

I made the boots slightly better, because if there is anything more important than clothes to a woman, it's their shoes.
(I actually did it by accident.)

And Toxa doesn't get shit, because he is effectually a SRW boss at this point, with bullshit defenses and regens 10% of his hp per attack.
Wait.. that's actually more bullshit than SRW.

This is gonna be our starting formation. Due to the tournament nature of this battle, I decide to split everyone up.
And when I said I'd protect that Kyau, I meant it. :colbert.

If you think I wasn't gonna spam Earth Spells, then you're wrong.
Giant Quake is a spell that makes giants quiver with fear. Nah I'm kidding,
it's essentially a Wide Quake with bigger numbers. It's a 3 Kartia spell, so Kun and Posha can't cast it.

Since Alana is in the lower right corner of the map and the way the game always defaults the camera angles when I cast Kartia,
don't expect to see too much of her in this battle.

As for Posha, we'll she can't cast Giant Quake, but she does have access to Harsh Quake, with has a slightly lower hit area and deals slightly less damage.
So believe it or not, she is actually doing better than Kun at this point.

Which is why I employed so many Phantoms on his side of the arena. Kun has literally no area attacks and enemies will not actually attack you
if the counter attack kills them. Therefore I needed more bodies to help him not suck.

After a couple of turns, enemy reinforcements show up! Oh no! It's Polypens! Run for your life...
Err.. Walk at a brisk pace for your life!

This is why area attacks are so important in this battle. If you want to kill all the Phantoms in under 10 turns.
Then you need to have some Phantoms to help Kun and you need to spam those spells.

The lowest magical resistance Polypens have in common is actually Wind. So let's test out Magic Wind.

The spell summons blue Ifreet with a sword.

Who then turns his sword into a lightsaber.

Alright.. Cool.

I think I spent more Silk getting to the chest, than what I got out of the chest.

Alana finds some fabulous Diamond Boots.

And Kun finds a fabulous Diamond Hat.

Alana doesn't want to be shown up by Posha's Conjure: Magic Sword Dude spell. So she casts Winged Gatling Raincloud in attack mode.

Amidst the exciting fighting, more reinforcements show up. This time it's Kabunda's!
Oh no! These are the last reinforcements of the map. Thankfully. Nothing really changes combat wise.

The only Text to be found in the map itself is this.
With everything properly shown off let's just skip to the ending of this map.

Not before showing off that I actually got a Phantom to lvl 4! Not that it changes anything. But there you go.

Also getting some World Tree Kartia from the ground.

Anyways, I finally kill everything.

36 dudes killed and I didn't lose a single phantom, that is exactly how much Polypen's and Kabanda's suck.
I didn't even need to heal my Phantoms.

I don't know if finishing after 10 turns makes you lose out on rewards. But we did get a good haul.
The Polypen Blade is obviously a Polypen only weapon. So it will never be used. The Pardos Armor is also for a Phantom I believe.
The Dream Rod, is probably the spear version of the Dream Sword. So meh situational. The Angel Robe is something I don't know what is yet.
I'm like 86% sure we won't have Angel Phantoms so it should be something interesting. We also get a shit ton of Kartia.
I mean 90 Silk 50 Mithril and 20 World Tree is nothing to sneeze at. We only got 3 new Texts though.

I'm pretty sure this is the pub. Kind of a dick move to leave your friend outside while you're drinking.

These kids come running up and starts to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The same symbology used for the Phantom types.

The girl played a Dragon and the boy had a Miles out. Yeah, Rock, Paper, Scissors are weird in Rebus.

You know what they say, once you realise you're happy some trouble starts to show up. I just didn't think it would happen that fast.

"I guess I owe you my life. Thanks to you, they didn't come after me, right?"
Errr no, Duran said it was a trap to follow you after we kicked your ass. Misty had surprisingly little to do with that.
"What do you want?"
"What a silly question. I'm here to do my job."

Misty draws her sword.

He probably could, but his AI would just make him stand around and spam Phantoms all day, until we kicked his ass.

"I want to know where Mona is..."
"Do you really think I'll work for the Rebels again?"
"You better, the price on your head just went up."
"I'm not afraid of you. I have friends that will protect me."
Yeah! Don't bully me, or I'll have my big brother beat you up! Real intimidating, Misty.
"I understand the attachment you have, but you're being used."
"Being used?"
"Do you think they're so naive as to accept a former thief as a member? When the war is over, you'll become a criminal."
"My friends are not hypocrites. I trust them."
"Are you referring to your companion?"

Misty is about to do something incredibly dumb. Even if she cannot trust Duran, she decides to trust the words of
a person who just threatened her on her life. A person who is part of the organization that wants her dead.
A person who already killed one of her former colleagues. She could be branded an criminal, but it's not like she lives
in the Information Age. She could flee before she was arrested. But joining Akueldo/the Rebels again is almost a certain death sentence.

"Just tell me where Mona is. It's not a big deal."
Yes, it's actually a very big deal, otherwise why would Cross risk getting caught by approaching Misty?
Why would he threaten her life over it?

"She's... At Count Shinon's estate..."
So Misty does the stupid thing and tells Cross.

In hindsight, it was a pretty stupid thing to hide Mona at the estate.

"She's still at the Count's estate!? Do they really think that it's safe just because they defeated the thieves?"
No, they thought it was safe because no one knew.
"You have what you need... Get out of my sight..."
"We will attack in three days. On that day, you are going to work for us. Deceive them..."
"For you to come back to Akueldo, you have to do something for them..."

Cross leaves.

Misty, you are super dumb. I had to say it again.

I'm starting to think that Karis might not be 100% with Akueldo.
It's not that hard to figure out what she is up to once you connect the facts that she
knows Bachstail and what Bachstails former occupation is.

This is new. Using the Originals will kill you. Good to know.
But that begs the question. What of the lesser Kartia, that we have been using so far?
Do they also have some sort of negative impact on it's user?

Well, no one has really used the Death Kartia. It's really just speculation and theory.
Since there is only 1 of it, and it's still here, then no one can really know what it does.
But for now let's just assume that's what it does.

That's all for this update. I have a feeling that next chapter, things are gonna get interesting for Toxa. So
we'll go with Lacryma next time.

Toxa Episode 17 Chapter 9 pt.2 END.