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Part 37: Lacryma Episode 15 Chapter 8 - Regret pt.1

Lacryma Episode 15 Chapter 8 pt.1

Today, we'll go back in time. To a time before Dragons existed. But after Zakuro got captured again.

I'm guessing what she is saying here is that her dad would rather see crime run rampant, than see the law enforcement
become as corrupted as the criminals.

"I feel like I can't obey God. I feel like I'm swaying off the path of Shrine Warriors. Please tell me what I must do..."
Even the great and heroic Lacryma is looking for someone to tell her what to do and what is and isn't Ok. It's comforting to have someone telling you what to do.
On the other hand, how can you be a grown up if you can't think and act on your own.

"Your father has seen all the good you have done. You don't have to doubt what path you're taking."
"But I'm not sure... I have anxiety... Sometimes I think I'm doing evil and not knowing it."
"You have done your duty as a Shrine Warrior. What more do you want? What more do you need?"
"I don't know... It seems like nothing can satisfy my needs... I don't know what to do..."
It seems like something is making Lacryma question herself and I'm pretty sure it isn't Zakuro.


Alec "It may be nothing, but my brother came back from business this morning... He said he obtained a rare item..."
"That's nice..."
Maryanne "We thought we should give it to Vigilance."
"You don't have to do that..."
Alec "Vigilance has protected our lives. We can't thank you enough. Please accept it."
"Accept it, Lacryma. It's their way of showing their gratitude."
"Yes, Bishop."
"I accept, thank you."
Alec "Great. Actually, I already sent it to Vigilance Headquarters."
Maryanne "Please keep up the good work."
"I don't think you need an answer anymore."
"Yes, Bishop."

"We're human, it's normal to feel that way."
"You're right."
"Kainas was loved by everyone. Follow his footsteps."
"I will... Thank you Bishop."

"What do you think of Inquirers?"
"I don't agree with their methods... I don't accept them as one of God's servants."
"I see."
"Why do you ask Bishop?"
"Oh, it's nothing... Don't worry about it."
"Ok Bishop."

So Inquirers aren't exactly well liked by Aile or Lacryma. And while we don't know exactly how they operate, we've been given a few clues.
Bachstail killed a noble while he was in the service as an Inquirer. Of course, the noble had a sketch of the Original "Death" Kartia, which is strictly illegal.

So it seems that Inquirers are sort of a "judge, jury and executioner" type mixed with a bit of spy work.
It's not even that far from what Lacryma has been doing. The hugest difference is that she haven't killed
criminals in cold blood.

That is a filthy lie. Kun's Kartia stat is still 1.

That must be a total pain in the ass. He can't get his promotion because his boss is busy in some other country.

Ooooh, what's this?

"You're pretty confident."
"I already know I'm going to win."
Oh man, famous last words.
"You won't know until you try..."

Well, Kun is very good with a sword. And this IS a sword fight.
No magic, No Phantoms, Final Destination, Toxa and Kun only.

"They're young. They crave excitement."
"They just want to know who's better with the sword!"
One could say, that all men are pretty excited about playing with their swords.
"Who are you going to be on, Alana?"
"I'll bet on Toxa. He's stronger than I am."
"What about you, Bach?"
"I'm with Toxa."
"What about you, Ele?"
They seriously used the same phrase right after each other?
"Of course, Toxa."
"...Why not Kun?"
"Don't be stupid, the result is obvious."

"That's unusual of you, Lacryma. You never bet."
"You're frustrated because of who I bet on."
"That's nice of you... I bet on Toxa."
"Lacryma, what are you thinking? Is it sympathy? Pity?"

Stop this damn rom-com crap. Stop it right now!

Toxa isn't exactly the best sportsman.

Who is going to win?
The more experienced Knight; Toxa?
Or the underdog that no one expects to win; Kun?

I'm legitimately asking, because I'm ending the update here.
So feel free to theorize on who wins.
You don't win anything if you guess correctly though.
Because I'm like life, hugely unfair.
Besides I need a few days to mentally prepare myself for the up coming combat mission.

Toxa Episode 15 Chapter 8 pt.1