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Part 38: Lacryma Episode 15 Chapter 8 - Regret pt.2

Lacryma Episode 15 Chapter 8 pt.2

So last time, I ended the update right before Toxa's and Kun's duel. I wonder how that turned out.

Woah, holy shit that was fast. Let's get that in slow motion hmm?

Holy shit what? Is Toxa some kind of sword prodigy?
Toxa is raising his sword as Kun's strike is about to hit, then somehow blocks Kun's attack.
They both recoil and Toxa simply just attacks faster than Kun.

I actually kind of like it, It's executed really fast, the duel doesn't last more than 3 seconds.
I suppose it reflects real sword fighting somewhat better than most games.
Not that I'd actually know. I haven't tried or seen a real sword duel before, because my country is boring.

Well there you have it, Kun lost. No goading, no "I'm actually not left handed" tricks. No "McGuffins"
Or ancient secret magic spirits. Just straight up regular Main Character winning over Supporting Cast.

Toxa is actually bowing here.

Well it certainly didn't Drag on. Like a certain T.V show about balls.

Little known fact, that was actually 3 months of training in one very short montage.

Toxa shows that you can have self confidence and not be a huge jerk about it.
Sure, he talks trash and seems to be an arrogant jerk about it, but it's all mind games.
After the fight is over he behaves like any decent sports athlete would do.

"Sorry, Lacryma... I lost the match."
"Nevermind. It was close."
It really was close, in terms of execution at least.
"But I lost..."
"Don't judge yourself on the result of just one match."

Lacryma and Bachstail leaves.

"I told you not to do it. You should listen to others."
"Take it easy... He's just a man. He wanted to prove himself to Lacryma."
"That's not it..."
"Then what is it?"
"I had confidence on my skill. This is the only thing I'm good at..."
Sounds less like confidence and more like an excuse to me.
"Is that why you're depressed?"
"That's stupid! There's always someone better. I thought you would know that."
"Relax... Both of you relax."
"It's Ok Alana... They're right..."
"I always am."

"To show my gratitude, I'll show everyone the result of my Phantom research."
Oh dear...
"What? A new Phantom?"
"Is it safe? Your research is always unstable."
"This time it's different. You won't believe your eyes!"
Turns out the secret to stable experiments is adding "Stable" Text to it. An oversight Umbrella seem to do all the time.

Oh great... flying fish. What kind of were you on when you made this Troy?

"It's called trouble. Kun, what have you done."
"Even if I'm partially responsible, don't blame it all on me!"
"It's your responsibility, Troy. Do something."
"Kill the Phantoms first! Argue later!"
"Alana is right. If they escape, we'll have problems."
Don't worry, it's not like they're infectious and you have to nuke Kainas city village.

"I hope so, Troy."
"Leave it to me. I never make the same mistake twice."
"Just create the Phantoms and stop being stupid!"
"Yeah, yeah..."
I now begin to understand why Lacryma is always punishing Troy for something.

I hope you brought your bathing suits kids, because were fighting on the river today.

We start in the upper left corner. As usual the default deployment is shit.

Directly below us, is a group of Common Lizauro's. They won't even be close to a problem.

And directly below the Lizauro's are these pots.

To the left is a huge ass-river. As in a river made of butts. I hate it, butt you'll see.

There is another river bank on the other side, with this Polypen here...

... And two more down here.

Even more floating tentacle monsters! *sigh* Troy, why did you do this to me?

Let's take a look at the new Phantom. The Garork. Hmm. Garork. Sort of funny to say actually.
Heh Garork. Anyways it's an indirect attacking Phantom that will fuck your Lizauro's up if they have a type advantage.
Other than that it can move in water. Which our Mordere's can't. It also has a slightly larger attack range than Morderes.
That's... really all there is to say about them. Garork. heh

This map consists mostly of old Textnology Phantoms with only 4 Garorks. So I opt to only give Kun some better gear.
And only because it's something I already had on hand. I mean, I could create a ton of +3 Silver armor and weaponry. But

First step to get this giant map over with is predeploy your units in a more sensible fashion.
It's less about being able to face a threat as it's about eliminating frustration and tedium.

My Kyau's are unfortunately deadweight this map. Bastards can't even cross shallow water. I suspect they might be vampires.

See this? Don't do this. Poor things will happen if you do.

If you want to cross the river, then you'll quickly understand why I hate this god damn river. It impairs your movement.
And freezing the water doesn't do a damn thing about that. Butt-river!

I take my anger out on the floating tentacle monster, by impaling it with a fuck off large rock. I dare you to google that sentence.

Protip: Indirect attacks are not affected by elevation. So blast those fuckers if they camp a hill or hole.

Or just set them on fire. That works too Posha.

As you can see the Garorkheh has an absolutely monstrous movement stat in water.
Land is another deal though. This makes the kind of situational.

But they can ONESHIT your Lizauro's if they have type advantage. I found out the hard way.

Huh? Why can't I move?

See? It's water I should be able to walk through it!


So this is where Ice comes into play. There are water tiles you can move through with impairment. That's Shallow Water.
Then there's impassable water, which is River. They both look the god damn same and both can be frozen, but it's only worth freezing River tiles.
Unless you have to move a phantom that just straight up cannot touch water. Like Kyaus.

The sacrifices I have to make for you guys. *sigh* Be back in 3 days.

The Rare Medicine was a bit overkill but I didn't want to add all the numbers up and I just said screw it. Ultimate heal GOOOOOO~~

Fuck you Garorks. So interesting tidbit. These Garorks won't move. The Doll Phantom is in their blind spot. Polypens are shitty Phantoms and my Lizauro can hold
it's own against them. So these guys are dead, they just don't know it yet.

Kun can't actually reach this Garork so I had to opt for Thunder... Which does fairly well against the Shadow variety
due to their 9 Wind Resistance.

Ele has written more fanfiction than Kun has, so she throws a Thunder +2 instead and kills the Garork.

The game is just spiting me now.

Yeah, there is that point where the maps goes from "You should use tactics" to "Lol, you can't possibly lose, now it's just busy work."
those moments happen fairly quick.

So I mop up the last shit and burn some pots.

You might be thinking. "Saz, if you hate crossing the river, then why did you do so?".
Because this is a video game so of course there would be goodies in the most annoying far reaching places of the map.
It was also pointed out to me that there would be shit worth getting.

So was it worth it?

A World Tree Text and a Dream weapon. So yes.

See this is the crazier version of the Dream Sword.
20 hp per hit and it's a D rank weapon?

Butt wait, there's more.

Oh... It's just World Tree Kartia. Who cares.

I'm done with this awful map.

Troy's only kill was that Polypen.

"We have to keep this quiet. People will start to panic if they find out about this."
"Our little secret..?"
"We have to tell Lacryma."
"Don't be like that. What do you think, Ele?"
"I just don't want her to find out later."
"Great. Everyone is against us."

All of this could have been avoided if Troy weren't being a stupid shit. Fuck this map.


If we exclude the rewards, then I have more World Tree Kartia than Mithril.

Yes, Troy. Why did that happen?

"It was failure, pure and simple."

Notice the missing punctuation mark after "... Kun created"? I did.
Also Kun can create Phantoms now? He has the lowest Kartia stat in the game.
How'd he do that? Well it did fail I guess

How did he even do that? Did you go "Here Kun, let me show you how to create this unstable Phantom." And then
expect him not to try it out?

"Kun, did you really create the Phantom?"
"I'm sorry Lacryma... I was curious..."
"In other words, Kun's Phantom got out of control, Troy's Phantom was a failure. Then the Phantoms jumped into the river?"
"I don't believe this..."
"You claim to be a genius?"
"Everyone makes mistakes."

"That's not the point! We're here to protect the people not destroy them!"
"Lacryma, that's enough. He made a mistake."
"Be more careful from now on... Both of you."

Lacryma is technically the leader of Vigilance right now, so having her subordinates try out experimental Phantoms could be a huge disaster.

"You're right... I'm sorry."
"I'll be more careful. I never intended to cause her trouble."

Heh, Garork Anyways, shouldn't the wild phantoms created by Troy and Kun be unnamed?
They are after all brand new phantoms. Translation issue?

"I guess... I'm not good at magic."
"You won't beat Toxa thinking like that."
"Toxa can create Phantoms. You should fill the gap in between."
Phantoms and Kartia was hardly relevant in a fight that lasted 3 seconds, literally. They have a point though.
In real fights Kartia and Phantoms are incredibly useful. But it's not skills that would make him stronger than Toxa
in a duel.

"Where I come from, Knights don't use Phantoms.[/i]
"Toxa doesn't hesitate on creating Phantoms. I recommend you keep learning about Kartia."
"I don't know much about Kartia."
"Then I'll be your teacher."

"Do you ever learn from your mistakes, Troy?"
"I make mistakes to make normal people feel better."
"I think Troy is stupid."
"Not everybody can be stupid. It takes skill."

So, that was a lot of filler events. The whole Wild Phantoms thing were totally inconsequential.
And it was a chapter that Lacryma didn't even participate in. Just... What the heck? :haw:
Next time, we'll follow Lacryma again, and hopefully not getting stupid shit like this.

You know. I started this LP, liking the game, but my opinion of it just keeps falling for some reason.
Witness as the nostalgia effect fades to reveal a game that really isn't that good. *sigh*
Still it does some things well. This chapter just wasn't one of them.

Lacryma Episode 15 Chapter 8 pt.2 END.