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Part 40: Lacryma Episode 18 Chapter 9 - The day she cried pt.2

Lacryma Episode 18 Chapter 9 pt.2

"Kartia lesson... Troy is teaching Kun."
"Troy is teaching Kun?"

"You don't need to think of that. Just think about killing the enemies, Ok?"
Well that's only a constructive use of Kartia on the battlefield. Sounds like Kun wants to use it for more than simply murder.
"Troy, you're skipping a lot."
"If I start from scratch, it will take forever.
Not exactly quality education Kun is getting here.

"If I become good, then it would be easier on you. It's for all of you."
Pfft, we all know it's because he was sad about losing to Toxa. But I guess that could be a bit embarrassing to admit.
"That's sweet. Selfish, but sweet."
"Kun was motivated by watching Toxa at the tournament."
Hey, I'd like to be like Toxa too. Effectually immortal and any wounds he did get would be healed by his sword.
Toxa is starting to sound like a Final Boss.


"Then I'll teach him. I don't want him to get hurt."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
That you're a shitty teacher Troy.
"Kun, let's go upstairs."
"Where are you taking my student?"
"Troy, thanks for everything."

"Bros before hoes, man. Not cool"

Kun and Lacryma leaves

"Do you think he can concentrate next to Lacryma?"
"You have a point."

"It's bitter... This is the same as he makes it."
"You can create anything as long as you create the image."
"Create the image in my mind...?"
"Exactly... Now, I'll create water from the capitol."

It's not a good sign when a girl looks like this after you complimented her. For you idiots out there
who can't read facial expressions or body language.

Oh boy, here we go.

Super awkard.

Kun spats out for a bit.

Changing the subject seems like a good idea, until you realize that subject is her dead father.

"Yes, That's my father."
"You still haven't told me the story yet."
"You really want to know?"
"Sure. I want to know what kind of father you have."
Had, Kun. Had. He's dead. In a game where reading gives you magical abilities, I had hoped for more
correct grammar. But then again, Kun is still learning.

"Ok... Where shall I start..."

So this is how Lacryma's dad looks like. Remember how Misty thought he looked like Vandor?

"I look better without hair.

Well there does seem to be some semblance between them.

Troooooooooy that guy has been a jerk all his life, haven't he?
But apparently Lacryma and Troy knew each other since way back.

Throw him down a well!

"The window had mommy's favorite picture..."
"I'll ask the Bishop to fix it later..."
"Daddy, you're strong... Beat up Troy for me!"
Lacryma's blood lust manifested itself at an early age. Because of Troy!
"You shouldn't say that, honey."
"Why? Are you on Troy's side?"

"What Troy did was bad, right?"
"Yes it was, but beating up Troy is also bad."
"I don't understand..."
"When you grow up, you will."
"I don't have to wait to grow up. I know now."

I think it's adorable that she can't remember the phrase right away.

So Kun is learning how to actually use Kartia, from a competent person. While Lacryma isn't the best
Kartia caster, she has the fundamentals down and seems to be thorough when it comes to teaching.

But a question has been raised to the attentive player. Why does Kainas look like Vandor.
Their portraits are different enough that we can't say for certain, but really there has to be something there.

But that's for another time.

Lacryma Episode 18 Chapter 9 pt.2 END