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Part 46: Toxa Episode 21 Chapter 11 - Knight's choice, her choice pt.1

Toxa Episode 21 Chapter 11 pt.1

Last time, we decided to ditch Vigilance and their war against the invading Rebels and go save Toxa's girlfriend from an impending kidnapping.
I hope we're in time.

I've been around this block before, we are gonna be too late and Mona has already been kidnapped. It always happens like this.

Oh. I bet she being kidnapped just as we speak then!

Toxa is not a complete idiot and rushes off to save Mona instead of talking about it. Unlike every other god damn protagonist.

Posha follows him because... I don't really know why. Toxa could solo every phantom in the world. Moral support?

"I thought I told you not to let Mona go outside..."
Count Shinon "She will not listen. She insists that she must take care of the World Tree."
Dude, you're like. A Count, surely you'd have some more authority than "please do as I say"?
"It is a Druid's duty..."
"What about the estate?"
Count Shinon "Don't worry, I've already moved the people to the safe area as you instructed."

We won't actually get any new Texts. Wait... Doesn''t this imply that we'd have access to more advanced Texts than the basic shit we've been running around with?
I could have had Pardosi from Chapter 1? Count Shinon you held out on me!

Count Shinon "I believe we are in an emergency situation..."
"Thank you..."
"Alana, will you decipher the new Text?"
"Sure, leave it to me."

"Count Shinon, what about the other issue?"
Count Shinon "Unfortunately, they will be here tomorrow."
"So, today will be the day that determines which side will win..."
Whoever it is that's gonna show up tomorrow, it's not the Rebels.

It seems that Duran has taken appropriate steps to prepare for this battle. However why lie about the letter?
It would be immediately obvious to anyone that something's up. I guess lying was just a stopgap measure.

Count Shinon "Duran, Alana, I'm counting on you. You too, Misty."

Count Shinon is outta here.

"You've been hiding a lot of things lately..."
"I'm sorry. Try to concentrate on protecting Mona."

Unfortunately Duran isn't subscribing to "Bros B4 Hoes". Not that I blame him, it's a fairly shitty gossip magazine.

Shinon Shrine

Oh... So Mona didn't get kidnapped after all. Huh. Kind of anticlimactic. Never knew heroes could be too early.

S'up Why are you both in such a hurry? Is there something wrong?"
"The Rebels are after you! Get inside and hide!"
"But I have to take care of the World Tree..."
Mona reminds me of and old lady. "The world is ending? Oh dear, oh my. But who will water my plants?"
"This is not the time! Posha, please take care of Mona for me..."
I'd like to imagine Toxa is just face palming at Mona's attitude to the prospect of getting kidnapped.
"This way, Mona."

"Let's go, Mona..."
"Yes... Be careful, Toxa..."
Dude havn't been wounded for several Chapters in a row. He's gonna be fine.

Wait... Hold the fuck up. Do you see what I see?

Let's "CSI: Kartia" this shit up. Square, Enhance, Big = Zoom +4

Hmm, I think I've seen this somewhere before... Circle, Force = Flip

It's the black Triforce from Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds! Oh man, what an amazing prediction from a 1998 game.
Or maybe Nintendo is just that predictable?

Toxa Episode 21 Chapter 11 pt.1