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Part 49: Lacryma Episode 23 Chapter 11 - Silence pt.1

Lacryma Episode 23 Chapter 11 pt.1

"We have time for you to say goodbye to the Bishop."
"What's going on? Usually you're not this nice."
"Look, how the raggedy lady got jaded."
I've never actually heard this saying before.
"Who are you calling a raggedy lady!?"
"I'll be right back."

Woah, that was a fast title drop. I think it's a record really.

This is the piece of paper Bachstail have been looking at. I don't know if the writing is a legitimate language or not.
Nevertheless it gives us a much more detailed look at how an Original Kartia looks like.

I don't know why Lacryma decides to sneak and listen in on their conversation.
Seems rather unlike her, but I'll just roll with it.

It's lawyer time again. I'll go get my jacket and wax my hair.

TESTIMONY: How Kainas died.

"He was attacked while transporting the Original Kartia. He protected the Kartia, but it cost him his life."
"The Kartia he protected was judged as a Forbidden Kartia and was sealed. He was also a great Inquirer. What's wrong with that?"

Is there something wrong with the testimony just now?

[Yes] <== [No]

"Kainas was a great Inquirer... That's what I'm concerned about. I have something to show you..."

Bachstail presents Original Kartia Sketches to Aile.

"Indeed, the "Life" and "Death" Original. I never knew they still kept records..."

Hold it!

"These should be the same Original. Yet the sketch shows differences. Look at the form of the Text. Why is it different?"
"I don't have any interest in the Original."
"When he was attacked, he brought the Original and the Text into this room, right?"
"That is true."
"Why are the two different? The other Original was exchanged with the fake one."
"Are you saying that I did it?"

Hold it!

"But I finally found out. You didn't steal the Original, you used it to kill Kainas.
"I killed Kainas? That's ridiculous."

Hold it!

"My other question is how can thieves kill Kainas? He was the top Inquirer."
"When he came here, he was already dying."
"I'm not interested in the situation. The question is why?"
"You and your questions..."

TESTIMONY: Aile's Motive.

"Bachstail... What good is it to reveal the past?"
"The truth... I want the truth."
"What for? There is no value bringing it up."

Bachstail slams the desk.

"I don't care what the value is... Did you use the Original "Death" Kartia on Kainas?"
"Whoever uses the Original Kartia will be judged immediately. The fact that I'm here means that I didn't use it."
"Death to those who use it... That's a lie Inquirers spread to people to protect the Original, right?"
"I can't say anything... It's all for Lacryma's good."

Lacryma rushes out of the building.

("Damn, all my evidence is circumstantial. I can't pin the crime on him yet!")
"I see... I will not pursue this any further, for today."

"Lacryma... You don't look good. Are you Ok?"
"Are you feeling sick?"
"It's nothing, I'm fine."

Lacryma tries several times to say something to Bachstail. Failing to find the words, she gives up and heads out.

"She's acting strange."
"She may be shocked because you talked back to her."
Yeah I'm pretty shocked that Kun is the only one with a spine around here
"My fault?"
"You're not that influential."
"I never said I was!"
"Yeah, yeah..."
"Let's get going. We don't want to make Lacryma more upset, do we?"

Man, Chapter 11 is just shitting on our protagonists.
But man if Aile really did kill Kainas with the "Death" Original, then we're proper fucked.
We don't have any McGuffin to rely on to take down San Saradiart, in case diplomacy fails.
Well, not that we'd have access to it anyways.
I don't think Toxa would take too kindly to grind down Mona to make another "Death" Original.
Also if Aile did use the "Death" Original, that means you don't die from using Original Kartia.

One thing remains true in all scenarios. We have an Original "Death" Kartia unaccounted for.
I'm no expert at management, but that seems like a thing you don't want to go missing.

Lacryma Episode 23 Chapter 11 pt.1