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Part 50: Lacryma Episode 23 Chapter 11 - Silence pt.2

Lacryma Episode 23 Chapter 11 pt.2

After a tedious road trip, we're finally here.

"You idiot! We were set up."
"It's still better than being like Toxa!"
"My girlfriend got taken away to some far away place, after I risked my life several times to protect her successfully. I won't be able to see her after I've murdered enough people to stop this war. Also I have to persuade her brother to join us."
Well, what do you know? Ele is right.
"Are you sure you could join us? What about your father?"
"I'm sick and tired of being trapped in that mansion!"

Little to everyone's knowledge, Lacryma is actually a method Cosplay actress and she is preparing her role as Posha.

"What? Sorry... I was thinking about..."
"Come on, Lacryma. You're the acting chief, right?"
"You've been acting weird lately."
"What do you mean? What's going on?"
"The enemy's right there!"
"Oh really... That's too bad..."
I don't know why but a murdering protagonist just shrugs at the fact that there are enemies around, is funny to me.
"Please get a grip on yourself."

I'm puzzled at the geographical location, at this point I'm just rolling with it.

Alright, it's murder time.

We start in the lower left corner of the map. This is a huge map. Quite possibly the largest one to date.

As you can see our phantoms have become a ragtag band of survivors from our previous battles.

Like I said, the map is huge.

Garorks, Minotauri and Soldiers. Hmm...

Well... Shit. The entire right side of the map is filled with enemies. I don't think our Kyaus and Lizauros are up to snuff anymore.
This is gonna be a full scale battle.

Our first step is to get rid of every phantom we have. I'm sorry, but it is necessary, I start to go insane from boredom in combat if the turn counter hits double digits.

But before making our new army, let's check out our party. Since the tournament Lacryma got a solid C ranks and +1 Kartia. For the sake of expediency and because we already saw the items we can create in Toxa's Chapter.
I'm just gonna show the final load out. I keep the Dream Katana on Lacryma because 20hp per hit is nothing to sneeze at, and it has amazing synergy with her new found defense boost.

Troy get's +1 in both equipment ranks as well as +1 Kartia stat. Due to my laziness and how easy the game is, I didn't bother creating Platinum armor for him or even a better weapon.
I don't use Troy for physical damage anyways. So he get's some old Silver +2 armor

We already know Kun's stuff, so let's move on.

Bachstail doesn't actually get an upgrade as he didn't participate in the tournament, but was much too busy playing Detective.
Stop being an anti-social prick Bachstail.

Ele got the shittiest "upgrade" D rank weaponry is actually fairly rare, and it isn't much better than E rank. Not only that, but she doesn't even get a better armor rank.
Ele does have a fairly large Speed stat, but that's due to her not being able to wear armor that have a speed penalty. Also in this game it's possible to get so much armor you become invulnerable.
The Speed stat is the catch all defense against everything as it works against both spells and physical attacks. That said, it doesn't reduce the damage you take, just your chance to be hit.
If the game had deeper combat mechanics, it might have been worth exploring having a character with high speed, but as it is now. Just armor up so much, you make tanks jealous of you.
Oh and she get's +1 Kartia stat like everyone else.

So this is how we are going to tackle this combat mission. We are gonna split our team into two and attack from two directions.
Let me introduce you to Team Bullshit. Consisting of +3 movement Minotauri, Bachstail and Ele.

On the other side, we have Team Horseshit. Consisting of B armor Pardosi, Lacryma, Kun, and Troy.
In hindsight, I should have given the Pardosi +2 movement. But I didn't want to create 12 sets of updated weaponry and armor.
So I just gave my phantoms whatever I had laying around. Because creating 48 items one by one gets tedious real fast.

Genji Helmet is a B rank armor. Unfortunately, the Genji Glove does not allow me to dual wield Excaliburs, so Lacryma, won't become the Double Queen. Wait, that's not how it goes.

Well, that was rather underwhelming.

Let me present you with the worst spell in Kartia. Big Disaster. It's a hidden spell you get by adding Big or DIsaster to one of the new spells we just got. I can't care to remember.
Either way, what makes this spell truly Disasterous is the "Ground will change at random" property together with it's hit area. It results in very odd and unpredictable terrain.
It makes using Swords more difficult and you can't rely on Axes or Spears either as the change will either go up or down. But not only that, each square change is random, not the entire spell result.
So you can have a spell that changes the ground both up and down at the same time. Basically you get this:

Don't worry though, there are spells that have a set result, which you could use to make Axes or Spears viable. But why do that when you can just use your spells to kill people?

Burried treasure of note is this War God Armor, which is A rank... None of my human characters can equip this. WHY GAME? WHY!?

Another burried treasure is under this tree. So burn the tree and then quake the shit out of it to make it cough out it's treasure.

Ares Helmet is another A rank armor so it's worthless to us unless I make a phantom with A rank armor.
On a side note. Ares is the greek God of War... I think? I know he is a War God to someone. So it's interesting that we have both
the War God Armor and Ares Helmet. Translation screw up?

Ultimately, the battle starts to look like this. There are only the Soldiers left and I have a small army of Phantoms.

But as you can see, the Soldiers are fairly durable.

Even to a +4 single target spell to their weakest element.

So why didn't I get my shit kicked in? Because the game's AI is really, really bad.
It spent all of it's turns moving the Soldiers away from combat, for some reason.

Ultimately their high defenses only postponed their inevitable death.

"Wait a minute. Since when did Bachstail become the leader?"
"I'm acting on behalf of Lacryma."
"Who gave you permission?"
"It's Ok, Kun. Everyone, do as he says."
"If you say so, Lacryma."

21 Phantoms and 4 human Soldiers on a giant map. Stop wasting my time, game!

No cool new items either, just more Text. Bummer

Kun is taking a walk, venting his frustrations to no one.

That's some Metal Gear shit right there Kun.

"Whose foot prints are these?"
"! What kind of bullshit is this?"
I couldn't find a proper solid snake bandana to rip and overlay. So instead you get terrible MS_paint GIMP art. Enjoy.

"A Cross Land soldier... It's too bad I found you."

The "V" in Vandor is for Violence! I have no idea what the other letters are for though.

It's like a kid saying "I can do anything! I am great!"

Vigilance? Vigilance! Vigilance... It has become one of those words that have been said so much it has lost all meaning.

"Vigilance is in the war..? Is Lacryma a part of this as well?"

Kun made the connection Misty could not. Even though Misty is much more familiar with Vandors appearance than Kun.

Hey, just because you're part of a group that wants to grind Druids into dust to make Eden, doesn't mean you can't be religious. Right?

"You're alive! This is great! Plaese meet with Lacryma. She will be excited."
You don't at all question the fact that he was giving the Rebels orders just now? Not even a bit?
"I doubt that's possible..."
Yeah I don't see Lacryma being excited as a thing that happens.
"I abandoned being her father... The man known as Kainas died 12 years ago. I am Vandor, the Admiral of the Rebels. I'm your enemy."
"But... What should I tell Lacryma?"
"Tell her that her father is waiting for her at the Idorus fortress."

Damn, this Angst shit is contagious.

At least Lacryma is somewhat back to normal.

Knight "You're so humble"
"It's the truth."
Knight "We're encouraged to know that you're protecting us."
Yeah I'd like it too, if someone showed up to do my job and I get the pay.
"I'm flattered."
Knight "Our victory is close."
"Don't get conceited. It's MY victory. It's not over yet."
Knight "You are full of wisdom."

"What did you say this time?"
"I just told an old joke and things got our of hand."
"You're so irresponsible."
"No, I'm not. Lacryma had that trait since childhood."
"Lacryma is troubled because of all this gossip."
"Why are you on Lacryma's side now?"
"I recognize and accept the good quality in a person."
"That's nice... Just don't drag Lacryma down."
"I'm not like you!"
That's enough of the peanut gallery.

"Well... I mean..."
"I'm sorry, can we talk later? I'm a little tired."
"Ok, sure."

Well.. That was something.

Let's get some more scheming in before the update is over.

Charimate "We should have killed them off with the Elves."
Shelpati "It's too late for that."
Inspector "We have to make sure we don't repeat the same mistakes."
Chai "What are we going to do?"
Inspector "Send the order to kill the Rebels to all Inquirers. And we will hire Lacryma as an Inquirer. That should be enough."
Charimate "You mean the daughter of Kainas?"
No, I'm pretty sure her name is Lacryma
Inspector "We have no choice."
Chai "I doubt Aile will be happy."
Charimate "Personal feelings don't matter now."
Shelpati "You're right."
Inspector "Make the necessary preparations."
Chai "What should we do about the Idorus royal family?"
Shelpati "We'll bring up the issue and wipe them out."
Charimate "I agree with the idea. We'll make something up."
Inspector "Then do it. Kill all heathens!"
Chai "Understood..."

So we got a huge reveal. Kainas isn't actually dead. But what does this mean for the lost "Death" Kartia? And Aile obviously didn't kill him with it.
I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere. It's always the last place that you look after all.
Next time, we'll see how Toxa deals with his problems.

Lacryma Episode 23 Chapter 11 pt.2