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Part 51: Toxa Episode 22 Chapter 12 Conspiracy

Toxa Episode 22 Chapter 12

Everyone has gathered to say their goodbyes to Mona. Well almost everyone.

Count Shinon "Please take good care of her."
Latan "Trust us, Count Shinon. I promise that she will make it to Pentagram safely."

There is foreshadowed something here, and I completely missed it when I was sitting through the scene myself. Well to be fair my brain goes into a drooling comatose state whenever I'm in cutscene land.
It's a genetic trait I inherited from my dad. He was a JRPG Protagonist. .

"As far as she is concerned, I'm fully responsible for her."
Latan "If you say so. You're also a Shrine Warrior..."

"Take care of yourself, Mona."
"Alana, will you tell Toxa that I said thank you?"
"I will."

"I feel sorry for him. He was trying so hard to become a Knight. I hindered his goal."
Well he already is a Knight. But you did stop him from being one.
"It's not your fault, Duran..."
Well it is Akueldo's fault for wanting to kidnap Mona. I'm still blaming Duran though.
Count Shinon "What are you going to do now? Are you going back to Vigilance Headquarters?"
"We will join Lacryma's group. She is going to participate in the battle to stop the Rebels. Everyone, prepare yourselves..."

Let's go check out how Toxa is doing.

Well... I guess it's better for him to take out his murderous rage on the air, instead of Duran? Technically it's better.

Yeah, he hunted down every gosh darn thief and murdered the shit out of them. And they really couldn't do much to stop him.
Is Toxa really the final secret boss?

Oh man, we've hit peak Teen Angst here. I could have maybe understood it if Toxa had actually lost to someone or seen some horribly overpowered dude just fuck his friends up.
But we've been stomping the game so hard into the ground, the crater has become a tourist site. No, really. Stop your angst shit and just murder some more dudes.

"I have a message from Mona."
"She said thank you..."
"Thank you... Should a Knight feel this way when he loses his master?"
"No, Toxa. That's not the way a Knight should feel."
"That's what happens when you lose a loved one."
"A loved one... Alana, am I in..."

Well shit... He finally realized what love is. At least they didn't take Mona to the Moon.

Alana knows how to get over heartbreak. Just have a sword fight! Alana is the best bro.

Sometimes I don't get these title drops. Who gives a shit about some fucking fruit?

Uh oh... Better get our Illuminati hats on because it's conspiracy time!

Well better prepare to head off to war then I guess. At least the whole matter with Mona have been taken care of.

Errr... What? Is the game repeating it self? No.. Hold on, there were only 1 guy last time.

Duran's last name is Bouquet? Seriously? I'd rather have Posha's last name than Duran's.

Anyways, these guys are obviously frauds, we've already sent Mona off with the real Shrine Warrior. I bet their letter is just some dumb drawings!

Wait, it's legit?

I also forgot it was a secret, because everyone we've talked to regularly knows.
But wait... That means... WE'VE BEEN BAM BOOZLED!

By a guy who wears an eye-patch, and has a name that rhymes with Satan.
Solid Snake is that you?
Oh man, what a rookie mistake.

I wonder if Mona's full name is Mona Dam' Selindistress? (Actually it's Saradiart)

"A man disguised as a Shrine Warrior came yesterday and I handed Mona over to them."
Baical "Are you sure?"
"No, I'm not. I'm just messing about and lying for no good reason. What do you think you twat?"
"The men who came yesterday was our enemy. I'm sure of it."
Plural? I only saw one guy.
Baical "What a disaster..."
"It's all my fault that I wasn't able to see through their deception. Sir, will you tell this to Pentagram?"
Baical "I understand... However, we are partially responsible for not arriving before the enemy."
"Thank you..."

It is at this moment Duran regretted his choice in girlfriends.

"But the letter from Pentagram was real, wasn't it?"
"Misty, do you think some of the Shrines with power are part of the Rebels?"

"Mona was kidnapped by the Rebels?"
"Most likely..."
I wonder how Toxa is gonna react to this. Duran sort of lost his girlfriend. This is why you never borrow stuff to Duran.
"I should have stopped..."
I know it's a japanese thing. But I'm getting real sick of people blaming themselves for shit they had no way of preventing or weren't responsible for.
"We don't have time to dwell on our mistakes. Call Toxa and Alana for me."

So yeah. Apparently Akueldo has some real power with the Shrines, and obtained a real Shrine Warrior verification letter. They then used this to bam boozle us and steal Mona.

I'm kind of sad that Latan isn't named anymore. He was a pretty awesome dude. I'll just continue to name him Latan in dialogue.

Latan "We couldn't get her. The Shrine Warrior got in the way."
"I guess she's being treated well by Vigilance..."
"Contact the Idorus army to get them."
Latan "Yes, sir!"
"Do you think they'll come after Mona?"
With the fury of a thousand raging suns. And no less.
"They'll come, but little do they know it's a trap."
Another one of Cross's imaginary traps.

"I don't like to play games with luck..."
Asty is a terrible Hearthstone player.
"Luck always works in favor of those who are more clever."
Cross thinks he is super good at Hearthstone, but he is playing an aggro hunter deck with no secrets. Unfortunately he still wins the majority of the time, because seriously, fuck hunter decks.
"I hope you'll show me how smart you really are..."

Asty leaves to prepare for her live stream, where she whines about how unlucky she is and assures everyone that she is, in fact a good Hearthstone player.


Toxa knows what's up

Uh, wait... Like straight up legit knights? We really did turn into Squall. Whatever... Let's get this shit done and hope we don't get Time Kompressed.

Idorus Knight Kanyam "We're being nice to you since you're also an Idorus Knight... We don't want to have any misunderstandings, right?"
Wait, hold on, we didn't turn into Squall. It was Cloud all along! Shit. I hope we don't fall into the life stream or fight long haired bishonen dudes. There's only 6 chapters left and we don't have time for those shenanigans.
"Since when have I become a traitor? You're the ones who are slaves to the Rebels! Wake up, dogs! Stop joking around!"
"Toxa, we should avoid this..."
"Are you serious, Duran?"
"They want us to fight. They have a hidden agenda..."
"Running away will be tough, but easier than to fight!"
Fair points, but how do they think we're going to save Mona if we run away?

We could still take them.

"Don't be reckless, Toxa. There has to be a way out!"
Yes, and the way is murder everyone.
"Yes, but surrender will never be an option!"
"They're not creating any Phantoms yet. We should jump into the river..."
"I can't swim!"
I think Toxa is really set on murdering these guys.

"There are just too many of then..."
Dude, there's like 12. We've murdered triple that without breaking a sweat. Get your game face on man.
"There is a way to reduce the number of enemies..."
Yeah, but murdering them.
"Duran... Take the others and run while I distract them."
That's dumb. Misty, you're dumb.

Heroic sacrifice! Go!

Wait, that worked? Reminds me of Skyrim guard AI. Huge dragon attacking your city? Better chase down that guy with a 50g bounty for pickpocketing.
Alternate joke: Every team I get in League of Legends.

"Duran, don't! Don't let her sacrifice be for nothing!"
"The Knights are coming!"
"I will not waste this opportunity that Misty has given us!"

This is clearly still in the Shinon Estate. Come on game, what are you on?

Uh... huh...

So, were back to this nonsense default deployment shit again are we?
Note that we don't have Misty. That limits our fire power. In theory anyways.

These guys are directly to the south of us.

And the main opposition is to the north. So we really are surrounded. It makes us incredibly vulnerable to attack from all sides. The enemy will gladly employ area spells like I usually do.
So this means that staying on the defensive is a really bad idea. Wait, I never play defensive. Business as usual then?

We can finally make a new Phantom and it's the Garork. Garorks would normally be a shitty Phantom to us and more specifically to Toxa. But that was before the Kartia stat upgrades everyone got.

But because we do have that extra Kartia slot, we can add "Run" to the Garork. No, I don't know how giant fish runs, I'll leave that your capable and horrifying imaginations.

So what does "Run" do? It increases the Terrain Movement stat on Ground. Terrain Movement is a stat I've completely ignored, because it rarely comes into play. But the Garork is different.
It's normally a Naval unit which has a ludicrous huge movement range in Water, but only 2 on Ground. Well, the "Run" Text alleviates the penalty somewhat. Now it'll only have 1 or 2 movement less on land, than in the sea.
This Text is what makes Garorks viable for us to use, since otherwise we wouldn't know when we'd get on a water mission or not.
In regards to the Phantom itself it's a step between Morderes and Dragons. It's actually fairly good, especially since you don't have to create stuff for it. But I only made one, because I wanted to squeeze the last life out of my Lizauros. For whatever reason.

I'm really only showing these to display our character levels. Speaking of levels, I haven't mentioned that the max level a unit can achieve, is lvl. 20. Bear in mind we are 2/3rds through Toxa's campaign, but our characters are around 3/4ths of the maximum level already.
Levels themselves don't do all much much. They increase speed by 1 or 2 points and increases all Elemental resistances by 4ish I think? So honestly? They are pretty good for making your characters more resistant to magic, but there are ways to get around that. So levels aren't
really that important.

Case in point of the ridiculous resistance stats.

With that said. I didn't create any new stuff and only made a new Garork.



... I...

... Won.

The battle here was slightly tougher. For my Phantoms. If I had made a full team of Garorks. Well.. I'd probably get done in 3-4 turns.
Also nothing cool got dug up. We got a lot of new Text. Bla bla bla, nothing new.

"I'm what you call a saviour."
:allears: I like her, can we keep her?
"What are you talking about at a time like this!?"
"Don't you want to save the Half-Elf Mona?"
Man, what a shitty title to have. Imagine being known as "John the Human"
"How do you know that? Are you part of the Akueldo?"
"No. I am on your side."
"How can we trust you?"
"You have to trust me if you want to get out of this situation..."
What situation? Victory?
"If this is a trap, I'm going to kill you."
"You don't sound like a warrior of the cloth..."

So, you might have noticed that the title for this chapter doesn't have a part number. Why is that?
That's because this is the whole chapter. Typically a chapter is divided into 3 parts.
Before. During and After battle. But this chapter doesn't have an "After" part. So while it may feel longer.
It's actually the shortest chapter in the game.

Next time. It's back to Lacryma again. Something about her adopted father, killing her real father. But not really? It's sure to be full of drama.

Toxa Episode 22 Chapter 12.